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BGCforme is the employee portal of Brookshire Grocery Company. It is the regional grocery chain based in Texas. Established in 1928, BGC never stops serving the customers. No doubt, it can run more than 175 grocery stores. BGC always commits to putting the customers as their priority. The mission of this company is to make the community better through its people, product, store, and service.

For instance, BGC always tries to provide all the family needs. So, if you want to shop your daily need, you can go to BGC. For your information, there are some stores under BGC. For example, there are Super 1 Food Store, Brookshire’s Food Stores, Spring Market, and Fresh by Brookshire’s.

In order to serve the customers in all of its stores, BGC employs many workers. These workers consist of full-time employees and part-time employees. As like other companies, BGC uses an online employee portal.

This company uses the employee portal to manage its employees. BGC For Me employee portal is very beneficial for BGC staff. They can access the reward program as well as the employee benefits. Besides, BGC employees also can view other employment details.

BGCForMe login

BGC Employee portal can only be accessed by BGC employees. To enter BGC Partner Portal, the employees have to input their BGC user ID and the password. At BGC employment website, there is no option to register an account. So, you can not sign up BGC website by yourself. BGC HRD team will set up an account for you. So, they will give you the BGCForme password. This password is only temporary. So, you can reset this password anytime.

How to Sign into BGCforme?

As the employee of Brookshire Grocery Company, you should know how to log into BGC Employee portal. This employee portal serves as the source to find any information related to your employment. As the example, you can check what benefits given by BGC. Besides, you can view other data such as the payroll and schedule information.

In order to enter this portal, you have to fulfill some requirements. First, you should have BGCforme login details.  So, you should have the User ID and BGC password to access your account. The next, prepare the computer connected to the internet. This online portal will work better if you use the fast internet access.

If you have prepared all of the requirements, you can sign into BGC employment portal. Here is the procedure to access your account.

  • Step 1. Visit BGCforme employee portal.

If you are the employee of BGC, you must have BGCforme login credentials. When these login details are ready, you can start accessing BGC For Me login page. The website address is The official site of BGC employee login has the cauliflower picture beside the login field.

  • Step 2. Enter your BGC For me user ID.

The next, you need to supply BGC user ID. The user ID is your BGC employee ID number. If you do not know what your BGC ID number is, you can ask BGC HR officer soon.

  • Step 3. Input BGC For Me password.
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After entering your user ID, you should supply your password. You cannot set up the password by yourself. It is because you get this BGC password from the HRD. If you forget this password, you can visit BGC password station. BGC will remind you about this password.

  • Press the Log On button.

When you are sure that BGC login details you enter are correct, you can click on Log On button. Then, you can begin to explore the content of BGC employee portal. As the example, BGC employees can check their benefits. Besides, they can access the online pay statement as well as the schedule.

That is the step by step to enter your account at BGCforme. If you are trouble in accessing, you should check your internet connection. But, if you are failed to login, it means you have entered the wrong user ID or password.

In case you forget BGC password, you have to visit BGC Password Station. In this portal, you can reset and synchronize your password. The Password station requires your User ID. Then, it will let the users reset their password.

What are Brookshires Careers?

Brookshire’s Grocery Company seems to develop day by day. Without a doubt, this grocery company attracts many people to join with. For the applicants, working at BGC is the best way to build their career. BGC careers are interesting since it offers many benefit packages for the employees.

As the example, BGC offers the medical, vision, and dental benefits for the eligible employees. Besides, BGC also offers the scholarship program for its staff. This way, BGC employees can continue their study. So, they can improve their education and skill. Furthermore, BGC also offers the employee Stock ownership plan.

Because of the benefits above, many people want to join BGC company. They believe that working at BGC is a good choice. Besides, BGC offers many positions. So, you have the wide range of job selections. For instance, you can choose BGC Careers in these following sections.

You can work at the stores, warehouse, pharmacy, manufacturing, and corporate. The samples of BGC jobs at the store are the associates, store manager, and cashier. If you like interacting with the customers, you have to apply for store career. But, if you like producing or making something, you can apply for manufacturing jobs. The last, BGC also offers the corporate jobs.

If you want to find out the list of jobs available at Brookshire’s Grocery Company, you can review the list below.

  • Retail store.

The BGC employees who work at the retail store serve as the company’s face. So, Brookshire’s always hires the friendly and self-motivated person. This way, they can serve the customers with a good attitude. If you are the customer-service oriented person, you have the higher chance to get hired.

Working at the BGC retailer store is fun. It is because you have the flexible schedule. It is because most retail employees are working part-time. The sample of job positions at the BGC retail store are the associates, courtesy clerk, cashier, and store manager.

  • Pharmacy.
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Pharmacy is the fast-growing department in BGC. In order to fulfill the need for employees, BGC employs the detail-oriented people. Besides, they have to be able to handle multi-tasking. The pharmacy employees must be able to build a good relationship with the customers.

Furthermore, the BGC pharmacists have to involve in the professional organization. So, they can give the financial reimbursement for this organization. The job positions in pharmacy are pharmacists, pharmacy clerk, pharmacy technicians.

  • Warehouse and Transportation.

The duties of the employees in this department are as the following. First, they have to receive the store merchandise. Then, they have to prepare the good shipment. Also, they should transport the merchandise to the BGC store.

The last, they are responsible for maintaining the equipment and fleet. In the warehouse & transportation department, safety is the main thing. BGC has the safety standard which can protect all employees in this department. The sample of job positions in this department is the driver and warehouse staff.

  • Facility Service.

The duties of the Facility Service employees are to design or re-model BGC store. To fulfill this job position, BGC looks for the people with following skills. For instance, BGC needs the people who are specialized in design, architecture, equipment repair, and energy management. Besides, it also employs the people with the basic construction skills. For example, this company needs the people with plumbing, electrical, painting, or roofing skill.

  • Corporate Office.

BGC Corporate Office is full of people with the different skills and talents. The corporate office consists of some departments. For instance, there are accounting, technology, marketing, advertising, human resources, and many more. If you like working at BGC office, you should apply for the position in the departments above.

From several job positions above, which one do you want to apply? Joining in BGC will not make you regret. BGC offers not only the employee benefits but also the competitive salary. So, you should prepare Brookshires application soon. Then, you can bring this application to BGC local store.

How to Apply for Brookshires Careers?

From several job positions at BGC mentioned above, which job are you interested in? But, you must realize that not all job positions are available. So, you have to check which position is open. In order to know the BGC job postings, you can view it on the website.

First of all, you should access Then, click on Careers at the bottom menu. In this menu, you can explore several sub-menus. One of them is job posting. When you click on Job Posting, BGC website will display the job positions available at the corporate office. Click on the job title to find out more about the BGC position. Then, you can apply for this BGC jobs online.

Unfortunately, BGC official site only posts the job vacancy in the corporate. So, if you want to know the job opportunities in the retail, you have to go to BGC local store near you. When you have decided the position to apply, you can send your application letter soon. Luckily, the BGC job application process is easy. You have four ways to apply for BGC jobs. Here are they.

  • Applying In-store.
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First, you can pick up the application form at the local Brookshire’s store. Then, you can fill out this form. Do not forget to state the position you want to apply for. Also, you have to include the supporting documents. For instance, you have to include your certificate, CV, photo, etc. After completing the application form, you can submit this application to the nearest Brookshire’s store.

  • Download the application.

Second, you can download Brookshire’s application form on its website. Then, fill out this employment form with the valid data. The next, you can return this form to Brookshire’s store. Besides, you also can send this application via mail. The address is Brookshire’s Grocery Company: HR Staffing, PO BOX 1411, Tyler, Texas 75710.

  • Send the online application.

The third, you can apply for the Brookshire’s job online. The application form is also available at After selecting Careers menu, you should select How to Apply. Then, you can view and complete the BGC Employment form.

This form consists of several sections. First, it requires your personal information. Then, state your interest. The next, express your availability. Also, complete the information about Work history and education. To complete this application form, you have to attach your resume and reference phone numbers.

  • Email your resume.

The last method to apply for the job at Brookshire’s is via email. You just need to send your resume to Brookshire’s. You can send it to [email protected] Make sure that you write down the job title in the subject line.

How to Contact Brookshire’s Customer Service?

Brookshire’s expects the feedback from its customers. This grocery retailer will be glad to hear the feedback or comments from the customers. So, if you have something to tell to Brookshire’s, you have to contact BGC Customer Service. Besides, you also can contact Brookshire’s Customer care when you have the questions or comments. Here is the contact list of Brookshire’s Grocery Company. Make sure that you call the correct phone number based on your need.

  • Customer Feedback.

If you want to tell about Brookshire’s shopping feedback, you can call 1 888 937 3776. Through this line, you can ask about the nutrition, products, or career as well. Brookshire’s always welcomes any suggestion, complaint, and comment from its customers.

  • Brookshire’s Alertline.

To contact the BGC Alertline, you can dial 1 800 932 5378. Besides, you also can visit

  • Brookshire’s benefits and payroll.

As Brookshire’s employees, you may want to check your payroll and benefits. Instead of visiting HR office, you can call 1 800 825 4536. This way, you can ask about the benefits you are eligible.

  • Retirement plan.

If you want to ask about 401K and ESOP information, you should call 1 888 313 4015. Besides, you also can visit

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