Cicisvisit – How to Get the Nice Reward from Cicis Customer Survey

If you just enjoyed pizzas at Cicis restaurant, you might still save the receipt from it. You may check it first. If the receipt from Cicis is still with you, you can get a chance to get a nice prize from Cicis. You only have to use the receipt to take part in Cicisvisit. If you have not heard about Cicis visit, perhaps it is the right time for you to try it.

If you take part in this survey, you will have to provide some information about your recent visit to Cicis restaurant. The information you give is important for Cicis restaurant. By this mean, Cicis survey will measure how successful it is in giving satisfying services to its customers. If you are happy with the menus and services, it means Cicis’ attempts to fulfill your expectations is successful.

About CiCi’s Pizza

Here is a bit review about Cicis restaurant. Well, people used to know this brand as CiCi’s Pizza. But, it is now famous as Cicis. Cicis is a restaurant chain from the United States. It offers special pizzas to customers. The concept of this business is buffet restaurant.

So, customers are able to serve themselves and take whatever food they want. The founders of Cicis were Joe Croce and Mike Cole. In 1985, these men built its first Cicis store in Plano, Texas. But now you can find the headquarters of Cicis restaurants in Irving. This pizza brand has developed well. There are 35 states where you can find Cicis restaurants. Most of them are in Eastern states and Midwestern states. The restaurants have spread to 500 different locations.

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As you know, pizza is the specialty from Cicis. The pizzas are fresh every day. Besides, if you visit Cicis restaurant, you will see various tastes of pizzas. There are traditional tastes and new modified tastes. The traditional tastes will include pepperoni, cheese, beef, alfredo, veggie, and more. Further, the new tastes will take you to a different level of enjoying pizzas.

There will be extraordinary toppings that you can choose. Such as Hawaiian pizzas, BBQ Pork pizzas, Ham & Cheddar pizzas, Buffalo Chicken pizzas, and more. Apart from the pizzas, you can also enjoy fresh salads. Such as vegetable salads or pasta salads.

You can choose the ingredients for your own salads. Next, you can choose the dressing you love the most as well. Furthermore, Cicis also serves chicken wings. You can order wings with the taste you want. Then, you can enjoy the delicious sides and desserts at this restaurant.

Speaking about Cicis menus, you must know this interesting information. So, Cicis has the special offer for its loyal customers. This offer will last until the end of June 2018. If you take this offer, you can have CiCi’s pizza specials. Further, you can enjoy it in the Italian style.

The Italian buffet will include two tasty flatbreads, Caesar salads, and lemon crème bars for dessert. This offer will only be available for Dine-in. This means you should enjoy this Italian buffet at Cici’s restaurant. And to save more of your dollars, Cicis has provided some interesting ways for you.

  1. Cicis mobile app

The first way is using an app. You can use a mobile application from Cicis for the registration. You just have to download the app from Apple AppStore or Google Play store. Then, you can do some instructions there. Remember, you should have a recent receipt from Cicis to do this.

You have to scan the receipt and start to make 5 visits. You should spend $7 at least for each visit. This will not include the taxes, though. After the process has finished, you can get a free Cici’s Pizza.

  1. MyCicis Loyalty Program

The second one is by joining Cicis program. Here, you just have to register yourself in MyCicis Loyalty Program to get CiCi’s pizza coupons. The registration is free. You can do it on Cicis official website at On the website, you can fill in an online registration form.

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You should give your contact details and submit the form there. After you have done the registration, you will receive offers form Cicis to your email account. There will be 7 offers per month. You can decide which offer suits you the most.

If you have got offers or coupons, you can use it at the nearest Cici’s stores to your location. But, not all Cicis stores will accept the coupons. So, you should make sure if the store you prefer is eager to accept your coupons. You can contact the store to get the coupon information.

Cicisvisit Survey Prerequisites

There are survey prerequisites that you should prepare before you start CiCi’s pizza survey. If you can prepare all of the prerequisites, you will not find significant problems later. Besides, these prerequisites will help you to do the survey in a smooth way. Even though Cicis survey is not difficult, the prerequisites needed here will be the supporting factors for you. So, you should make sure that you have the following things ready:

  1. Cicis’ receipt

This receipt is important. From this receipt, you will get the information that you can fill in the survey page. The information is the store number, the visit date, and the visit time.

  1. A device

Of course, you should prepare a device to take part in Cicis survey. You can use a laptop, a personal computer, a smartphone, or a tablet. Do not forget to install a browser before you access the site of Cicis survey.

  1. The internet connection

The internet is a must because this is an online survey. Make sure the connection of the internet is fast and stable. It will be helpful if your connection has these qualities.

  1. Spanish or English ability

Cicisvisit survey allows respondents to choose one of two international languages. Those are English and Spanish. Be certain that you will choose the one that you understand the most.

  1. A Pen

You will need a pen to write Cicis survey validation code on the receipt. If you do not have a pen, you can use a pencil or a marker.

Steps by Steps to Take Part in Cicisvisit Survey

Before you begin CiCi’s survey, you should be certain that your prerequisites have functioned well. For example, you have connected your device to the internet. Then, you have installed a compatible browser for your device. If you have done all of these things, it means you are ready to take part in Cicisvisit survey.

Well, you do not have to worry about the steps. You will find them so easy for you. But, you can prepare yourself first before you start it. You can use the following instructions as your guideline. So, you will not be confused about what to do in the middle of Cicis survey. If you are ready, let us do it!

  1. Go to Cicis survey portal

The first step is to visit the official survey site of Cici’s pizza. You can go to If the address is correct, the page will show the different address. You do not have to worry about this. That is a part of the website system. You do not have to be panic if the address will change into

  1. Choose the language

The second step is to choose the language you prefer. Once you reach the survey page, you will ask if you will like to use English or Español. You can choose the language that is the most familiar to you. After you choose the language, the page will load to another page.

  1. Fill in the details.

The third step is to fill in the details based on your Cicis receipt. The first detail is the location number. It is in on the top part of your Cicis receipt. Next, you should fill in the visit date and visit time. Then, you can click Start button. After that, another page will show up. It will tell you about the mechanism Cicis survey. If you have read it, you may click Begin Survey button.

  1. Answer Cicis survey questions
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The fourth step is to answer all of the questions from Cicis survey. The questions will need you to recall every single experience you had when you visited a Cicis restaurant last time. You only have to click on the most appropriate answers based on your latest visit to the restaurant. And do not forget to click Next button to turn to see the next questions. So, Cicis survey will give questions like the following topics:

  • type of your dining experience at Cicis restaurant.
  • the amount you spent there (you can type it based on the information on your receipt).
  • the numbers of people visiting this restaurant with you.
  • if this is your first visit to Cicis restaurant.
  • your overall satisfaction with Cicis restaurant.
  • employees’ friendliness.
  • cleanliness at the restaurant.
  • food tastes and qualities.
  • a speed of the services.
  • variety of games.
  • your will to recommend this restaurant to your loved ones.
  • and so on.

Besides, you can answer more questions if you would love to. You can specify your comments about certain topics. For example, you can give your suggestion to improve your visit experience at Cicis restaurants. Besides, you can address the team members that have given you great services.

  1. Answer classifiable questions

The fifth step is to complete more questions. These questions are only for classification purposes. You can complete the questions to give more beneficial information for Cicis. This part will ask you about your gender, your age, and your annual income.

  1. Write the validation code

If you have finished all of the questions from Cicis survey, you will get a validation code. This validation code will show up on your screen right after the question page has disappeared. You do not have to wait for a long time to get this validation code. Once it shows up, you can grab your pen to write it down on your Cicis receipt. Then, you can use your receipt along with Cicis survey validation code as CiCi’s coupons.

After that, you can bring this coupon to the previous Cicis restaurant where you have got the receipt. When you make your next purchase, you can show this coupon to the cashier to redeem it. The cashier will give you the reward based on the information printed on the receipt.

The reward can be an adult buffet or a large 1-topping carry-out pizza. The reward will be worth $4.99 for each. You can only choose one of the options. But, the reward option may change or vary based on the Cicis locations. Remember that this coupon is only valid for one person. Besides, you can use it multiple times. Once you redeem it, the coupon is not valid anymore. Moreover, you will not be able to use this coupon will other offers from Cicis.

Steps to Give Feedback to Cicis Restaurant

There is another way for you to share your feedback to Cicis restaurant.  This time, you do not have to use a receipt from Cicis. This is not a guest satisfaction survey. So, you do not have to answer several questions. In this part, you may share your experience as specific as you can. You can also give your feedback, complaints, or inquiries. Thus, you can just do the following ways to give your feedback.

  1. Go to

To begin the steps, you should go to the official website of Cici’s pizza. The address is available at Once you have reached the website, you will see beneficial information on the home page. You can get the information if you click the links there. Such as Cicis programs, menus, Cicis pizza locations, gift cards, and more.

  1. Click Contact Us

From the home page, you can go to the feedback page. To do this, you only have to scroll down the homepage. Then, you will see some links there. After that, you can click Contact Us. That link will take you to the feedback page.

  1. Choose the feedback type
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Once you have reached the feedback page, you will see a blank form. The form will need you to give some information. The first information that you should give is the feedback type. There are two options that you can select. The first is general feedbacks. Then, the second is restaurant feedbacks. You may select the option that will represent your feedback.

  1. Give visit information

Then, you can start to give the information of your visit. The first information is the visit date. You can specify it by clicking the calendar icon. Next, you can inform the visit time. You can make it clear by telling the hour and the minutes as well. Do not forget to choose your visit type. It can be dine-in, to-go ordered by phone, to-go ordered at the restaurant, delivery, or catering.

  1. Inform your contact details

Now, it is time for you to complete the contact details. There are several blank fields that you can fill in.  You can inform your first name, your last name, your home address. If you like to, you can also inform your apartment, suite, or unit name.

Then, you can complete it with the city and state name. The ZIP code is necessary as well. After that, you can inform your phone number and your email address. The last part of these contacts details, you can state if you would like to get responses from Cicis by phone or email. Otherwise, you can choose not to get contacted.

  1. Select a category of your comment

After that, you may give your comments about this brand. But firstly, you should select a category of your comment. There are four categories, such as a Guest Concern, a Wonderful Experience, a Request or Location Inquiry, and Suggestion. You may choose one of the categories that will fit in your feedback.

  1. Tell your feedback

Well, you can begin typing your comment. You can tell as much as you want. There is no limitation of the characters that you can use for typing your comment. So, you can be as honest as you can in this part.

  1. Click Submit

If all fields are complete, you can click submit button to send your comment. Because this is not a survey, you will be able to submit your comments to Cicis multiple times.

How to Contact Cicis Customer Service

No one ever wants to get problems during their mealtime. But if this happens to you, you have full right to inform Cicis about the problems.

You can check the FAQ pages of Cicis if you think you can solve this problem by yourself. But if you feel the problems are urgent and intolerable, you perhaps will need help from Cicis customer service representatives. The representatives will give immediate help for you. You can reach them out using the following ways.

  1. By mailing

In case you need to share your problems by mailing, you can send your letter to its corporate address. You can use this address if you would like to send your business letters. The address is:

5601 Executive, Dr STE 400

Irving, Texas, 75038-2508

The United States

  1. By phone

If your problems are serious, you can contact them by phone to get fast responses. You will be able to contact them at +1 (972) 745-4200 or +1 (214) 374-0600. Moreover, you can call the support center at Cicis local restaurants. You can get the complete information about the phone numbers of each restaurant at

  1. By social media

For the quickest way, you can reach the representatives by social media. To do this, you should be on the same social media platforms with Cicis. Besides, you will get the latest promotions and offers from Cicis accounts. The following links are the address of Cicis social media accounts.

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Instagram:
  • YouTube:


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