Champs Sports Hours – Check Champs Sports Location and Customer Service

Hello, sports lovers! Nowadays sports are activities that you need to do. Exercise can make your body healthy. How would you feel if you had new sneakers? This fact will make you passionate about exercising. Well, if you want to complete a collection of sports shoes, you can go to the Champs Sports store during Champs Sports hours.

You can buy various items that will complement your sports activities. So they sell shoes, clothes, equipment, etc. Before visiting the store, you need to know the Champs sports hours first. This information can help new buyers arrange store visits. Is it important to know store hours ?.

Store hours are the time that you can use to shop at the store. Champs Sports has store hours. We don’t want you to lose valuable shopping time at the store. So, find out first Champs sports hours before visiting. This information can be found during the search process for Champs sports near me. They not only have one outlet.

You need to find a local shop for a more comfortable visit. Because each store has their own store hours regulations. Store opening hours may change and vary according to region. If you want to try this popular shop, read their list of store hours after this. The next section will help you find out Champs sports hours. Happy reading!

champs sports
champs sports

Champs Sports Store Profile

Finally, we will help new customers get to know about this sports shop. If you have an interest in sports, this shop is suitable for you. They will help you get sports equipment. Champs Sports is a store that sells sports equipment from the United States. They operate under the parent company Foot Locker. They have shoes, clothes, and accessories for your hobby.

In 2019 they have 540 store locations. You can find it in Canada, the United States, Puerto Rico, etc. You can find this shop in a shopping mall. So who doesn’t know this popular store? This store was founded in 1984. Year by year they grow and increase the number of outlets. If you are a loyal customer of this store, we suggest you download the Champs Sports mobile apps.

Champs Sports Hours

Hello readers, we fulfill the promise to discuss Champs sports hours in this section. You can access Champs sports hours through various methods. A simple way to get this information is to ask the staff at the shop. You can visit the nearest outlet to get a list of Champs sports hours. Second, contact their customer service.

Here you can use a telephone or social media. Third, find the closest location in your city using the website. Furthermore, the website will display complete information on Champs sports locations. Go to the local store page to get their store hours. Finally, you can get store hours of information for free just by reading our instructions. Below we have a list of Champs sports hours for you. Let’s check this out!

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Day Champs Sports Open Champs Sports Close
Monday 10.00 am 9.00 pm
Tuesday 10.00 am 9.00 pm
Wednesday 10.00 am 9.00 pm
Thursday 10.00 am 9.00 pm
Friday 10.00 am 9.00 pm
Saturday 10.00 am 9.00 pm
Sunday 12.00 am 6.00 pm

After reading the list above, you can now make a shopping plan. You can choose Monday to Sunday shopping. They can serve you 7 days a week. Monday to Saturday, Champs Sports has the same store hours. They are open for 11 hours a day. You can come after 10:00 a.m. Then you need to leave the store before 9:00.

On Sundays, they close faster. You can visit after 12.00 noon. Then you need to finish shopping at 6:00 p.m. So on Sundays, you have a short time to shop at this store. If you don’t want to waste time, come to the nearest Champs Sports.

  1. Is Champs Sports Stores open today?

Yes, it is open. Loyal Champs Sports customers can come Monday to Sunday. But, they need to pay attention to store hours. Monday to Saturday, the store has the same operating hours. But, on Sundays, you need to spend less time than before.

  1. What time is Champs Sports Stores open?

Champs Sports opens at 10:00 a.m. But, on Sundays, they open later in the afternoon. You can arrive after 12.00 am. If you want a longer shopping time, you can visit Monday to Saturday.

  1. What time is Champs Sports Stores close?

Champs Sports Stores closes at 9:00 pm. You need to leave the store before Champs Sports Closing Hours. While on Sundays they close faster. Because the store only operates for 6 hours. Well, if you know their store hours, now you can visit the store comfortably.

Champs Sports hours
Champs Sports hours

Champs Sports Holiday Hours

After knowing the Champs sports hours, now you need to know the store operating hours on holidays. Holidays are a convenient time for shopping on Champs Sports. If you want to spend time there, you need to check out Champs sports holiday hours. Most shops are open on holidays. They want to get more visitors than usual.

But, Champs Sports has different rules. So, make a list of special visits on holidays. You need to be vigilant for reducing store hours at several Champs Sports locations. The list of Champs sports holiday hours below is general store hours information. You should get Champs sports holiday hours from the local store that you visit.

Holiday Open/Close Holiday Open/Close
New Year’s Day Close Labor Day Open
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (MLK Day) Open Columbus Day Open
Valentine’s Day Open Halloween Open
Presidents Day Open Veterans Day Open
Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday Open Thanksgiving Day Close
St. Patrick’s Day Open Black Friday Open
Good Friday Open Christmas Day Close
Easter Sunday Open Christmas Eve Open
Easter Monday Open Day After Christmas (Dec. 26) Open
Cinco de Mayo Open New Year’s Eve Open
Mother’s Day Open Father’s Day Open
Memorial Day Open Independence Day (4th of July) Open
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After reading the Champs Sports holiday hours above you need to note their closing days. They are generally open to you on most holidays. But, they have 3 main holidays that you need to avoid. They are closed on Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day and New Year’s Day.

You can choose other holidays to shop at Champs Sports. Then don’t forget to be aware of the reduction in operating hours in the store. The store may be closed earlier than normal day. You will understand this rule. So staff can get time off with their family and friends. Well, after this we will discuss Champs Sports Locations to access local stores around you.

How to Search Champs Sports Locations

The next step after learning store hours is to go to Champs sports near me. So you can access the store location in 3 ways. First, you can download Google Maps as a location search engine. Second, you can use the Champs Sports Official Website. Third, download the Champs Sports Mobile application.

All three methods below can help you find a location if the device is connected to the internet. You need to get a strong connection for a smooth location search process. In addition to getting a location, you can use the directions feature. Well, if you are a new customer then don’t forget to complete the location search stage below.

  1. Download the Google Maps application.

First, you can search for locations via Google Maps. They have two versions of Google Maps. If you use a laptop, we recommend you use the web version. Then use the mobile app if you have a smartphone. If you choose this method, you need to use “Champs Sports” as a keyword.

Furthermore, the application will display a map and spot the location of the nearest store. Unfortunately, you cannot find out Champs Sports Hours in this application. The application can only know the time and distance of the store from your location.

  1. Use Champs Sports Official Website.

The second way to get Champs sports locations is through the official store website. Here we suggest you use a laptop as a search device. Prepare your location as a keyword.

  • Open the Champs Sports Website through the device. Here you need to use a browser to open the Champs Sports website. Enter keywords or store website address in the browser search box. So you can use as a keyword. Click enter to land on the web page.
  • Find Champs Sports Store Locator. On the website page, you can see the products they sell and some menus. Find the store locator on the Champs Sports website. Click the menu to get the location search box.
  • Enter the search location. The location of the search will determine the results of the store locator. You have two choices to get Champs Sports near me. First, use the name of the city/country. Second, you only need to use the ZIP Code. Next, the store locator will get several order locations of the nearest store.
  • See local store information. In the search results, you can get store hours, customer service and store locations. You can write this information for future visits. Confirm the store telephone number if you have questions.
  1. Champs Sports Mobile Apps.
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Finally, download the Champs Sports app for your shopping convenience. If you miss store hours, you can shop online from the application. You can even access the location of the nearest store instantly. You don’t need to enter the ZIP Code. The application is automatically connected to your location. Get your application through Google Play and the App Store. Then log in with your account information. Below are the benefits of being a Champs Sports Mobile Apps user.

  • Get the latest product information from the Champs Sports store.
  • You can connect credit cards with your application.
  • Get products that will be launched at the Champs Sports store.
  • Get notifications from Champs Sports for the latest product offers and promos.
  • Get the location of the nearest store and use the directions feature here.

Champs Sports Contact Information

Next, we will help you use Champs sports customer service. This part you can use if you have a problem in the store. You can tell the problem of shopping to staff. Then you can submit questions and opinions for future store improvement.

Before visiting, you need to see Champs Sports Hours. If you don’t have a list, then customer service is the right solution for your problem. Customers can ask staff for Champs Sports Operating Hours. Below we have several ways to connect with Champs Sports Customer Service.

  1. Champs Sports Customer Service Phone Number.

First, customers can use the phone number to contact the store. Here you can convey problems and questions to them. You can get responses directly from the staff. However, you need to use this number in Customer Service Hours. If you make a call outside office hours, you will not get a response. Below are telephone numbers and customer service hours. 800-991-6813.

  1. Champs Sports Mailing Address.

Second, customers can use the headquarters address. You can send a letter if you find a problem at the Champs Sports Store. Unfortunately, you need to spend money to send letters and go to the post office. Write your problem and send a letter through the address below.

311 Manatee Ave W, Bradenton, FL 34205-8842.

  1. Champs Sports Social Media.

Next, you need to try the last method. Here we suggest you send messages through social media. They usually upload the latest promos and products through social media. However, you need to be patient to get answers from the administrator. Below are some of Champs Sports social media.

  • Facebook: @champssports.
  • Twitter: @champssports.
  • Instagram: @champssports.


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