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CircleCI is a Leader in cloud-native continuous integration CircleCI received the highest scores in the build management, compliance and governance, and scaling options criteria.

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Covering the ways to extend, expand, and build upon the CircleCI platform. Ecosystem is a parent category that contains 4 awesome sub-categories. Under Ecosystem we have Orbs, CircleCI Images, Community Projects, and FOSS Built With CircleCI.

Jenkins vs CircleCI – 7 Most Successful Comparison To Learn

CircleCI has the best feature for debugging “Debug via SSH” which makes debugging easier whereas Jenkins we need to manually debug by clicking on Jobs. CircleCI changes environment without warning which is an issue whereas, in Jenkins, it will change only when the user instructs.

Docker Login with –password-stdin (2.0) – CircleCI Discuss

I’m new to CircleCI and am wondering if anyone has found an elegant solution to this problem: I’m building a docker image and pushing to a private repo on docker hub, which means I need to log in to docker. I’ve tried the docker login syntax with -u and -p (ie docker login -u username -p password) and docker rejects my login.

GitHub – circleci/ecr-login: Lightweight login helper for …

ecr-login. Login tool for AWS Container Registry. This is a lightweight golang version of the AWS command-line utility aws ecr get-login, designed to build into a small scratch docker image. Can also produce output in other formats using golang templates.

CircleCI Account Troubleshooting & FAQ’s – CircleCI …

CircleCI uses Oauth login via your VCS provider (GitHub or Bitbucket). If you mistakenly logged in with a different account, contact so they can manually unlink your accounts. If you meant to merge accounts, you can read more here: How to merge your CircleCI accounts.

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How to deploy on Firebase hosting with CircleCI – codeburst

This is the most important step. We have not given our CircleCI some sort of access to our firebase project. To do so we need to generate a Firebase token and add it to our CircleCI settings. Get the Firebase Token. Run firebase login:ciand get a token; You should have a similar view like this

How to set up a Continuous Delivery with CircleCI and Docker

A CircleCI workflow will form the basis of our Continuous Delivery Pipeline. Our CircleCI workflow will be responsible for building a Docker image, testing a Docker image, pushing a Docker image to Docker Hub, and deploying a Docker image to a VM from CircleCI.

CircleCI – Startup Stash

CircleCi makes it incredibly easy for developers to set up Continuous Integration and Deployment in minutes, improving the productivity of companies like Stripe and Zencoder by 90%. Developers connect their Github account, and CircleCI automatically sets up their tests. CircleCI supports Ruby, Python, Node, Java, PHP, and more, and are connected to MySQL, Mongo, Postgres, Cassandra, Riak, etc …

circleci-docs/authentication.adoc at master · circleci …

Once your installation is up and running, you can simply provide users with a link to access the application – for example <your-circleci-hostname>.com – and from there they will be prompted to set up an account by running through the GitHub/GitHub Enterprise OAuth flow and then redirected to the CircleCI login screen.


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