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Have you just spent your day stay at Best Western Hotel? If you still keep the hotel receipt with you, you can get a chance to take BWFeedback survey. For your information, BW Feedback is a guest satisfaction survey held by Best Western Hotel. If you complete this survey, you will be able to win Best Western rewards.

If you want to take part in the Best Western Feedback survey, you should reach the official survey portal at This way, you will be directed into Best Western Medallia survey page. You need to enter some details such as name, email address, hotel details, and checkout date in order to begin the survey. If you still have no idea about this survey, you have to check our guideline below.

bwfeedback best western survey
bwfeedback best western survey

What is BWFeedback survey?

Before learning the Best Western survey guideline, you need to understand what Bwfeedback survey is. Bwfeedback is an online survey held by Best Western Hotel. This survey is aimed to gather the guests’ feedback after staying at their hotel. So, once you access this survey, you will get a series of survey questions asking about the hotel’s service, facility, cleanliness, and many other aspects.

You can take this survey by accessing survey portal. Then, to start answering the survey, you need to submit some information such as name, email address, and hotel information. You can share your feedback, comment, complaints, and suggestions through BW Feedback survey.

Your feedback is important for hotel improvement. If the result of the survey shows that many guests are not satisfied with the hotel service or cleanliness, Best Western will improve its quality. So, if you want to get better service from the Best Western Hotel in the future, you have to give honest feedback.

Best Western really appreciate your participation in the Best Western survey. This way, Best Western provides the survey reward for the survey takers. After completing the survey, you will be able to get the Best Western coupon. If you are lucky, you can get one hotel night for free. Besides, Best Western may provide other rewards such as a discount.

About Best Western Hotel

Before talking further about Best Western Feedback survey, it will be better if we discuss Best Western hotel profile. This hotel is also known as Best Western Hotels & Resorts. It is one of the biggest hotel chains in the world. It is because Best Western operates more than 4100 hotels around the world.

This company is headquartered in Phoenix Arizona. In North America, Best Western runs more than 2000 hotels. The first hotel was opened in 1946. Besides, the founder of this hotel is M.K Guertin and David Kong.

What to Prepare Before Taking Best Western Survey?

Before you complete the Best Western Feedback survey, there are some requirements you have to prepare. These requirements will make you easier to complete the survey. What do you need to take the survey? Check this out.

  • Best Western receipt.

It is a main requirement to take BWFeedback survey. This receipt proves that you have stayed at Best Western Hotel. This way, your feedback can be valid since you really have the experience at Best Western Hotel. Besides, this receipt contains some information you need to start the survey. For instance, it records the hotel name, address, and checkout time.

  • Device
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Since the Best Western survey is available online, you need a device to access it. You can use a personal computer or smartphone to access the survey portal. But, it is recommended to use a PC since you can take the survey comfortably with the widescreen display.

  • Internet connection.

Your device will be useless if you do not have an internet connection. Make sure that your internet access is fast and stable. So, you will not find any trouble in accessing the survey.

  • Email address.

You also need an email address. When you reach Best Western survey portal, you are required to enter your email address.

Brief Guideline of BWFeedback Survey

You can take Best Western Guest Satisfaction survey by doing the brief steps below.

  • Visit Best Western survey portal at
  • Select the language.
  • Enter your first name.
  • Enter your last name.
  • Provide your email address.
  • Provide the name of the hotel.
  • Choose the Region,
  • Select the country/province/ or state
  • Select the city or hotel name.
  • Select the Checkout date.
  • Press the Begin Survey button.
  • Answer Bwfeedback survey questions.
  • Submit your feedback.
  • Take Best Western validation code.
bwfeedback Best Western survey steps

What are the Steps to Take Bwfeedback Survey?

If the step by step presented above is not clear, you can review the survey guideline below. Here are we present the detailed survey steps. Simply do the instructions below if you want to express your Bwfeedback and receive Best Western rewards.

  • Step 1. Access Best Western Survey website.

The first thing you have to do is visiting Best Western Survey portal. Use your browser to access Make sure that your device is connected to the stable internet access. So, you can load the survey page easily.

  • Step 2. Select the language.

Since Best Western is located in several countries, the guests are also from some countries. This survey portal provides several language options to make teh survey takers easier to complete teh survey. the languages that you can choose are English, Dutch, French, Deutsch, Italiano, Japanese, Korean, Polsky, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, and Swedish.

  • Enter your name.

The next, you need to provide the first and last name. Just enter your name on the provided fields. This survey cannot be done anonymously.

  • Provide your email address.

The next, you need to submit a valid email address. You should not worry since Best Western will not use your email for marketing purpose. This company requires your email to send the coupon as the survey reward.

  • Provide the Hotel name.

You still remember the name of the hotel you have stayed in, don’t you? You can check your receipt or booking history to check the hotel name.

  • Choose the Region.

The next, you have to indicate the region you have just visited. Some options are available, such as Asia, Europe, Australia, America, Mexico, and Africa.

  • Select the Country/State/Province.
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Then, you have to specify the place you have stayed in. Indicate the country, state, or province where Best Western hotel is located.

  • Choose the city and the name of the hotel.

After that, you need to choose the city as well as the hotel name. There is a drop-down menu which you can select the hotel name.

  • Enter the checkout date.

The last detail you need to submit is the checkout date. See your receipt to check on what day you check out from Best Western Hotel. Enter the date of checkout using the format MM/DD/YYYY.

  • Press the Begin Survey button.

After checking all the details you have provided, you can start the survey by pressing the blue button entitled Begin Survey.

  • Answer Best Western Survey questions.

Now, you are stepping on the main part of the survey. you can start answering the questionnaire related to your visit. You can express your level of satisfaction after staying at Best Western. Also, you can rate some aspects of the hotel. For instance, you can rate the facilities, service, staffs’ behavior, hotel cleanliness, and so on.

  • Provide Best Western feedback.

You are also welcomed to submit your feedback. In this section, you are free to write down your comments, complaints, or suggestions. Make sure that you give honest feedback to help Best Western to be better.

  • Receive Best Western Coupon.

As the reward for taking Bwfeedback survey, you will receive Best Western coupon code. The reward of this survey may vary. You can get a discount on your next visit. If you are lucky, you can get a free hotel night at Best Western.

What is Best Western Rewards Program?

If you often stay at Best Western Hotel, you should sign up Best Western Rewards program. This way, you will be able to get many benefits as the hotel members. What benefits can you get? You can check on this following explanation.

  • Get a Free Night.

If you are registered as a member of Best Western reward, you can get a free night after staying 2 night. You can redeem this offer at your next stay at any Best Western hotel around the world.

  • Earn the points and redeem them.

Every time you stay at Best Western, you will earn some points. Then, you just need to collect the points. You can redeem the points with free Best Western gift card, free travel, or other products. The points are never expired.

  • Elite member reward.

If you are registered as the elite member, you can get the rewards below. First, you can get the bonus points every check-in, Then, you also can get the free welcome gift and upgrade the room.

How to Join Best Western Rewards?

Knowing the benefits above, don’t you want to join this reward program? You should not worry about the fee. It is because you can join Best Western Rewards for free. Simply, just do these following steps to sign up Best Western Rewards program.

  • Visit Best Western Website.

You can sign up online at Best Western website. Just visit at this website, you can find out various information related to Best Western hotel. For instance, you can explore Best Western offers and check the reservation.

  • Select Best Western rewards.
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Once you land on Best Western homepage, you should focus on the top menu bar. Then, you can click on Best Western Rewards menu.

  • Click on Join For Free.

Then, you will be directed to Best Western Rewards Center page. Here, you can explore the benefits you can get as a member of this program. To sign up for this reward program, you should click on Join for Free button.

  • Complete Login information.

In this step, you should provide your email address. Also, you need to create a password to reach your Best Western account.

  • Provide personal information.

Select the region or country you are living in. Then, write down your full name including the title.

  • Write down your address.

In this step, you should complete the address form. First, you should select the type of address. Then, you can write down the street address and the home number. Also, provide the zip code, city, and state.

  • Provide contact information.

You need to submit your contact information. You can give your home telephone number or mobile phone number.

  • Select the Earning preference.

You should select how you will receive the reward. Two options are available. First, you can choose Best Western Rewards points. Second, you can select Airline Miles.

  • Select the communication preference.

Choose the media that you want to receive information about Best Western. You can choose either Mail or Email.

  • Press the Join button.

You should preview and check the details you have entered before you submit this form. If all details are correct, you can press the Join button. Then, check your email to verify your Best Western rewards account.

How to Contact Best Western Customer Service

In case you want to ask any questions related to best Western Hotel, it is better to contact Best Western Customer Service. Also, you can convey your feedback through Best Western Customer Support. Listed below are some possible ways to cobntact Best Western.

  • By phone.

If you want to speak directly with Best Western Customer Service representative staff, you can call +44 1904 695400. If you are in North America, you can call 1(800) 780-7234. But, if you want to express your feedback or book the room, it is better to call the local Best Western hotel phone number.

  • By mail.

You can send your inquiry to Best Western Corporate office at:

Best Western, Inc

Consort House

Amy Johnson Way

York YO304GP

United Kingdom.

  • Best Western website.

You can explore any information related to Best Western Hotel by accessing the official website of Best Western at



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