Awcares – Get A&W Coupon from A&W Survey

Who are the fans of A&W Root Beer? If you like this beverage, you must often visit A&W restaurant. Do you have a A&W receipt with you? Then, you are lucky! If you still save a receipt from A&W restaurant, you will have a chance to get a reward. But, you should take part in AWcares Survey first. By completing A&W survey questions, you will get a validation code as a reward.

A&W has created AWcares survey platform to measure the satisfaction level of its customers. If customers feel satisfied, it means A&Ws is successful to give great services and menus to the customers. But if the survey shows the different result, A&Ws will find a way to make betterment. Besides, it will be awful to hear that customers do not feel satisfied during their visit to the restaurants. That is why A&Ws holds AWcares to find out which restaurant aspects that need improvement. And to appreciate customers’ feedbacks, AWcares has prepared a coupon for the survey takers.

You can scroll down this page to find out the rules and guideline to take part in A&W Cares Survey. This way, you will be ready to complete the survey. Besides, you can search for other details related to A&W restaurant. For instance, you can check A&W store hours and customer service information. Happy reading.

A&W survey portal at
A&W survey portal at

A&W Restaurant Profile

A&W is a fast-food restaurant chain that is popular for its root beer. This restaurant was established in 1923 by Roy W Allen. The first restaurant was built in Sacramento, California. But, Now, A&W is headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky, US. Previously, A&W restaurant is owned by Yum! Brands. But, since 2011, this restaurant has been owned by The Great American Brand LLC.

At present, A&W restaurant has more than 1100 chains worldwide. The best menu items from this restaurant are hamburger, hot dogs, cheese curd, fried chicken, and root beer. If you want to search for the detailed information related to this restaurant, you can access its official website at

A&W Survey Rules

Before taking AWCares survey, you have to review the rules below. So, you can check whether you are eligible for this survey. Also, you can check the details of the survey such as the method, reward, and limitation. Check this out.

  1. Survey Eligibility.

All customers of A&W can take part in this survey as long as they have A&W receipt. Besides, they should be at least 18 years of age when they take this survey. All A&W employees and their family members are not allowed to participate in this survey program.

  1. Survey limitation.
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Make sure that you take this survey soon after visiting A&W. It is because the survey code is usually valid for 7 days. Besides, you only can take part in this survey once a week. A&W limits one entry per person per week.

  1. Survey reward.

To thank your participation and feedback, A&W rewards you a A&W coupon code. Once you submit A&W feedback survey, the coupon code will appear on the screen. This A&W coupon code is redeemable with the special gift printed on your receipt. The survey reward can be a freebie or a discount.

  1. How to Redeem the coupon.

There are some rules to redeem A&W coupon you get from this survey. Check the points below before you redeem your coupon code.

  • A&W coupon code is redeemable for a freebie or discount depending on the special offer printed on the receipt.
  • A&W coupon code is valid within 30 days of taking the survey.
  • This coupon cannot be combined with other A&W promos.
  • Present the A&W receipt along with the code to redeem the reward.

AWcares Survey  Preparation

The prerequisites to join take part in A&W survey are easy to find. You can get most of the prerequisites around you. If you can prepare all the things needed for AWcares, you will be able to take part in it without difficulties. At the end of this survey, you will get a validation code for A&Ws coupons. Well, here are what you can prepare before you start AWcares.

  1. A receipt

Your receipt is very important. You will need this to find the details required to start A&W guest satisfaction survey. For instance, you need to enter A&W store number, date and time of visit.

  1. A device

For the device, you can use the most convenient one for you. It can be a smartphone, a laptop, a tablet, or a personal computer.

  1. The internet connection

The quality of your internet connection will affect the time you will take for this survey. Be certain your internet connection is fast and stable.

  1. English ability

This survey page will appear in English. You will not be able to use another language here. But, it will not be a big problem. You will have to use your basic English to take this survey.

  1. A pen

You will need a writing tool to write the validation code. You can use a pen here. If you do not have a pen, you can use a marker or a pencil.

A&W survey steps at AWcares survey portal
A&W survey steps at AWcares survey portal

AWcares Survey Steps

Now that you have got all the prerequisites, you can begin A&Ws survey. You do not have to worry this survey will take up too much of your time. You can finish it in less than 10 minutes as long as you do not have technical difficulties. Thus, you got to prepare everything very well. For example, make sure you have installed a compatible browser in your device. Or else, you have connected your device to the internet. If all those things are ready, you can do the following instructions. Let us do it!

  • Step 1. Go to A&W Survey portal.
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The first step that you should make is to visit This is the official survey page of A&W guest survey. You should go to this page first before you start the survey.

  • Step 2. Enter A&W Store number.

The second step is to enter the store number. This code consists of 5 digits. You can locate them on the top part of your receipt. Make sure the digits you enter are correct. If they are correct, you will be able to unlock the question pages of AWcares. But if there is a wrong digit, it is not possible for you to reach the question page. Then, you may click the Next button if you are ready.

  • Step 3. Answer AWcares questions

The third step is to answer the questions. The questions will need you to recall about your latest visit to A&Ws restaurants. Here is a little bit review of AWcares questions:

  • your visit time,
  • satisfaction level in general about A&Ws
  • friendly team members,
  • the speed of service,
  • easy payment process,
  • menu items,
  • the price you have paid,
  • your plan to return and recommend this A&Ws restaurant,
  • and so on.
  • Step 4. Write down the validation code

You will get a validation code if you have completed all AWcares questions. Do not take a long time to take your pen and write the validation code on your receipt. This validation code serves as A&W coupon. Then, you can bring your A&Ws coupon to redeem it with a prize printed on your receipt. Remember, the date on the receipt will determine the expired date. So, you have 30 days before it is too late to redeem your coupon.

A&W Restaurant Hours

Do you want to enjoy American fast-food such a hamburger and fried chicken? You can visit A&W restaurant. But, before going to this restaurant, you have to check A&W restaurant hours. So, you will know what time this restaurant is open and closed. The table below shows A&W hours of operation in general.

Days A&W Hours
Monday 10 AM – 10 PM
Tuesday 10 AM – 10 PM
Wednesday 10 AM – 10 PM
Thursday 10 AM – 10 PM
Friday 10 AM – 11 PM
Saturday 10 AM – 11 PM
Sunday 10 AM – 10 PM
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The table above presents that from Sunday to Thursday, A&W is open at 10 AM and closed at 10 PM. Besides, on weekends, A&W is open at 10 AM and closed at 11 PM. But, this store hour may vary by location. So, every A&W chain may have different restaurant hours. You can check the restaurant hour of A&W location near you at A&W website. Besides, you also can call the local A&W customer service to ask for the information about restaurant hours.

A&W Customer Service

Even the best brand can make mistakes at times. We have to be fair in this matter. Thus, A&W facilitate customers with some ways to contact A&W customer service. Customers can inform the customer service representatives about the problems. Customers can tell about their feedbacks as well. The representatives are also welcome if customers have inquiries related to A&W. Well, here is what customers can do to reach A&W customer service representatives.

  • By website

You can reach the customer service representatives via website. Of course, you should be online to do this way. You just have to begin it at Then, you can submit your feedback by providing your contact information and write down your message.

  • By phone

The customer service representatives of A&Ws are available at (859) 219-0019. You can contact them in case the problems you are facing are urgent. Besides, you feel you will not be able to solve these problems by yourself.

  • By mailing

Moreover, customers can reach A&Ws via postal mailing. There can be various purposes to send postal mailing to A&Ws headquarters. People can inform about their feedbacks as specific as they can. Or else, people can start making business partnership through their letters. And many more purposes are possible. Well, if you are one of those people who are eager to send your letters to the headquarters of A&Ws, you can use the following address:

1648 McGrathiana Parkway

Suite 380

Lexington, KY 40511


  • By social media

Social media always brings benefits if we know the proper ways to use it. This includes the usage of social media platform for business world like this. Thus, it will be very easy for customers to tell their feedbacks and experiences through this platform. Besides, customers can follow the social media accounts of A&Ws to get the newest offers. You can find A&W restaurant account on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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