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Hello photography lovers! We come to bring fresh air to you. If you need photo and video equipment, stay here. Because these instructions will help you get to know the electronics retailer of photo and video equipment. If you live in New York, we hope you don’t forget this store. Because they can help you fulfill your photography needs. Yes right, we want you to try the B&H Store electronics retailer. After purchasing a product, they offer various ways to convey feedback. So you can use the B&H Survey portal. We will help you complete this online survey.

B&H satisfaction surveys are one of the various ways to convey feedback to B&H. They want to know your opinion about services and products in the store. If you have a negative opinion, then they can make a change. So B&H can improve the shop to achieve your satisfaction. Well, you don’t need to worry about the survey process. Because, they only have simple and friendly steps for portal users. Then you can get prizes through B&H sweepstakes. Lottery winners can bring home a $ 250 gift card. Well, can’t you save money shopping at the B&H store with this prize? If you have an interest, we will start with the store profile first. Next, our steps will help you approach the prize. Happy reading!

B&H survey portal
B&H survey portal

B&H Photo & Electronics Corp Profile

Hello readers, we have the basic knowledge for new buyers at the B&H Store. They built a business since 46 years ago. You can find B&H headquarters in Manhattan, New York. Are you curious about the growth of their business? Well, B&H Store is a popular electronics retailer in the United States. They deal with customers in various ways. First, you can buy products at the store. Second, they have an online shop. You can achieve this through the official B&H website. Third, you can order products through the application or email. Who is the founder of this electronics shop business? Blimpie and Herman are the founders of this popular business. The names are both enduring as business and shop titles.

In 2018 B&H received an award as a popular online consumer electronics retailer. In 2019 they received 130,000 reviews from buyers. This review made B&H receive an award as the best customer service company in America. If you hear this news, are you still hesitant to shop at B&H. Well, this shop sells a variety of photos, film and video needs. If you work in this field, then our instructions are the right solution. Here B&H wants to pay attention to customer desires. So they make various surveys to accommodate the opinions of buyers. If you like their service, give a good rating for B&H. You can reach this section through the B&H store survey.

B&H Store Survey Rules

Have you ever completed an online survey? So the survey is part of the store program. They have rules that you need to know before using the survey portal. So not all buyers can survey. Then the sweepstakes program has more complicated rules. Because your sweepstakes entry is related to prizes and local legal regulations. So before you go to complete the survey, read the rules first. You can access this page if you open the survey portal. Use the B&H satisfaction survey keyword to open a survey portal. Then select the official rules and regulations link. Well, we don’t want you to waste time. Read the summary of their rules below.

  1. Survey portal users do not need to buy a product in advance to win the sweepstakes. So the number of transactions cannot increase the chances of victory. The number of entries you can increase your chances of winning.
  2. The method of entry sweepstakes.
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If you want to join the sweepstakes program, use 2 methods for entry. They accept entry through online surveys and postcards. Below we have a brief explanation for the method of entering sweepstakes.

  • B&H survey. The first way to enter sweepstakes is through an online survey. You can open the portal via www.bhphoto.com/survey. Then you can answer questions and fill out sweepstakes forms. So you need to complete the survey first.
  • Send Sweepstakes via postcards. Second, you can write your identity on a postcard. Here they need your name, address, email and telephone. Next, send your postcard to the address and subject below.

B&H Store Survey Gift Card Pictures,

c / o B&H Photo & Electronics Corp.,

440 Ninth Avenue,

New York, NY 10001.

  1. B&H sweepstakes period.

They only accept you during the entry period. Here you can send sweepstakes starting on the 1st of every month. Then each period will end on the sixth day of the following month.

  1. They only accept sweepstakes entry that qualifies.

Then you can enter as many entries as you want. So they make no restrictions for your sweepstakes entry.

  1. B&H sweepstakes eligibility rules.

So this survey is only open to buyers who meet the eligibility rules. Are you curious about this rule? Read the review below.

  • Drawing is only open to residents of Canada and the United States.
  • The legal population at least meets the age of the majority. So they are at least 13 years old in the process of entry sweepstakes and surveys.
  • Drawing is not open to staff, sponsor teams, their families and B&H business partners.
  • The winner needs to complete 4 math questions before receiving the prize.
  1. Sweepstakes Prize.
    • The winner will receive a gift card from B&H worth $ 250.
    • Winners cannot exchange or redeem prizes for cash.
    • State taxes and prizes are the responsibility of the winner.
    • You need to wait until the 15th day for the drawing process.
    • The committee will contact the winner by letter or email. So provide valid information for sweepstakes entries.

B&H Survey Preparations

Before taking surveys, you need to have several devices first. Well, here B&H has various methods for taking surveys. First, you can use website views for surveys. Second, you can use a smartphone to enter feedback. So, here you can use a computer or smartphone as a device. Because B&H has two survey methods. Next, you need to know several types of surveys first.

  1. B&H web survey. B&H web survey is a survey portal to receive feedback about their website. If you have problems with the appearance of the website, give your opinion through this survey.
  2. B&H phone survey. B&H phone survey is a survey portal that has a display for smartphones. But the question is the same as the B&H Survey.
  3. B&H Bought Online Survey. This portal will display questions for online shoppers. If you use this feature, then choose Bought Online Survey.
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After knowing a few surveys, now you need to make survey preparations. Is it difficult to find survey tools? No, you can see the list below.

  1. Get a survey tool.

Here you need to choose a survey method. If you want a web survey, then you need a laptop or computer. Then you can take a phone survey if you have a smartphone.

  1. Your device’s browser.

Then the survey process requires a browser. Because you need to open the survey page before completing it. Here the browser can help you find survey pages easily.

  1. Internet connection.

The basic need to complete a B&H store survey is an internet connection. If you want a fast process, get a stable internet connection. You can get it if you take a location near the wifi source.

  1. B&H Store Receipt.

If you want to complete a survey with a purchase, you need to have a receipt. On the second page you need to enter the order number. If you don’t have receipts, you don’t need to be afraid. They have a survey portal to help you convey feedback.

  1. Prepare your identity.

In the entry process, you need a personal identity. Prepare a valid email, address, telephone number and your name. After this, you can complete the entry easily.

B&H survey steps
B&H survey steps

B&H Survey Steps

After knowing the eligibility surveys and sweepstakes, let’s complete this process. So this section will help you take surveys easily. Here B&H wants to keep their business. Only buyers can help B&H continue to exist. So, this survey portal will show some easy questions related to your recent visit. All you need is a receipt and the last memory of coming to the store. If you are ready to enter feedback, let’s start now.

  1. Load the official portal survey.

The first stage needs help from your browser. Use keywords to fill in the search box. You can use the B&H store pick up survey as a keyword. If this method does not work, enter www.bhphoto.com/survey in the search box.

  1. Read the survey rules.

Click on the Official rules and regulations link. This link will download the survey rules for your device. If you are eligible as an entrant, continue your survey.

  1. Click on the B&H Superstore Survey button.

Here they have 2 survey portals for you. If you make a transaction, select the “B&H Superstore Survey” portal. If you have not made a purchase, click on the “B&H Store No-Purchase Survey” button.

  1. Enter the B&H Order Number.
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Here you need to open proof of transaction from B&H. You need to enter the order number of your receipt. If you want to get help, click on the “click here to see a sample” link. After completion you can continue the survey.

  1. Answer the B&H Survey questions.

Then you can read the survey questions on the same page. Here you can enter ratings or answer questions. Use your recent visit to make a judgment. If you want to get more help, read the survey questions in the next section. Remember, honest feedback can help B&H Store grow.

  1. Enter your sweepstakes entry.

At this stage, you need to fill out forms to take part in sweepstakes. This form only requires your identity. Prepare your name, email, address, and telephone number.

B&H Survey Questions

Are you curious about B&H store survey questions? Well, you can read it in this section. Prepare your answers before visiting the survey portal. Happy reading.

  1. Do you want to recommend B&H? (Rate 1-5).
  2. Give a general level of satisfaction with your recent visit on B&H. (Rate 1-5).
  3. The waiting time for communication with staff is quite good. (Rate 1-5).
  4. Staff treat me politely. (Rate 1-5).
  5. Staff have quite good product knowledge. (Rate 1-5).
  6. The staff I meet are professional and recommend products according to my needs. (Rate 1-5).
  7. Waiting time for payment at the cashier makes sense. (Rate 1-5).
  8. Cashier is friendly to buyers. (Rate 1-5).
  9. The waiting time for picking up goods at the cashier makes sense.
  10. The pick-up clerk treats me politely. (Rate 1-5).
  11. Do you buy merchandise? (yes or no).
  12. What do you like to shop for B&H? Give your comment.
  13. What don’t you like about B&H stores? Give your comment.
  14. Enter an email to receive regular offers from B&H.

B&H Hours of Operation

If you want to access this information, you only need to use a browser and survey tool. Next, enter the B&H hours keyword. The official website has this information for you. Before you go to the store, we hope you don’t forget to read this list. Because we don’t want you to get into trouble for not knowing B&H operating hours. Below are the B&H Hours you need to know.

Day Opening Hours Closing Hours
Monday 9.00 am 7.00 pm
Tuesday 9.00 am 7.00 pm
Wednesday 9.00 am 7.00 pm
Thursday 9.00 am 7.00 pm
Friday 9.00 am 1.00 pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday 10.00 am 6.00 pm

B&H Customer Service

Do you need B&H help? If you want help from a shop, you can use B&H Customer Service. Below we have several ways to contact B&H.

  1. B&H Customer Service Phone Number.
    • 800,606.6969.
    • 212,444.6615.
  2. B&H Customer Service Mailing Address.

420 9th Ave, New York, NY 10001, United States

  1. B&H Social Media.
    • Pinterest: B&H Photo Video
    • Instagram: @bhphoto.
    • Twitter: @BHPhotoVideo.

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