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ChurchsListens is the guest satisfaction survey from Church’s Chicken restaurant. If you like going to fast-food outlet specializing in Chicken menu, you will be familiar with Church’s Chicken. This restaurant is the fourth biggest fried chicken outlet after KFC, Chick-Fil-A, and Popeyes Chicken and Biscuits.

Established in 1952, this restaurant only served fried chicken at that time. By the time goes, this company innovates to create the various menus. No doubt, it can attract more customers to come. Nowadays, Church’s Chicken has more than 1600 outlets worldwide.

Church’s Chicken realizes that guests’ satisfaction is the top issue which impacts on the business. Hence, this restaurant tries to maintain the guests’ loyalty by creating Church’s Listens. Listening to what the guests want is essential. This way, the company can know how the strategy how to satisfy all the customers. Hence, if you want to receive the better customer service from Church’s Chicken, you should take this guest survey soon.


What are ChurchsListens Survey Rules and Requirements?

Do you want to involve in the survey? Before you access Church’s Listens Survey, you need to learn what the rules and the requirements are. As like other fast-food restaurant surveys, the requirements needed are simple. Besides, the survey rules are also not complicated.

Church’s Chicken simplifies the survey requirements in order to invite more guests to take part in their survey. Presented below are the rules as well as the requirements of Church’s Chicken Guest Satisfaction Survey.

  • ChurchsListens requirements.

The primary need to access the survey is a valid receipt from Church’s Chicken restaurant. It does not matter if you cannot find Church’s survey invitation code on this receipt. It is because you only need to provide the restaurant number and time of visit to enter the survey. Furthermore, prepare the well-performance computer and the internet to access this online survey.

  • Church’s Chicken survey participants.

The participants of Church’s survey should be the real customers of this restaurant. So, the survey takers must have the receipt as the proof that they really have just visited Church’s Chicken. Besides, they must be at the appropriate age (at least 18 years old). But, Church’s Chicken does not allow its employees to enter this survey.

  • Survey rules.

You have to use the recent receipt from Church’s Chicken restaurant to enter this online survey. It will better if you access Church’s satisfaction survey soon after you visit the restaurant. Besides, this company limits one guest one response in each month. So, you cannot take part this survey twice or more in a month.

  • Church’s Survey reward.

Church’s Chicken survey reward is printed on your receipt. Usually, you can get the free item from Church’s as the survey reward. Besides, sometimes Church’s Chicken also offers the discount as the reward.

How to Complete Churchs Listens Survey?

If you are the fans of fried chicken, Church’s Chicken will be one of your favorite restaurants. This restaurant has the unique chicken menu which you cannot find in other restaurants. For instance, you can enjoy the boneless wings or Texas Chicken.

With the tasty Chicken menu, Church’s restaurant can attract many loyal customers. To maintain their satisfaction, this restaurant invites them to enter Churchs survey. This survey allows you to speak up about Church’s Chicken. You can give some ratings as well as comments.

Churchs survey will not waste your time. Within two minutes, you will be able to finish this short survey. Church’s Chicken survey does not present many questions. You just need to respond a few questions about your recent dining experience at Church’s Chicken. The instructions at ChurchsListen survey portal are simple as well. So, you will not get difficult to do every step on this survey.

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Unlike other restaurants which have only one survey portal, Church’s Chicken provides three websites for the survey. This idea makes the customers easy to access the survey portal. If one website is not accessible, the survey takers can visit another site. The different site will have the different way to enter. So, review the following guideline so that you can know how to access each Church’s Chicken Survey website. Here are three survey websites you can access.


This survey is the first site you can enter. To land on this survey portal, you can enter the official site in your browser’s address bar. Churchs Listens is accessible in English and Spanish. So, if are not fluent in English, you can switch the language setting of this survey portal into Spanish.

Just press Espanol link under the Start button. Once you enter this website, you need to input some details. First, you have to enter Church’s Chicken restaurant number. Find this number at the top section of your receipt. Then, you also need to enter the date when you came to Church’s Chicken. After entering these details, you should press the Start button.


The second website you can access the link above. The way to enter this survey site is similar to the survey. You only need to enter two receipt details. They are the store number and the date of visit. See the top part of Church’s Chicken receipt to find out the store number. Then, select the day, month and year when you visited this chicken restaurant. Unfortunately, Church’s Chicken Survey site is only available in English.


The last survey portal owned by Church’s Chicken is The entry method of this portal is different from two survey portals above. This site requires more completed details from your receipt. First, you should write down the Church’s restaurant number. This way, the survey can identify which location that you have just visited.

Then, you need to enter the order number. This detail is also available in your receipt. The next, select the date of visit by clicking on the box provided. The last, enter the time (hour and minute) when you visited Church’s Chicken. Click Start when you have entered the correct details. Church’s Chicken feedback provides two language choices. They are English and Spanish. So, you can select the language you prefer before starting the survey.

After completing the entry methods above, you can start the survey. The next survey steps at three websites above are the same. So, continue doing the procedure below.

  • Answer Church’s Chicken survey questions.

Churchs survey has some sections of the questionnaire. First, you should rate the overall experience which you had in this chicken restaurant. Then, there will be more specific questions. You have to respond some questions about Church’s Chicken service, menu, and store staffs.

This survey gives a chance for the survey participants to voice their feedback in their own words. Within 1200 characters, they can write down their praise, complaints, or comments. You should respond every question honestly. Recall your latest experience at Church’s Chicken to provide the objective review about this restaurant.

  • Join Church’s Chicken Club.

Before the survey ends, Churchs survey offers you to receive the messages informing the offers from Church’s Chicken. If you want to sign up this program, you have to provide your email address. Then, you will get the message from Church’s Chicken regularly.

  • Write down Church’s Chicken Validation code.

After you complete all steps at Churchs survey, the site displays the validation code. You have to write this Church’s Validation code on your receipt. In your next visit, you can present Church’s Chicken receipt along with this code to redeem the special offer.

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What are the Questions at Churchs Listens Survey?

Do you want to know Churchs Survey Questions? You are now in the right place. In this site, you will find the series of questions contained in Churchs Listens survey. Most of the survey takers are curious about the questionnaire they will face. That is why reviewing the question samples below will help you to get started to take the survey. In fact, every guest satisfaction survey will consist of similar questions.

They will be asking about your most recent experience at a certain restaurant. Since you take part in Churchs Listens Survey, the questions will ask about your dining experience and overall service you got. Here are the details of questions you will find in Churchs Satisfaction Survey.

  • Visit details.

Soon after you enter Churchs Listens survey, you should mention the type of visit you did recently. Perhaps, you order the food at Church’s through Drive Thru or Carry Out Service. Besides, you might dine in this restaurant. The next, you need to state what time of day you visited Church’s Chicken. The options are before 11 am, between 11 am up to 2 pm, 2 pm – 4 pm, 4 pm – 8 pm, or after 8 pm.

  • Overall Satisfaction.

Then, you can give the overall review about the dining experience you had when you came to Church’s Chicken. Give the honest rating for the overall service and meal you enjoyed. The next, state whether Church’s staffs greeted you when you arrived. Also, indicate whether the staff thanked you when you leave this restaurant.

  • Specific issues.

The survey also asks you to rate some aspects of this Chicken restaurant. This is your chance to review the more specific issues. For instance, you can rate the friendliness and appearance of Church’s staffs as well as their service speed. Also, you can give your opinion about the taste of the food and the availability of the menu. On the next page, you have to rate the accuracy of your order and the overall value you got.

  • Recommend and return to Church’s Chicken.

After giving the objective rating, you can consider returning to Church’s Chicken restaurant within 30 days. Besides, you also state whether you are likely to recommend this chicken restaurant to your friends and family.

  • The items you bought.

Based on the details printed on Church’s receipt, you should select the items you ordered at this restaurant. For instance, you can choose Boneless Wings or Bone in Original or Spicy Chicken. Besides, you might order Chicken Sandwich, Texas Chicken, Tender Strip, or Drink.

The next, rate your overall satisfaction for the menu you bought. Then, state your willingness to recommend this menu to your friends. Also, indicate whether you would like to order this menu again on your next visit.

  • Comment.

Here, you are free to write down the reason why you feel satisfied or dissatisfied with Church’s Chicken. Explain your reason clearly in 1200 characters. But, if you do not want to write anything, you are allowed to skip this section.

  • The frequency of visit.

Tell honestly how many times you have visited Church’s Chicken in the past 30 days. Simply select Once, Twice, Three times, Four or more.

How to Submit Your Comment and Contact Church’s Chicken?

As a loyal customer of Church’s Chicken, you may want to know more about this restaurant. For example, you may want to find out what the newest menu is. Besides, you may want to know about Church’s Chicken offers. In order to get the valid info about this restaurant, you should go to its website.

The official site of Church’s Chicken is In this online portal, you can explore several menus. For instance, you will find Church’s Chicken Career, location, franchising, and much more. However, if this website does not provide the info what you need, you are allowed to contact Church’s Chicken Customer Service. Try one of two following methods to reach Church’s Chicken Customer Relations.

  • By phone.
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Do you need to talk to Church’s Chicken Customer Care? If you do, you should call 1 866 345 6788. The friendly Church’s Chicken Customer Care Representatives will be glad to answer your questions.

  • By mail.

You also can reach Church’s Chicken Support Center by writing a letter. Your letter can contain any questions, comments, complaints or suggestions. Then, send it to Church’s Restaurant Global Center, 980 Hammond Drive, Suite 1100, Atlanta, Georgia 30328.

Church’s Chicken restaurant realizes that its company is not perfect. They always try to provide the best customer service. Hence, Church’s Chicken expects any feedback from the guests. Luckily, the customers can submit their feedback not only through the survey.

But, they also can submit their comments through Church’s Chicken online feedback form. You can find this form in Church’s Chicken website. Listed below are the full steps of filling out Church’s Chicken feedback form.

  • Visit the website of Church’s Chicken.

To access the feedback form, you should visit Then, you have to go to Contact Us section. You will find the form to submit your feedback. This form consists of five steps to complete. Once you can access this form, you can do the step by step below.

  • Step 1: Fill out your contact information.

The first part of the form requires your contact information. Here, you have to provide the full name and email account. Do not forget to confirm your email account in the next field. Then, you also need to provide your phone number. But, it is not a must. If you are not willing to give your phone number, you can skip this field.

  • Step 2: Search Church’s Chicken restaurant.

In this step, before you search the location, you need to indicate how Church’s Chicken served you. Just select Dine In, Drive-thru, Carry Out, or Walk Up/ Window. Then fill out the date and time field. After that, you can search Church’s Chicken location by entering the state, city, zip code as well as the restaurant code. If the site displays more than one locations, you have to select one of them.

  • Step 3: Select the issue you want to convey.

This feedback form will categorize your feedback based on some issues. So, you should choose the issue you want to give your comment. For instance, you can choose Mobile App, Wonderful experience, unpleasant experience, suggestion or request.

Besides, you also can select Health issue or web survey issue. The next, you need to specify the topic. For example, if you state that you have the wonderful experience, you need to clarify what experience it was. So, you can select product, service, facility, marketing or policy.

  • Step 4: answer some questions.

In this step, you have to respond several questions related to the topic you have chosen. First, state the primary reason why you contact Church’s Chicken. Then, state whether you have a receipt. Also, tell how many times you go to Church’s Chicken in a month. Mention how much you spend on every visit. The next, indicate how many people that come to you.

  • Step 5: Write the additional information.

In the last step, you can write your message to Church’s Chicken. Include the necessary information such as the location or the name of the staff. Try to convey your message briefly. It is so since Church’s Chicken only gives you 1000 characters. After writing, you can click on Submit button. This form is only for the customers that are more than 13 years old. So, if you are less than 13 years old, it is better to ask your parents to fill out this form for you.

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