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CabanaCares is the survey from Taco Cabana restaurant. If you like Mexican dish, you will know this restaurant. Taco Cabana is the well-known Mexican fast food chain. You will be easy to find this restaurant chain in some cities such as Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma.

Now, there are more than 160 locations of Taco Cabana thorough United States. This Mexican restaurant chain is popular for the patio concept. It has the dining areas indoor and outdoor. So, the guests can choose the most comfortable place to enjoy their meal. Besides, Taco Cabana has drive-thru system as well. So, the busy customers can order and enjoy the food on the go.

Besides, Taco Cabana is well-known for its open cooking areas. All menus served in this restaurant are handmade. With this unique concept, the customers can see how the chefs cook the menu they order. Every guest that ever visited this store will agree that Cabana menu is one of the best Mexican food.

You can try various Mexican dishes in this outlet. For instance, you can enjoy Taco, Fajita, Quesadillas, Nachos, Burritos, and much more. Taco Cabana concerns to the guests’ satisfaction. Hence, this restaurant always makes sure that it gives the best menu and service for its guests. Doing CabanaCares survey is the technique to see how satisfied the guests are.


Your participation in Taco Cabana survey is very important for the restaurant improvement. By taking this survey, you are free to provide the valuable feedback. For instance, you can give some comments, opinion, and suggestions. Your ideas will help Taco Cabana to fix their weakness.

As a result, Taco Cabana will be able to serve the guests better. This writing will guide you to take Cabana Cares easily. You can view the Taco Cabana survey rules and questions. Besides, you also can find out the way to share Taco Cabana feedback through its official website.

What are Cabana Cares survey rules?

You will not regret spending a little of your time to take Taco Cabana customer satisfaction survey. It is because this survey offers the discount as the reward. By giving this coupon, Taco Cabana proves that it cares about the guests. This store appreciates every feedback that the guests provide.

It is so since Taco Cabana realizes that the guests’ feedback plays the crucial roles for the business improvement. Hence this restaurant wants all of its guests can involve in Cabana Cares Survey. Then, the company can take the conclusion about the overall business performance. When many guests say that Taco Cabana is less satisfying, this restaurant has to improve its service.

Every survey taker of Taco Cabana has to notice the rules of this survey. In general, the is no difference this survey rules with other surveys. The survey needs are also similar to other food surveys. But, you still need to find out what the restrictions of taco cabana survey.

This way you will be able to complete Cabana Cares survey without any troubles. Besides, obeying the survey rules makes you easier to get the survey reward. No doubt, most of the survey takers do this survey in order to get the discount on their next purchase at Taco Cabana store. Provided below are the rules of taco cabana customer survey.

  • Cabana Cares survey participants.

The entire customers of taco cabana chain can take part in this survey. When they have taco cabana receipt, they can take this survey whenever they want. Besides, they must be at 18 years of age or older. Also, the participants should be the legal residents of the United States. But, this survey is not accessible for Taco Cabana staffs.

  • Taco Cabana survey requirements.

Prepare your receipt you got from the last visit at Taco Cabana store. Make sure your purchase receipt contains coupon code as well as the pass code. The coupon code has 16 digits while the pass code consists of 5 digits. Besides, the use of the computer with internet access is also necessary. It is because Cabana Cares is the online survey. If there is no computer, you still can access this survey by using your smart phone.

  • Cabana survey rules.
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Rules of this survey are very simple. First, you have to take this survey within two days after the date you visited taco cabana restaurant. Your receipt can void if you respond this survey two days. It means you cannot use the coupon code on your receipt anymore. Besides, Taco Cabana limits the frequency of taking the survey. Every customer only can take this survey twice a month.

  • Taco Cabana survey reward.

The reward of the survey is a discount coupon. With this coupon, you can get $1 off for your next purchase. But this discount is only for Taco Cabana food. You cannot use this coupon to buy the alcoholic beverage.

How to Complete Taco Cabana Survey?

When you take Taco survey, you will be able to tell your experience. You can rate some aspects of Taco Cabana restaurant as well. Your feedback will be beneficial for this outlet.

Indirectly, you can help to improve the quality of Taco Cabana. For instance, you state that you feel dissatisfied with Taco Cabana team member. Then, this restaurant will evaluate its business to increase the work of the staff. As a result, you can get the better service from Taco Cabana crews on your next visit.

Taking part in Cabana survey will not waste your time. This simple survey can be completed in less than three minutes. Hence, you should miss the chance to participate in Taco Cabana survey. It is so since Cabana Cares survey does not need the complicated needs.

Only with Taco Cabana receipt, you can access this survey easily. Besides, the survey step is also very easy. You will notice every instruction provided on the survey page. Review this procedure to make you easy to complete Taco Cabana Survey.

  • Visit Cabana Cares survey portal.

Taco Cabana has two survey portals for its customers. First, you can enter this survey by accessing Besides, you also can visit Both and display the same survey page. These websites have Taco Cabana and Cabana Grill logo at the top of the page.

  • Enter Taco Cabana Coupon Code.

To start Taco Cabana Guest Satisfaction Survey, you have to input the coupon code. This Cabana survey code has 16 digits in length. See the receipt sample at the right of the page to find out the location of the code. Usually, you can find the coupon code at the bottom part of Taco Cabana receipt.

  • Enter Taco Cabana Pass Code.

After that, you have to write the pass code. This code contains five digits. You can find Taco Cabana pass code under the coupon code. After making sure that the coupon code and pass code you entered is correct, press the Purple Start button.

  • Answer TC survey.

Once you click on Start, you can begin to respond the series of the survey questions. This survey will consist of some sections. As the example, you will face the questions to rate the satisfaction. Besides, you will get some questions about your experience when you visit Taco Cabana. TC survey also lets you write down some comments. Use this section to share your complaints or suggestions.

  • Join Taco Cabana eClub.

If you want to receive the updated Taco Cabana info and offers, you should sign up this program. Just enter your basic information as well as the contact details. When you sign up this program, you can receive Free Fajita Taco as the reward. But, it is optional. You can opt not to join this program if you do not want to get promotional info from Taco Cabana.

  • Take Taco Cabana Validation Code.
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When you complete all steps of Taco survey, you will receive the validation code. Write down this reward code on the space provided on your receipt. In your next visit at Taco Cabana, you can get $1 discount. Just present your Taco Cabana receipt along with this validation code to the staff.

Those are the easy steps of taking TC survey. If you find any troubles when you take this survey, you should call Taco cabana Customer Service. Simply call 1-800-580-8668 to speak up with Taco Cabana Customer Support. The friendly staff will assist you in completing this survey. Besides, you can ask every issue related to this Mexican restaurant. For instance, you can ask about gift cards, job opportunities, and other issues.

What are the Questions at Cabana Cares Customer Survey?

Before you access Cabana Cares Guest Satisfaction Survey, you need to know what the questions asked in this survey. In general, Cabana Survey questions are similar to other food surveys or restaurant surveys. Mostly, the questions are about your dining experience.

Besides, other questions might be about Taco Cabana service, staff, and restaurant. When you have known what the survey questions in Taco Cabana Survey, you will be more ready to participate in Cabana Cares. Besides, you can speed up the survey completion process. This way, you can save your precious time. Written below are Taco Cabana Survey questions.

  • Overall satisfaction.

Every time you visit Taco Cabana restaurant, you will have the unique experience. It is your chance to rate your overall feeling after dining in Taco Cabana restaurant. Click on Next to go to the next question.

  • Visit Type.

Taco Cabana offers two methods of ordering the menu. First, you can dine in to enjoy the food and restaurant atmosphere. Besides, you also can carry out the Mexican Dish you have ordered. Specify which type of order that you did in the last visit at Taco Cabana.

  • Specific areas of Taco Cabana restaurant.

Cabana does not only ask you to rate the satisfaction globally. But, this survey also asks every participant to rate the criteria about the food, service, and venue. As the example, you have to rate the order accuracy, ease of ordering, menu diversity, and food quality.

Then, you also need to rate the staffs’ attitude and the speed of serving. After that, give your honest review about Taco Cabana atmosphere and cleanliness. The last, state whether you get satisfied with the restaurant value since you have paid some money.

  • Problems.

Say whether you experienced any problems when you came to Taco Cabana. If you had, you should provide the further details about this issue.

  • Likeliness to recommend and return.

If you have given the satisfying answer to the previous questions, it means that you are happy with your dining at Taco Cabana. So, you may be likely to revisit this Mexican restaurant within 30 days. Besides, you also do not mind to recommend Taco Cabana to your relatives and friends.

  • Reasons for getting satisfied or dissatisfied.

Taco Cabana lets you speak up honestly about the matter which makes you satisfied or dissatisfied with this restaurant. Cabana Survey expects you to explain the reason specifically. But, if you do not want to explain anything, you can leave this section blank. Simply click Next to go to the survey step.

  • Items you ordered.

Select the menu you ordered on your last visit at Taco Cabana. For instance, you can select Tacos, Enchiladas, Burritos, Nachos, Quesadillas, Fajitas or Flautas. But, if you do not order any of these options, you can click on Other. Then, specify how you ordered this menu. For example, you ordered Combo, Plate, or A La Carte.

  • The frequency of visit.
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The last, you should mention how often you came to Taco Cabana in the last 30 days. If you only visit this restaurant one time, you can select Once. Besides, you also can state that it was your first experience visiting this restaurant.

How to Submit Taco Cabana Feedback through the Website?

For your information, you can submit Cabana feedback through the restaurant website. So, you do not need to spend much time for taking Cabana survey. Submitting the feedback through is useful when you lose your receipt. Taking Cabana survey requires a purchasing receipt. It means, when you lose Taco Cabana receipt, you cannot access the survey anymore.

But, you do not need to be sad since this Mexican restaurant provides the online feedback form on its website. You have to keep in mind that submitting your feedback through this method does not give you the validation code. You are free to give positive or negative comment. Taco cabana will always listen to every feedback from the customers. Here is the simple procedure to send Taco Cabana feedback online.

  • Visit Taco Cabana official website.

You can access Taco Cabana website at When you explore this site, you will find out the details of this Mexican restaurant. For instance, you can review Taco Cabana Menu, Taco Cabana Careers, or Taco Cabana Gift Cards. Besides, you can search the nutrition info in every Mexican dish served in this restaurant. Furthermore, you can sign up as a Taco Cabana Fanatic to get the reward as well.

  • Select Contact.

Since you visit this website in order to submit your dining feedback, you should enter Contact menu. This option is available at the bottom menu bar of this site. Entering the Contact menu allows you to share any comments about Taco Cabana. For instance, you want to comment about its authentic recipes. Besides, you also can complain Taco Cabana team member or service. Whatever you say in this feedback form, Taco Cabana will listen to you.

  • Select the feedback category.

There are two categories of feedback you can choose. First, select Recent Visit if you want to talk about your recent dining experience at Taco cabana. Besides, select General Inquiry if you want to submit the general comment or question. For instance, you may ask about the job opportunity, Taco Cabana hours, or gift cards. Also, you can ask about the marketing, investment opportunity, or website.

  • Fill out your information.

Different from Taco Cabana survey, submitting online feedback is not candid. It means you have to provide your information. Enter your first name, last name, email address, and phone number to the provided field. Then, complete the address form by writing the city, state, zip code. After that, state whether you would like to be contacted by Taco Cabana. If you need a response to your feedback, tick the box to indicate that you agree to be contacted.

  • Search the restaurant.

Since your feedback is about the issue you faced in the certain restaurant, you should specify the location of this restaurant. You can enter the city or zip code. Then, let the Taco Cabana store locator find the restaurant you mean. If the result shows more than one locations, you have to select one of them.

  • Tell your experience.

This is the last step of submitting Taco Cabana feedback online. You can write your comment, request, or suggestion. Be as specific as possible. If you experienced the certain problem, you have to tell the details. Then, do not forget to state what you expect from Taco Cabana. Finally, you can submit this feedback.

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