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Baja Fresh Survey is the online survey from Tex-Mex Restaurant, Baja Fresh. Founded in 1990, Baja Fresh keep developing its business to serve the delicious Texas and Mexican dish. In this restaurant, you can enjoy not only the tasty but also healthy menu.

As the example, you can order Burritos, Tacos, Baja Bowl, Salads, and kids menu. Baja Fresh has a business slogan Eat Well, Live Fresh. With this motto, Baja Fresh encourages the guests to eat the healthy food so that they can live freshly. Hence, this restaurant only uses the fresh ingredients. Then, the menu is processed by hand-made. So, this restaurant is the suitable place for the people who concern with their health.

With the commitment to provide the excellent menu and service, Baja Fresh can expand the business well. No doubt, it can operate in the US, Dubai, and Singapore. Nowadays, there are more than 250 chains of Baja Fresh. To achieve this success, Baja Fresh tries to maintain the guests’ loyalty.

This company is aware that the guests’ loyalty and satisfaction give the big impact to its business. When the customers get satisfied, they will be loyal and come back to this restaurant. Therefore, Baja Fresh always listens to the customers’ thought. By conducting Baja Fresh Survey, this restaurant can connect with its customers. It is because Baja Fresh can gauge the feedback after the guests have visited its restaurant.

Baja Fresh Survey

What are Baja Fresh Rules and Requirements?

If you often have lunch and dinner at Baja Fresh, you should take part in Baja Survey. This guest feedback survey does not only give you a chance to tell your dining feedback. But, it also can give you Baja Fresh Coupons. Every customer will be happy when they get the coupons. It is because they can purchase Baja Fresh menu with the more affordable price. This way, you can save your dining budget.

Before taking Baja Survey, you should notice what needs to prepare. So, you will be able to complete Baja Customer Survey easily. Furthermore, knowing Baja survey rules is also necessary. By reviewing the rules below, you will be able to know the eligibility of the customer satisfaction survey. Moreover, you can know the reward you can get by taking the survey. Provided below are the rules of Baja Fresh Guest Satisfaction Survey.

  • Baja Survey Participants.

All customers of Baja Fresh can participate in this restaurant survey. Make sure that you are at eighteen years of age or more to access this survey. If you are less than eighteen years old, you should ask your parents or other family members to take this survey for you.

Then, you must be the United States, legal residents. However, Baja Fresh employees are not allowed to involve in this survey. The family members of Baja Fresh staffs are also not eligible for this survey.

  • Baja Survey Requirements.

In fact, Baja Fresh Guest survey does not have the special requirements. Other surveys may require the purchase receipt. But, to access Baja Customer Survey, you do not need any receipt. Even though you lose your Baja Fresh receipt, you still can access this survey. However, you will not be able to get the survey reward. Baja Customer survey does not need a survey code to enter.

You just need to indicate Baja Fresh restaurant location and the date of visit. Furthermore, to support you in taking part in this survey, you should use a PC which is connected to the stable internet. When you lose the internet access during the survey completion, you will not be able to continue doing this survey. It means you lose the valuable chance to get Baja Fresh Rewards.

  • Baja Fresh Survey reward.

To appreciate the feedback from the customer, Baja Fresh will give a redemption code at the end of the survey. When this code appears at Baja survey page, you have to write it down on your receipt. Usually, every Baja Fresh receipt provides the special space to write this code.

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This is why Baja receipt is important. You may be able to take the survey without the receipt. But, you will not be able to redeem the validation code. It is because you must present the code along with Baja Fresh receipt to claim your reward.

You may be curious on the reward you can claim after taking Baja survey. You can see the bottom part of Baja Fresh receipt to find out what your reward is. Baja Fresh will give you $2 off coupon for your next visit. But, you must spend at least $8 to redeem this discount.

This offer will expire within 30 days after you take the survey. So, if you do not want to lose this Baja Fresh coupon, you have to redeem it as soon as possible. Luckily, you can redeem this discount coupon at any location of Baja Fresh restaurant.

How to Complete Baja Fresh Survey?

Have you dined at Baja Fresh restaurant recently? If you like enjoying the Tex-Mex dish, you may often go to Baja Fresh. It is because you can order the delicious yet healthy Mexican menu in this restaurant. Every time you visit Baja Fresh, you will have the unique experience. For instance, you may have the wonderful experience since your order is tasty and fast to serve.

In contrast, you may feel unpleasant since you get the bad service from Baja Survey staff. No matter the type of experience you had, Baja Fresh welcomes you to join its survey. Then, you can use this Baja Survey to convey your feedback. You can express your satisfaction or disappointment. The next, Baja Fresh will consider your feedback to provide the better service.

Taking part in Baja survey will not waste your precious time. It is so since this survey will take no longer than three minutes. The steps and instructions on every survey page are clear. So, will not find any difficulties in completing Baja Customer Survey. Just respond every question in the survey based on your experience.  Listed below are the simple steps to fill out Baja Fresh Guest Satisfaction Survey.

  • Visit Baja Fresh Survey Portal.

You can access the survey portal through two methods. First, you can directly type into your browser’s address bar. Second, you can write down the term Baja Survey on the search engine. Then, click on the link These two links refer to the same survey website. Do not forget to enable Cookies to increase your experience when you access this website.

  • Indicate Baja Fresh location.

You have two options to specify the location of Baja Fresh restaurant you visit. First, you can enter the store location number. See the top part of Baja Fresh receipt to find out this store number. Besides, you also can select Baja Fresh location by using the menu list.

In this case, you need to select the state as well as the location of the restaurant. Just choose the state from the drop-down lists. Then, if the survey page displays some locations, you have to select one of the stores which you have just visited.

  • Select the date of visit.

The next, state when you came to Baja Fresh restaurant. Click on the small picture of the calendar to select the date. Also, you need to tell the time when you visited Baja Fresh. You do not need to write the exact hour and minute. Just select the range of time you visited this restaurant. Perhaps, you went there before 2 pm, between 2 pm – 5 pm, or after 8 pm.

  • Answer the questionnaire.

After mentioning the date and time, you can continue answering Baja Fresh questionnaire. These questions include your dining experience, menu, customer service, and the staffs’ performance. Besides, Baja Fresh also allows you to leave some comments.

Baja Survey does not limit the number of words you use to explain your comment or suggestion. So, you can write everything comes in your mind. But, this comment section is optional. If you do not want to write anything, you can skip this step.

  • Join Club Baja.
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Baja Fresh offers you to join its club. By registering this club member, you will receive the information related to Baja Fresh. For instance, you will be informed about the special offers at this restaurant. To sign up Baja Club, you have to provide your email address. Then, you should write your first and the last name as well. For the first registration, you can get a free Taco from Club Baja.

  • Write Baja Fresh Redemption code.

At the end of Baja Customer Survey, the screen will display the redemption code. Then, you have to write this Baja Fresh coupon code on your receipt. In your next visit, you have to bring this receipt and present it to Baja Fresh staff. The next, you can get $2 discount when you purchase the meal at least $8. Make sure you claim this discount within 30 days.

What are the Questions at Baja Survey?

Baja Customer Survey only contains the questions which are relevant to your visit. It is because this survey aims to identify how well the service according to the guests. So, most of the questionnaires will be about the details of your visit.

You will get the questions about the quality of Baja Fresh menus. Besides, there will be the questions to rate the performance of Baja Fresh employee. Since the questions are so simple, you will need no more than three minutes to answer all of them. These are the samples of Baja survey questions.

  • The details of your visit.

Baja Fresh wants to observe the visit details you had in its restaurant. First, tell them how you have dined. Only two options are available. Just select Dine In or Take Out. Then, mention the frequency you visit Baja Fresh in a month. You can say that it was your first visit.

Besides, you also can select the frequency 1-2 times, 3-4 times, or more than four times. The next, state whether Baja Fresh staff greeted you promptly. But, you have to consider the volume of the customers before you answer this question.

  • The items you ordered.

After that, you can select Baja Fresh menu item which you ordered for yourself. You only can select one menu. So, choose the item which you think the best menu. As the example, you can choose Taco, Burrito, Quesadilla, Salad, Fajitas, Taquitos, or Kid’s item.

The next, indicate how long you waited to receive the food you ordered. The options are 5 minutes or less, 5-10 minutes, or more than 5 minutes. The last, state whether you received the food exactly as you have ordered.

  • Overall satisfaction.

Baja Fresh would like to know the overall review you give for their service and menu. So, from the Likert Scale available, you can select number 1 up to 5. Number 1 is for poor service. Besides, if you choose 5, it means that you admit that Baja Fresh is the excellent restaurant.

  • Satisfaction with the certain areas.

Then, Baja Survey requires you to rate the specific areas. First, give your review about the overall service which you received. Also, rate the quality of the meal and the overall value you get. The next, rate the staffs’ service speed, friendliness, and their knowledge about the menu. The last, share your opinion about the cleanliness of Baja Fresh restaurant.

  • Revisit and Recommend.

Based on the dining experience at Baja Fresh, state your likeliness to visit Baja Fresh next time. Also, indicate how likely you are to recommend Baja Fresh to your friends. If you had a happy moment at Baja Fresh, there is no reason not to revisit and recommend this restaurant.

  • Comment.

Baja Customer Survey provides a comment section for the survey takers. But, you can prefer to comment or continue the survey without writing the comment. If you agree writing the comment, you have the chance to write down your opinion, suggestion, or complaint. Baja Fresh will not limit the length of your response. So you can write anything in this field. But, you should be brief so that Baja Fresh can understand what you want to convey.

  • Statistical questions.
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The last, you should respond some demographic questionnaire. First, indicate your gender. Also, select the range of age. The last, choose the average of household income you earn in a year. However, these questions are optional. If you do not want to answer it, simply select Prefer Not to Answer.

How to Contact Baja Customer Service?

When you need some info about Baja Fresh, you should go to its official website. Visit to gain much useful information about this Mexican restaurant. By accessing, you can explore Baja Fresh Menu Prices, Baja Fresh careers, and Baja Club. You can sign up this Baja Fresh Club to get the updated info and special offers from this restaurant. Besides, signing up Club Baja enables you to get free Taco as a reward.

However, if Baja Fresh website does not contain the info you need, you should contact Baja Customer Support. This way, you can ask your question as well as share your feedback. Here are four methods to reach Baja Survey Customer Care.

  • By phone.

To get the fast response from Baja Fresh staff, you can call Baja Customer Relations. Just dial 1 866 452 4252 to speak up with Baja Fresh staff. They will assist and give solution for your issue related to this restaurant.

  • By mail.

Also, you can reach Baja Fresh by writing a letter. Send your letter to Baja Fresh Corporate Office, 9311 E Via De Ventura, Scottsdale, AZ 85258.

  • By email.

Baja Fresh also allows the customers to contact them via email. So, you can email your questions, feedback, or suggestion. Then send your email to [email protected].

  • Contact Form.

The last option to get in touch with Baja Fresh is by using the contact form. You can find this form at You can use this online card to submit the general feedback about Baja Fresh. But, if you want to share the store feedback, it is better to contact your local store directly. Here is the guideline to fill out this form.

  1. Visit

Focus on the menu bar at the top of Baja Fresh website. Here, you will find Contact Us option. Click this menu to bring you to Baja Fresh Contact section. You will be directed to the new page containing the list of Baja Fresh Contacts. For instance, you can find out Customer feedback link, Club Baja questions link, Local store of Baja Fresh, and the corporate office details.

2. Select General Feedback.

The customer feedback consists of two options. They are general feedback and store feedback. When you select store feedback, you have to enter your location. Then, this site will show the details of Baja Fresh restaurant near you. You can know the phone number of Baja Fresh restaurant from this detail. But, if you select General Feedback, the site will display an online feedback form.

  1. Enter your personal data.

To provide the general feedback about Baja Fresh, you should enter some of your info. For instance, write down your name, city, state or province, zip code, and country. Also, you should provide the contact details such as email and phone number.

  1. Select the feedback type.

Please specify the topic you will review. As the example, you can choose Cleanliness, eClub, compliment, or Baja Fresh Gift Cards. Also, you can give the feedback about health & nutrition, product & service issue, or suggestion.

  1. Write your message.

You can provide the comment up to 250 words. So, be as brief as possible. After writing the message, you should enter the captcha code. The next, click on the Submit button.

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