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Hello shopping lovers! Do you want to reference shopping from us? Alright, we will help you make a convenient shopping reference. Here we not only have a convenient store. Here you can benefit as a customer. Well, we will start with the Charlotte, North Carolina area. If you are a legal resident here, then we suggest you go to Belk Department Store. They sell household furniture, wedding items, clothing etc. If you want the full version, please open their official website in We have alluded to the benefits of shopping here. So buyers can use their receipts to take Belksurvey. This portal will help you approach luck.

Belk survey is their way to gather criticism or suggestions from you. They want to know the opinions and problems that you find in the store. If you use this survey portal, you have the opportunity to join Belk sweepstakes. Don’t worry about this problem. They have Belk Rewards which you can win. If you are lucky, soon you can get Belk Gift Cards worth $ 500. The way to enter the sweepstakes program is quite easy. You only need to complete a short online survey. Then you can complete the form for sweepstakes entry. We will not leave you without any preparation. So, keep reading our instructions for an easy survey.

belksurvey to win Belk gift card

Belk Department Store Profile

Well, what do you know about Belk Department Store? If you are not their customer, get the Belk Department Store profile in this section. Belk is a department store chain that was founded in 1888. This department store is located in Monroe, North Carolina. This business comes from the United States. William Henry Belk is the founder of this business. They sell a variety of items that you need.

You can buy clothes, accessories, shoes or wedding items. So they have been operating this store for 131 years. If they can maintain this business, then how many customers who believe in this business. Because buyers will return to the store if they feel comfortable. In 2014 they had 300 Department Store locations. Whereas in 2017 they have 25,000 staff. Don’t they have a good experience serving customers?

After knowing the profile of this department store, we hope you can easily complete survey questions. But your shopping experience is more important than anything. So, don’t throw away your receipts. Help Belk to live with your opinion through Belksurvey. We will support you with easy survey instructions. Happy reading!

Belk Survey and Sweeptakes Rules

Are you ready to follow the steps to complete Belksurvey? If you are ready, open your eyes to read Belk Survey and Sweepstakes Rules. Some people cannot take this survey. So, you need this review to find out your eligibility. If you want to read the rules page directly, you can load the site in your browser. But, you don’t need to experience this difficulty. We will summarize the sweepstakes program rules in a simple and easy way to understand. If you can’t wait to win Belk Rewards, read the rules below.

  1. Here you don’t need to make a transaction to win Belk Rewards. The number of transactions at Belk Department Store will not affect the drawing process.
  2. Who can take Belksurvey? Well, in this section you will find out. This rule will determine whether you have the right to take the survey. We hope you don’t try to ignore this rule. They can remove you from the sweepstakes list.
  • The Belk Survey is only open to legal residents from Columbia and the United States. At least you were 18 years old when you took the Belk Survey.
  • Staff cannot join Belk Sweeptakes. This regulation prohibits staff families from taking surveys or sweepstakes.
  • Sponsors or business partners do not have opportunities in this program.
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3. Belk Sweeptakes Rewards. After taking the survey, you are entitled to enter the draw. In the sweepstakes program they offer gift cards worth $ 500. What can you buy with this prize ?. If you can win this prize, you can read the rules of use.

  • You cannot exchange prizes for cash.
  • You can only use this gift card before the date of the date.
  • You cannot transfer gifts to other people.
  • The prize tax is the responsibility of the winner.

4. Other regulations.

  • They limit 1 entry per person from each method.
  • You only need less than 10 minutes to answer survey questions.

Belksurvey and Sweepstakes Preparations

Do you want to join Belk Sweepstakes? If you meet the requirements, now you only need to make preparations. Basically they don’t only have online surveys as an entry method. But, here we will discuss online survey preparation to help you. Besides giving ratings for store services, you can try your luck here. The preparation for conducting Belk Survey does not take long. If you are an online site user, you will understand the tools you need. Well, below are a few tips before taking online surveys.

  1. You need a receipt as the proof of transaction.

This online survey is part of the Belk Departments Store. If you want to give an opinion, you need a survey invitation. Here you need to complete the survey code column before answering the question. So, you need to come to Belk Department Store as a customer to get this receipt.

  1. Basic language skills.

Before using the survey portal, you need to know this language setting feature. They use English or Spanish as a portal language. Choose one of the two choices before starting the survey. If you have difficulties, you can get help from Google translate or other language dictionaries.

  1. Choose an easy survey tool.

Next, you need an online survey tool. We know computers, laptops, smartphones or tablets as online devices. But, you can choose a device that is easy and convenient. We recommend that you choose a computer or laptop before using other options. Both have a display that matches the survey portal.

  1. Get the best internet connection.

Here you can use wifi or other internet sources. But, a stable signal is one thing we recommend. If you want to complete the survey in a short time, you can use a stable signal. So the survey page can be ready and receive your answers quickly.

belk survey
belk survey steps

How to Take Belksurvey?

Hello readers! If you reach this stage, then we know that you meet the requirements and complete the preparation. Here we will help you complete the Belk Survey. Remember, Belksurvey is a portal to enter your satisfaction rating for their services. So what is important about this process? Yes right, your memory is the basis for answering their survey questions. You can open receipts to help your memory on the last visit. You can start with the product, price, issue or place of shopping. Well, if you are ready, let’s start completing this survey.

  1. Load Belksurvey portal.
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Complete the first stage with your browser and internet. You can use the address to open the survey portal. Enter the address in the search box of the browser. Click enter to open the survey portal.

  1. Read the sweepstakes rules first.

Visit the “Sweepstakes Rules” link at the bottom of the survey portal.

  1. Change Language Settings.

If you have difficulties with English, use the language settings. Select the espanol button to get the portal language change. If you have no problems with English, skip this step.

  1. Enter the 18 digit invitation code.

See the Belk receipt example to the right of the column. You need to look up the survey code on your own receipt. Then enter the code in the field provided. Click start to start the survey.

  1. Answer the Belk Survey question.

In this section you need to enter your opinion. Sometimes you need to answer multiple-choice questions. Then they can ask you to enter a satisfaction rating. Here you don’t need to be afraid of getting difficult questions. We have the list in the next section. Please answer honestly to help Belk.

  1. Fill in the identification questions.

They need information on gender, age and where you come from.

  1. Join the Sweepstakes Program.

Here you need to write an identity to enter an entry. Complete the name, address, telephone, and email fields correctly. This personal contact is a way to get notifications from the sweepstakes program committee. Check the statement box below the form. Then click the next button.

List of Belk Survey Questions

If you are curious about survey questions, below we have a leak. We hope you can make better preparations after knowing this list of questions. Happy reading.

  1. Give a rating for your satisfaction with Belk Department Store. (Rate 1 -5)
  2. Do you get a warm and friendly welcome to the checkout process? (Yes or No).
  3. Do you visit a restroom? (Yes or No).
  4. Do you use a fitting room? (Yes or No).
  5. Cleanliness of the fitting room. (Rate 1 -5).
  6. Hospitality from staff (Rate 1 -5).
  7. Store cleanliness (Rate 1 -5).
  8. Speed ​​of service at the cashier (Rate 1 -5).
  9. Restroom hygiene (Rate 1 -5).
  10. Availability of goods you need (Rate 1 -5).
  11. Ease of finding items that you need (Rate 1 -5).
  12. Give a description for each department (Did not shop / Shopped but did not Purchase / Purchased).
  13. Give the main reason you do not buy the item.
  14. Did you have a problem with the last visit? (Yes or No).
  15. Enter your favorite department.
  16. Give comments in the available column (1200 characters).

How to Search for Belk Near Me

Did your survey go smoothly? Well, one survey code can only be used for one survey. If you want to enter more entries, you need to make a transaction. Didn’t you get into trouble if you have to go to Belk far from home? Here we have a solution for you. Yes right, you need to get Belk Near Me. So you don’t need to waste more time going to Belk Department Store. You can choose one of 3 ways to get the closest location. Here you can use google maps, mobile apps or websites.

  1. Google Maps. First, use the location search box on Google Maps. Use the name “Belk” as a search keyword. Here you can use the directions feature to visit the store.
  2. Belk Official Website. If you want to use the store locator, visit the page. You need City, State and ZIP Code information to search. Click on the search results to read the Belk Department Store Near Me details.
  3. Belk Mobile App. Do you know if Belk has a mobile app? If you are a Belk customer, you need to download this application. They have some interesting features. You can get the nearest location instantly.
  • You can shop online easily. Choose your clothes and size easily.
  • Create a list of items that you like in this application.
  • Get attractive offers, coupons and promos from them.
  • Manage your prizes through this application.
  • You can checkout using the application.
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Belk Hours of Operation

After getting the closest location, you need to know the store and holiday hours. See the list below to make a planned visit to the Belk Department Store.

Belk Hours.

Day Opening Hours Closing Hours
Monday 7.00 am 10.00 pm
Tuesday 7.00 am 10.00 pm
Wednesday 7.00 am 10.00 pm
Thursday 7.00 am 10.00 pm
Friday 7.00 am 10.00 pm
Saturday 9.00 am 10.00 pm
Sunday 9.00 am 10.00 pm

Belk Holiday Hours

Holiday Open/Close Holiday Open/Close
New Year’s Day Open Labor Day Open
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (MLK Day) Open Columbus Day Open
Valentine’s Day Open Halloween Open
Presidents Day Open Veterans Day Open
Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday Open Thanksgiving Day Closed
St. Patrick’s Day Open Black Friday Open
Good Friday Open Christmas Day Closed
Easter Sunday Closed Christmas Eve Open
Easter Monday Open Day After Christmas (Dec. 26) Open
Cinco de Mayo Open New Year’s Eve Open
Mother’s Day Open Father’s Day Open
Memorial Day Open Independence Day (4th of July) Open

How to Contact Belk Customer Service

If you cannot use the survey portal, you still have hope. We have customer service information. You can report problems and make confirmation.

  1. Belk Customer Service Phone Number.
    • 1-800-669-6550
  2. Belk Customer Service Mailing Address.
    • 2801 West Tyvola Road, Charlotte, NC, 28217.
  3. Belk Customer Service Email Address.
  4. Belk Social Media.
    • Instagram: @belk.
    • Twitter: @belk.
    • Facebook: @Belk.

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