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Hello beach lovers! We have restaurant references that are suitable for your hobby. If you like going to the beach, you need to try tropical food and drinks. Here you can find the exotic atmosphere and tropical menus from Bahama Breeze Restaurant. If you want to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and live music, Bahama Breeze is the right solution. Well, you not only have delicious food. Here you can win prizes from the BahamaBreezeSurvey process. No matter you are a new or old customer, you need to try this survey portal. Help Bahama Breeze find out their mistakes and shortcomings. Your suggestion can be an idea for positive business growth.

Bahamabreezesurvey is a survey portal to receive feedback from restaurant customers. Here you can make complaints and ratings for service in the restaurant. You will not regret using this opportunity. Because they have a sweepstakes program waiting for you at the end of the survey process. What can you win from this sweepstakes program? Well guys, if you are lucky they have $ 50 USD in cash for you. This gift will help your shopping money. If you want to get cash, don’t miss the Bahama Breeze survey process. You will not alone complete surveys and sweepstakes entries. Our instructions will help you start the initial steps until the process ends. Good luck.

bahama breeze survey steps at
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Bahama Breeze Restaurant Profile

Before we enter the survey rules section, let’s read a brief review of the Bahama Breeze profile. If you like beaches, you will be familiar with tropical food and drinks. If you are looking for a tropical restaurant, we hope you don’t forget to try Bahama Breeze. They are a restaurant chain that sells seafood, tropical drinks and steaks. The Caribbean is the inspiration for this restaurant. Well, if you want to get to know Bahama Breeze, then you can’t get away from Darden Restaurant. So Darden Restaurant is a holding company that operates Bahama Breeze. In addition to this restaurant, Darden has 5 other restaurants. So Bahama Breeze has the concept of casual dining.

What can you buy at this tropical restaurant? They take the Caribbean as an inspirational menu in the restaurant. Here you can order handmade tropical drinks. If you open their official website, you can explore the restaurant menu. You can open it through So Bahama Breeze has 11 menu categories and Bahama breeze specials menu for you to try. You can order salads, steaks, seafood, burgers etc. If you want to order a drink, try five handmade tropical mojito cocktails. Then you can get a recipe from Bahama Breeze. Visit at night if you want to listen to live music. They invited musicians to entertain customers of Bahama Breeze. Musicians will play contemporary songs for you. Then feel the lively and friendly energy around you.

Bahama Breeze Sweepstakes Official Rules

What do you need to know before the survey? Yes right, you need to know the rules of the survey or sweepstakes. Here they have a link to open the rules through the survey portal. Visit the survey portal using your device’s browser. Use the Bahamas breeze survey keyword to find the survey portal. Then click on “official sweepstakes rules, click here”. Next you will land on the Bahama Breeze Survey Sweepstakes rules page. If you don’t want to spend time on this process, use another method. You only need to read our review below. We will summarize these rules for easy surveys and sweepstakes. After knowing your eligibility, we hope you do not make any violations.

  1. This program does not require purchases and payments to win the draw. The number of your sweepstakes entries can determine the chances of winning the program.
  2. Bahama Breeze Sweepstakes only applies to the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Guam. If you are not a legal resident in this country, withdraw from the sweepstakes entry process.
  3. prohibition on entering the sweepstakes programs applies to parties involved in work relations with Bahama Breeze. (staff, managers, officers, business partners and team sponsors).
  4. Family members and people who live in the same house with staff, cannot enter the draw.
  5. Entry period. If you are interested in using this opportunity, then see the list of entry periods. They will receive your sweepstakes entry from November 25, 2019. Then this period ends on February 23, 2020. So you only have 3 periods to enter the draw.
  6. Entry Sweepstakes Method. On the rules page, they mention two methods for entering the draw. Use online surveys or letters to enter the draw. If you need an explanation, read our review below.
    • Enter Online. If you want to enter the sweepstakes online, then you need to do a survey. Visit the Bahamian Breeze Survey official portal first. Next, you can answer a short survey about your satisfaction and visit. The survey process requires a survey code on the Bahama Breeze receipt.
    • Enter by Mail. Furthermore, you can enter the draw without going through a survey. Here they can receive sweepstakes entries by mail. Write a personal identity on a piece of paper. They need your name, telephone, address and age. Then put your letter in an envelope. Send your sweepstakes entry through the address below.
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Guest Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes,

PMI Station,

PO Box 3536,


CT 06488-3536 USA.

  1. Sweepstakes Reward. We know you are waiting for this part. Yes right, who doesn’t want to win cash? So Bahama Breeze creates opportunities for you. Get cash from this sweepstakes process.
    • Bahama Breeze has 1 Grand Prize for the winner. If you are lucky, you can bring home cash worth $ 1000 USD. They will give prizes in the form of a check.
    • If you have not been lucky, they have 100 second prizes. You can get cash worth $ 50 USD.
    • So the total prize pool for the whole sweepstakes period is $ 6000 USD.
    • The committee will contact you by postal mail, email and telephone.
    • Legitimate citizens of Canada need to answer math problems to get this prize. You may not use mechanical devices to do math problems.

Bahama Breeze Survey Preparations

After learning about survey eligibility and sweepstakes, you need to read the survey preparation section. Here you can use 2 ways to enter sweepstakes. But, we only discuss preparations on the Bahama Breeze Survey method. If you enter by mail, you can prepare paper, envelopes and stationery. Well, online survey preparation is no different from the login or browsing process. All three need a device, internet and a search engine. If you want to use standard tools, follow our advice below. We will help you make a judgment.

  1. Computer or smartphone? Well, you can choose both tools for the survey process. But, in this process we prefer computers over smartphones. Because the survey portal design is compatible with computers and laptops. So you can’t see the standard look of the survey portal through a smartphone. We don’t want you to make mistakes because of uncomfortable devices.
  2. Internet connection. How to get a stable connection is quite easy. First, you need to fill in the internet quota first. If your data plan is low, the internet connection will be interrupted. Second, you need to approach the source of the internet connection. If you are out of range, the device will have difficulty catching the signal.
  3. Choose a search engine. If you want to open a survey portal, you can use a browser. The search engine will work if you have an internet connection and keywords. Well, in the previous review we discussed internet connection. Next, you need search keywords. You can use the Bahama Breeze Survey as a keyword.
  4. Bahama Breeze receipt. The next online survey need is restaurant receipt. You can look for the nearest Bahama Breeze to get a receipt. If you have the closest location, you don’t need to go far to get a receipt. Save your time through this method.
  5. Your bio. Next, you need to have personal information to follow sweepstakes. Prepare your name, email, telephone number and address. We want you to use valid information for this problem. Because if you are lucky, the committee only relies on your personal identity.
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Bahama Breeze Survey steps at bahamabreezesurvey
Bahama Breeze Survey steps at bahamabreezesurvey

Bahama Breeze Survey Steps

After making preparations, you can start the survey process. You can enter sweepstakes after completing survey questions. If you don’t have the experience, you can rely on our instructions. Our instructions have several easy steps to take surveys. Your last experience eating at Bahama Breeze can help the survey process. Because survey questions will discuss your experience of enjoying service in a restaurant. If you can’t wait to enter the sweepstakes program, follow the survey steps below.

  1. Visit the Bahama Breeze Survey portal.

Here you can use keywords or survey portal addresses. If you use keywords, then you can choose Bahama Breeze Survey. While the address of the survey portal is Open your search engine to find the survey portal page.

  1. Select the language for your survey portal.

Click on the “haga clic aqui” link to choose Spanish. If you do not find difficulties, you can skip this process.

  1. Enter your receipt ID Code.

On the first page, you need to fill in several ID Code fields. Find your code through a receipt. Get help from the receipt image to the left of the column. Click on the picture to see a sample receipt. This code can only be used for one survey. Click enter to enter the next page.

  1. Answer the Bahamabreezesurvey question.

Here you need to remember your experience of eating at a restaurant last time. So you can choose an answer, fill in the comments column or make a rating. If you are curious about survey questions, read the next section.

  1. Answer the classification question.
    • Number of people were in your party.
    • How many children are less than 12 years old in your party.
  2. Follow Bahama Breeze Sweepstakes.
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Click yes to the question “do you want to follow sweepstakes?”. Then click next. Here you need to fill in your name, address, city, state, ZIP Code, Phone number and email fields. Click next to end the sweepstakes entry process.

Bahama Breeze Survey Questions

  1. What is your purpose for going to Bahama Breeze? (Lunch, dinner, other, appettizer).
  2. Where is your seat? (dining room, bar, other, deck).
  3. Your general satisfaction with Bahama Breeze. (Rate 1-5)
  4. Staff greeting you prompty. (Rate 1-5).
  5. Staff being friendly. (Rate 1-5).
  6. How long do you wait for dining room seating?
  7. How promply did a waiter arrive at your dining table ?.
  8. Rate the server. (Rate 1-5).
  9. Give ratings for their food. Here you can remember portions, temperature, appearance and taste. (Rate 1-5).
  10. Do we present what you want? (Yes or No).
  11. Give a rating for the cleanliness and comfort of the restaurant. (Rate 1-5).
  12. Do you have problems at the restaurant? (yes or no).
  13. Give your satisfaction rating on the menu variations. (Rate 1-5).
  14. Enter feedback in the comments field.
  15. Enter the amount of your receipt.

Bahama Breeze hours

Before you go to Bahama Breeze, you need to know the operating hours of this restaurant. We don’t want you to be disappointed because of store hours. If you go to a restaurant, make a list of Bahamian wind hours below.

Day Opening Hours Closing Hours
Monday 11.00 am 10.00 pm
Tuesday 11.00 am 10.00 pm
Wednesday 11.00 am 10.00 pm
Thursday 11.00 am 10.00 pm
Friday 11.00 am 11.00 pm
Saturday 11.00 am 11.00 pm
Sunday 11.00 am 10.00 pm

Bahama Breeze Customer Service

After going through the survey process, we have other assistance for you. Here you can submit feedback without the survey process. Then you can make confirmation for store hours or problems at the restaurant. Yes right, you can use their customer service.

  1. Bahama Breeze Customer Service Phone Number.


  1. Bahama Breeze Customer Service Mailing Address.

Bahamas Breeze

1000 Darden Center Drive Orlando,

FL 32837

  1. Bahama Breeze Social Media
    • Facebook: @BahamaBreeze.
    • Twitter: @BahamaBreeze.
    • Instagram: @bahamabreezeislandgrille.
    • Pinterest: Bahama Breeze.

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