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Bring financial education to life in your classroom. Used by 70,000+ Australasian kids. 100% free to Primary & Intermediate schools.


Banqer is a financial education platform that provides a hands on environment for you and your students to engage with financial concepts in a safe and fun way

Banqer High

Banqer High is the real world financial education experience for secondary school students we’ve all been waiting for. The platform builds financial confidence in young adults by introducing them to and letting them explore financial concepts through an online simulation.


"Banqer has been such a simple way to introduce a classroom economy in my room. Throughout the week students keep track of their income using invoices and submit them to me for payment at the end of the week, there is not cutting and laminating required!

Banqer Capital is an active investor in the financial,strategic and operational sense. Your partner. Many people have good ideas or inventions but no idea how they can realize this in a successful business. Strategy. If you can make us believe in your plans, we will offer you the funds and tools to make it a successful business! …

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Hi, can you show me where to go so I can print a list of passwords for my class. I would rather have this than reset. Anna Clifton Room 7

Banqer Academy

Advice and answers from the Banqer Team. General tips & tricks. Here are a few support articles to get you off the ground and running with Banqer in your classroom. 20 articles in this collection Written by Micah Hocquard and Jess O'Flaherty. Managing student accounts.

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Hi Oriwa, I took a look at your account and I could see that there were a few term deposits that should have matured but hadn't. If payments fail to go out automatically it's often because a tricky b

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Hey Nina, if you get your student bankers to take a look at the top of the "make a payment" list with all the students theres a checkbox that says "individual amounts", this will let your bankers make

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If your last login attempt was prior to 11/01/2012, you will need to re-register your account. Click "Register" to complete the registration process. If you have logged in since 11/01/2012, you will need to reset your password before you can access your account. Click the "Forgot UserID or Password" link below for your password to be reset …

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