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Clanforge Key Features. Live Control. Kick/Ban players, change map & more. Profiles. Create multiple settings templates. Statistics. In-depth server monitoring & stats. Access Control. Manage who can access your servers. Backups. Backups of your settings

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Existing Multiplay User. Login. Login using your Username or Email address. Username or Email: Password: Forgotten Your Password? New Multiplay User. Create an Account * All fields are required. Firstname: … ClanForge Control Panel; The Oak Barn Whitefield Business Units Lepe Road Blackfield

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Clanforge allows you to share access to your control panel with other users, ideal for clans and friends to be able control the servers they play on together. With Clanforge’s access controls, you can control what features each user has access to, giving them as few or as many permissions as you like for maximum flexibility.

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ClanForge is designed from the ground up to make managing your server easy. Configuring & managing game-servers can be a daunting task, but with our simple, quick interfaces, helpful support guides and 24/7 support team, ClanForge gives you the resources you need to easily setup your server how you want.

ClanForge – Login

ClanForge® is a complete control panel for Multiplay customers, allowing users to control every aspect of their game servers from anywhere in the world. To find out more about ClanForge® and how it works, watch the video below! Head over to to grab yourself an awesome server!

Help with dedicated Server. Multiplay “Clanforge …

Hello, I need some help with hosting a dedicated server. To make things easier I just had Multiplay -Clanforge Host it for me….. Well getting the server up and running and listed as a public server was fine. Even getting myself admin rights in the game was easy enough. The problem I am having using the Clanforge console, doesnt allow me to change the map setting for more bugs, and more …

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