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Hello readers! Do you want to get an insurance program reference? Well, you read the right reviews. Here we have information from a popular insurance company in Florida. Do you know Brown & Brown? Yes right, they are insurance agents who can help you. if you use insurance services, then you can plan for the future. So they have various programs to solve your problem. If you are a customer of this insurance agent, do not hesitate to follow Bblistens. They have a sweepstakes program that you need to try. You don’t need to worry about the entry and survey process. We have the instructions here.

Bblistens survey is a portal for delivering feedback and ratings for Brown & Brown. You can help them get ideas for making changes. Then you can point out weaknesses in the service aspects of this agent. If you want to get a better experience, Bblistens survey solution. You will not lose anything after taking this survey. They have a sweepstakes program for BBListens survey portal users. If you win, they have a Free Kindle worth $ 250. Isn’t this an attractive offer? We will help you complete the survey preparation and process. If you are a new customer, you can read their profile below. Happy reading!

brown & brown survey portal at bblistens
brown & brown survey portal at bblistens

Brown & Brown Company Profile

Do you want to plan for the future? We hope you don’t forget to have insurance. You can get help for life, disaster or business. So, they will make savings to overcome your problem. Well, we have a reference to a popular insurance agent in Florida. We will begin with the history of the growth of this company.

  1. In 1939, Adrian Brown founded an insurance agent. Then he collaborated with his cousin Charles Cov Owen. From both of them was born Brown & Owen.
  2. In 1959, Adrian Brown’s business talent declined in his son. Yes right, he is the Hyatt. Hyatt finished school at the University of Florida. After graduating Hyatt helped Brown & Brown grow. This agent handles student accident insurance at the University of Florida.
  3. Then in 1993 this agent joined Poe & Associates. Both join in one name namely Brown & Brown Inc.
  4. Brown & Brown Insurance Agent today. Well, year after year they use the same foundation. They want to show uncompromising integrity for customers.

What can you get from this agent? Well, they have 4 basic help for you. If you want more information, go to the Brown & Brown official website through You can see a list of their services below.

  1. Personal Insurance Solutions.
  2. Business Solutions Service.
  3. National Programs Service.
  4. Brown Service Segment.

Bblistens Survey Rules

After getting to know this agent’s profile, you can read the survey rules section. On the first page of the survey you can see offers from Brown & Brown. You can join the sweepstakes program after completing the survey. Brown & brown survey offers a Free Kindle. Survey rules are almost the same as sweepstakes regulations. So we will discuss it in one segment. We hope you comply with these regulations. Because they can disqualify you if you make a violation. Don’t you not want legal problems in the future? So this survey and sweepstakes program only applies to eligible citizens. Do you want to open the complete survey rules section? Visit them through the survey portal.

  1. Eligibility Rules.
    • The BbListens Survey and sweepstakes are only open to legitimate residents of the United States.
    • Legal residents meet the minimum age limit. So this program is only open to residents aged 18 years or older.
    • Brown & Brown officials and staff are prohibited from participating in surveys and sweepstakes. This rule applies to sponsor teams and business partner members.
    • Legitimate residents of the Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands regions may not participate in sweepstakes.
  2. Sweepstakes period.
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They have been making sweepstakes programs since 2016 until now. If you use this opportunity, then you can win a free Kindle.

  1. Bblistens Sweepstakes Rewards.

In this section we will discuss gift sweepstakes. If you are lucky, they have a free Kindle worth $ 250. If you win, you need to comply with the rules below.

  • You cannot exchange gifts.
  • They limit one gift per family or household.
  • The sweepstakes program committee will take the winners randomly.
  • They will contact the winner after 10 days from the time of drawing.
  • You only have 15 days to confirm.
  • If you don’t make a confirmation, they can take another winner.
  1. Entry sweepstakes method.

Well, you have 2 ways to use the opportunity. First, you can do it through a customer satisfaction website. Second, you can use postcards to complete entry.

  • By Brown & Brown Survey. First, you can open the survey portal Here you only need to enter honest feedback on Brown & Brown. After completing this process, you can do the Sweepstakes process.
  • By post. If you don’t want to use surveys, then you can take this method. Here you need to have a postcard. Write your name and email on a postcard. You can send it to the address below.
  • 220 S. Ridgewood Ave. Daytona Beach FL 32114.
  • You only have one chance per person per email.

Bblistens Survey Preparations

Before you take the Bblistens Survey process, you can complete the preparation. We want your survey process to be smooth and comfortable. So you need to read this section. Here you need to fulfill 3 basic needs following the survey. First, use a computer device. Second, get a connection for your device. Third, choose the browser for the device. If you have all three, then you can take a survey. Here we only discuss preparation for entry through an online survey. If you use postcards, we hope you have no trouble making preparations. Because you only need to have stationery and postcards only. Well, let’s look at the list of survey process requirements below.

  1. Online Survey Toolkit.
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Here you need 3 survey tools. We will help you make a choice. read our advice below.

  • Choose a computer or laptop. We hope you have one of both. a computer or laptop is the ideal device for surveys. You can see the standard website survey view here. So you will not find difficulty reading survey orders. If you don’t have both, don’t worry about this problem. Smartphones can help your survey.
  • stable internet connection. Next connect the device to the internet network. Online surveys require a stable internet connection. If your signal is bad, then this fact can damage your survey. You need more time to complete the survey.
  • Get a browser for survey tools. Then you can only open survey ports through the browser. If you don’t have it, the device cannot find the website. You can choose a popular website to facilitate the survey process.
  1. Visit Information.

The survey phase requires detailed visit information. Before you go into survey questions, you need to have visit details. First, you need to know the state office you are visiting. Second, you need to know the name of the city. Third, you need to remember the location of the office that helps you.

  1. Personal Identity.

Next you need to enter your personal identity at the end of the survey. Here you can prepare a valid first name, last name and email. The committee will contact the entrant via email. You only have 15 days to confirm.

BBlistens Brown & Brown survey steps
BBlistens Brown & Brown survey steps

Brown & Brown Survey Steps

After completing the preparation phase, now you arrive at the survey process. Well, you can start by reading our instructions first. The online survey process is quite simple and easy for you. Because they only have simple and easy questions for you. So you only need less than 10 minutes to survey. Then you can complete the sweepstakes entry. Brown & Brown want to know their weaknesses. So you can help them get ideas. Here we hope you use honest opinions and feedback. If you have a problem, then you can tell it in this section. Are you ready to take the survey? See the steps below.

  1. Open the Bblistens survey portal.

First, you need to complete this stage. Find and open the official Bblistens survey portal. Enter in the search bar of your browser. They will help you land on the survey portal page. If you get into trouble, use the address. Click enter to start the search process.

  1. Complete the details of your visit.

On the first page you need to fill in several columns. Here they need the details of your visit. So you need to remember some information to get past the first page. See the steps below.

  • Select the state office you are visiting. Here they have 10 states to choose from. Click on the arrow to see the list of states.
  • Select the city office you are visiting.
  • Select the office location that you visit.
  • Click the arrow to enter the question page.
  1. Answer the Bblistens survey question.
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On this page you need to enter feedback. You need to make honest feedback for them. Your feedback can help Brown & Brown to grow. Here they can ask you to choose an answer. Then you can make a satisfaction rating. Finally, you can write a comment here. Let’s look at some of the questions you need to answer on the survey portal.

  • Choose the type of insurance offered for you.
  • Give your agent a general satisfaction rating.
  • Rate the knowledge of agent programs that help you.
  • Do they make an effective explanation for you?
  • Enter your identity. Here they need a name, title, phone, email and company name.
  1. Follow the sweepstakes program.

Here you can get a chance to win a free kindle. So you need to enter a valid name and email for sweepstakes entry. Congratulations, you have entered an entry. You only need to wait for the notification from the committee if you are lucky. Prepare yourself to enter other entries.

Brown & Brown Customer Service

Finally, we have another way to convey feedback to Brown & Brown. Here you do not need to take online surveys. You only need to have a Brown & Brown customer service list. So you can ask for help and make questions for them. Then you can use this information to submit a complaint. You can choose one of the following methods to contact Brown & Brown. Save this section to help you solve problems in the future.

  1. Brown & brown official website.

Here you can enter the official Brown & Brown portal. Visit them through Then select the contact us menu. Here you need to fill out a form to send feedback or questions.

  1. Brown & brown social media.

If you have social media, then you can use this method. Social media has a direct message feature. If you want loyalty program information, you can open their social media. See some of the list below.

  • Facebook: @brownbrowninsurance.
  • Twitter: @B_BInsurance.
  • Instagram: @bb_insurance.
  1. Store Locator.

Here you need to use the store locator feature to get Brown & Brown customer service. You can find this information through the location search process. You can open the official website through Then visit the find a solutions menu. On this page you can find the nearest office. Enter the ZIP Code or address to get the location. After this you can get phone numbers, office hours and location addresses. Basically they will be active Monday through Friday. You can come to the office from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm. If you don’t want to be disappointed, find the nearest location first.

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