Barneysfeedback – Win $250 Barneys Gift Card from Barneys Survey

Hello fashion lovers! We have one place that is suitable for luxury fashion fans. Well, here you will find fashion for male or female fashion. If you live in the United States, you need to get to know this popular fashion store. Yes right, Barneys New York Store is a great choice for your luxury fashion taste. Here they not only sell clothes, you can buy cosmetics or other accessories. The business that developed in the 90s, needs to keep up with the times. So, you can help this shop to survive and stay alive. What can you do? You only need to submit suggestions through Barneysfeedback.

Barneys feedback is a fast way to find out the opinions and ratings of store visitors. They sell clothes, accessories or cosmetics. These three items make changes every year. If they want to get your satisfaction, then the store needs to follow the buyer’s wishes. Here you can help them to complete the online survey. As a gift from Barneys, you can take Barneys Sweeptakes at the end of the survey. If you have an interest in this survey, we hope you will continue to read our instructions. Because you can get help and basic knowledge to complete the survey. What do you need to take the Barneys Survey? Let’s check this out.

barneysfeedback barneys survey
barneysfeedback barneys survey

Barneys New York Store Profile 

We arrive at the first part of the survey guide. Well, before you become part of the survey portal users, read their stories first. Here you can find out how Barneys New York started their business. So Barneys New York is a retailer of popular luxury fashion products. Here they have a different and striking style from the world’s top designers. Men and women can shop at this shop to get fashion dreams. Barneys operates stores in strategic areas of the United States. You can find their stores in New York, Las Vegas, Beverly Hills, Chicago, etc. Let’s look at Barneys business travel growing year after year.

  1. In 1923 Barney Pressman founded the discount clothing store business for men. He mortgaged his wife’s engagement ring to build a shop on a 500-foot plot of land. The first location chosen to start a business is Seventh Avenue and 17th street.
  2. In the 1960s Fred (Barney’s son) changed the concept of the store. He changed the concept of a discount store to a store with luxury products. Here Fred sells men’s clothing products in European style.
  3. In 1990 they opened stores throughout the United States. Then Barneys spread to Japan.
  4. In 2013 they launched the Barneys New York Holiday product. Here Barneys collaborated with Shawn Jay Z Carter to make products.

Barneysfeedback Survey and Sweeptakes Rules

If you have an interest in joining Barneys Feedback users, then this is the right time. The second part of this guide will review survey rules and lottery programs. Before you enter the entry list, find out your eligible from this guide. If you want the rules in the document version, you can get it through the survey portal.

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Visit the survey portal through Then click on the start button. On the next page you will find the survey rules link. This link can connect you to the document download process. But, you can get other conveniences in our instructions. Find out your eligibility instantly through the summary of survey rules below.

  1. Barneys Survey and Sweeptakes Eligibility Rules.
    • This survey only applies to legal residents of Washington D.C and the United States.
    • At least survey users are 18 years or older.
  2. Survey and Sweeptakes Period. You can use the opportunity of entry starting January 1, 2019. Then this period will end on December 31, 2019.
  3. Online Survey Methods. Here you have two ways to enter the draw. Yes right, you need to complete Barneys Feedback first. Or you can use a letter to enter the draw. So you need to visit the survey portal to answer a few questions. Then you can enter the entry after the survey question page. You need to fill in your identity (e-mail and telephone number) to enter the entry program.
    • You need to enter before 11:59 p.m.
    • One survey is only valid for one lottery entry.
    • Within 3 days you can only enter 1 lottery entry.
    • Purchasing a product in a store does not increase your chances of winning sweepstakes.
  4. Sweeptakes Entry Without Online Survey. Then you can use other methods to enter the draw. So you can use the letter to enter the draw. Write your name, address, ZIP Code and telephone number on a piece of paper. Then load the paper in an envelope. Don’t forget to write the subject on your envelope.
    • Entries must be received no later than 31 December 2019.
    • One envelope is only for one entry.
    • You can only enter 1 entry in 7 days of the survey period.
  5. Barneys Sweepstakes Rewards. What can you get from this lottery program? Well, you can get a $250 Gift Card. You can buy luxury products from Barneys with this gift card.
    • You cannot transfer gifts to other people.
    • Here you cannot redeem prizes in cash.
    • They have 12 Gift Cards in a one-year lottery period. Every month they will take one winner with a $ 250 gift card.
    • The prize tax is the responsibility of the winner.
  6. Winning Notifications.
    • The lottery program committee will contact the winner through the identity you submit. So you need to have a valid telephone number and email.
    • Your chances will increase if there are more entries.
    • They will cancel the victory if you do not confirm in 10 days. Then the committee will look for other winners who meet the requirements.

Barneys feedback Survey Preparations

After reading the second part, you can proceed to the survey preparation phase. Here we are sure you know some of the online survey tools. Online survey and login processes have the same device. Both need a computer and internet support to open a website. So here we will add some tips to get a standard survey device. If you follow our instructions, then you can complete the Barneys Survey easily. Are you impatient to complete the survey preparation? Okay, let’s see the tips for preparing the survey below.

  1. Use an easy survey tool.
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We do not limit you to choosing survey tools. But, we will review their strengths and weaknesses. We will start with laptops and computers. If you choose both, then you can easily read the website. Because this device comes with a standard website survey view. But, it will be quite troublesome if you need to carry this device. Second, you can choose a tablet or smartphone. Both are quite easy for you to carry anywhere. But, the screen display of this device is not suitable for survey portals.

  1. Popular browser.

Next you need to choose a browser to open the Barneys Survey portal. It will be easier for you to operate a popular browser in this process. Mozilla or crome are two examples of popular browsers in the world.

  1. Stable internet support.

You need to see some problems with your internet connection. Avoid the cause of the problem to get a stable connection. Here you need to know a few things that make internet signals unstable.

  • Problems from internet service providers.
  • Your data plan is entering a grace period.
  • Your location is far from internet sources.
  • Your device is not compatible to use internet services.
  1. Visit the nearest New York Barneys store.

Use the help from the store locator to get the closest store. Here you need to get a receipt from Barneys. If you get the closest location, then you can save time. Because they need a transaction number to start the survey.

  1. Prepare your valid identity.

Do you want to join Barneys Sweepstakes? If you have an interest in this section, prepare your identity. They need email, phone number, ZIP Code etc. At the end of the survey process, take part in the Barneys lottery program offer.

barneysfeedback survey
barneysfeedback survey

Barneysfeedback Survey Steps

Next you arrive at the Barneys Survey Steps section. Here we will help you take one survey step at a time. You will not have any difficulty completing this section. Well, we want you to do one thing. Yes right, open your memories when shopping at the Barneys Store. How do you feel about their products, places or staff? This memory is the key to answering the Barneys Survey question. Don’t worry about the survey questions. We will include a number of topics that you can think of before answering survey questions. Are you impatient in joining the lottery program? Let’s try the steps below.

  1. Load the official Barney Feedback survey portal.

First, open the popular browser on your device to search the website. You need to find the search box in the browser. Here you can enter keywords or addresses of the survey portal. Then enter the survey portal link below.

  1. Click on the start button to start the survey.
  2. Read the survey rules.

Next you need to know eligibility through survey rules. Click on the survey regulation document link. Here your device will be connected to the document download process.

  1. Enter your transaction number.
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Here you need to have a receipt from the store. Find the 4 digit transaction number on your receipt. On this page they ask you to enter the transaction number. If you are done with this section, click on the Next button.

  1. Answer the Barneys Feedback question.

Next you need to use the latest shopping experience to answer questions. Here they ask you to choose an answer or rank your satisfaction. You can use receipts to answer questions about your visit (time, date or number of transactions). Then they have several levels of satisfaction, choose your level of satisfaction. Below are a few things you need to remember to answer survey questions.

  • What is the condition of the shop you visited? (Cleanliness, general satisfaction, restroom etc).
  • How is the quality of the product in the store? (Price, product completeness and condition of items).
  • Staff in the shop. (Hospitality, product knowledge, advice, speed etc).
  1. Follow the Barneys Sweepstakes Program.

Here you need to fill in several fields to enter an entry. Is your identity ready? On this page, they need a first and last name, email and telephone number. Click next when you are done with this step.

Barneys Hours of Operation

In this section, we will help you use the store locator. Well, before visiting Barneys, you need to complete this process. So you need to find a location and get their store hours. Here you can get Barneys Hours on the store locator feature. You just need to follow a few easy steps below.

  1. Visit the Barneys Official Website at
  2. Click on the store locations link. Slide your device’s screen to the bottom of the website.
  3. Enter location search keywords. Here you can use the address, ZIP Code and City.
  4. Click on the view store detail button. Select the nearest store and open the detailed information. Here you can get various shop information including Barneys Hours.
  5. Click directions to get help for directions.

Well, if you don’t want to get into trouble, we can provide another solution for you. Read the list of Barneys Hours below.

Day Opening Hours Closing Hours
Monday 11.00 am 7.00 pm
Tuesday 11.00 am 7.00 pm
Wednesday 11.00 am 7.00 pm
Thursday 11.00 am 7.00 pm
Friday 11.00 am 7.00 pm
Saturday 11.00 am 7.00 pm
Sunday 11.00 am 6.00 pm

Barneys Customer Service

Are you having trouble shopping at Barneys? If you have a problem, they are open to accepting your suggestions and questions. Well, you don’t need to go through the survey process first. If your problem is urgent, you can use their Customer Service. Below we have several ways to stay connected with Barneys New York.

  1. Barneys Customer Service Phone Number.


  1. Barneys Customer Service Email Address.

  1. Barneys Customer Service Mailing Address.

Barneys New York

Attn. Website Customer Service

1201 Valley Brook Avenue

Lyndhurst, NJ 07071

  1. Barneys Social Media.
    • Facebook:
    • Twitter:
    • Pinterest:
    • Instagram:
    • Snapchat:

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