Autozonecares – Win Autozone Rewards $5000 from AutoZone Survey

Hello car lovers! Do you have a favorite car? Here we have a parts shop reference for you. If the components of your car are damaged, then you can come to this shop. Yes right, you need to visit the AutoZone Shop. They are a popular parts retailer from the United States. Here we have good news for AutoZone store customers. So you can find out products and prices from this parts store. Then you can follow Autozonecares to help the store grow positively. What can you do for AutoZone? Well, you can give feedback through their survey portal.

Autozone Survey is an easy way to get opinions and feedback from customers. Here we will guide you to answer survey questions. We will start with the preparation process first. After that, you can take the survey step comfortably. Well, Autozone Rewards is waiting for you at the end of the survey process. At the end of the survey, they make an offer for you. Yes right, you can follow Autozone sweepstakes on the same portal. If you are enthusiastic about this news, don’t hesitate to try it. Perform your survey comfortably through our instructions. Because we will not let you go without help. So are you still afraid to use this opportunity? Let’s try together.

autozonecares autozone survey
autozonecares autozone survey

AutoZone Store Profile

Before choosing a store, you need to know how they operate. Well, here you will find out some facts from the AutoZone store. After this you will be ready to use the survey stage. So this business was founded 40 years ago. Yes right, they started serving customers in 1979. Here they chose Forrest City, Arkansas as the first location for AutoZone. AutoZone is the largest and most popular parts retailer store in the United States. Not only do they have spare parts, you can find aftermarket automotive accessories here. The owner of this business idea is named Pitt Hyde. Well, you can find their headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee, US. Below you can read a few quick facts from the AutoZone business.

  1. In 2017 they have more than 87,000 staff.
  2. AutoZone serves 5 regions. You can find this store in the United States, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Mexico and U.S Virgin Island.
  3. The number of AutoZone stores in the region is 6,003 locations.
  4. If you make an order, they will send the product within 2 business days. Then special orders take longer. You can get it within 3 to 5 working days.
  5. You can shop online through Well, you don’t need to spend time going to the store.

AutoZone Sweeptakes and Survey Rules

Before you win a reward from AutoZone, read the survey and sweepstakes rules below. Well, they only open surveys and sweepstakes for qualified customers. So, you need to read this regulation through the survey portal. You can visit to reach this rule. Then open the “Official Rules of the Sweeptakes” link. Here your device will download the document directly. However, you don’t need to go from these instructions. We have everything you need for Autozonecares. Well, read the survey rules below. We hope you do not violate the rules below. otherwise, you will deal with legal problems.

  1. AutoZone Sweeptakes Eligibility Rules.
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First, let’s see if you are eligible to use this portal. Open the regulatory document on your device. Or you can read instantly below.

  • The number of product purchases does not increase the chances of winning the AutoZone Survey and Draw.
  • These surveys and sweepstakes are only valid for legal residents of Puerto Rico, 50 United States and Columbia. If you are not from the three, then do not take part in this survey.
  • Legal residents can only take surveys and draw if they are 21 years of age or older.
  • The survey and sweepstakes ban apply to staff, sponsors, vendors etc. If you are a family member of staff, you cannot enter this sweepstake.
  1. AutoZone Sweepstakes and Survey Methods.

Here we have 2 ways to survey. Then you can use 3 ways to enter the draw. Well, let’s see some ways to take surveys and sweepstakes below.

  • Online method. Here you need Store Purchase. You can find the survey code and in this section, you can use the survey portal. Visit the page. Then you can enter the invitation code from the AutoZone store receipt. After answering survey questions, follow the sweepstakes program.
  • Telephone Method. If you have a survey code, you can take a survey by telephone. Call 1-800-598-8943 through your smartphone. Then the recording will guide you to complete the survey. Here they will ask you to mention the reference number. Finally, you need to enter your identity to take the AutoZone Sweepstakes program.
  • Enter by Mail. Finally, you can use the letters to enter the draw. If you don’t have a store receipt, then you can send the sweepstakes by mail. Here you can only enter the draw. So you can only take surveys if you have a store receipt. This means you can only take surveys through online and telephone methods. But you can enter the draw through these three methods.
  1. Winner Announcement.

Basically they will make an announcement through the official survey portal. Will the winner be contacted privately? Of course, they will use your identity to make notifications. Well, you need to prepare your e-mail, telephone number or mailbox.

  1. AutoZone Rewards.

Are you curious about sweepstakes rewards? Well, you can find out the prizes and conditions here.

  • They have $ 5,000 cash for sweepstakes winners.
  • You cannot exchange this gift.
  • The grand prize tax is the responsibility of the winner.
  • You need to claim the prize within 7 working days. If you miss this period, your winnings will be void.

AutoZone Survey Preparations

After reading our review above, you will find out your eligibility. Well, if you meet the requirements, you can read this section. So you can make preparations at this stage. If you have experience using the survey portal, the preparation process will be completed easily. Because AutoZoneCares is an online survey portal. The needs of this survey are almost the same as the login process on social media. If you are a new user, you don’t need to worry about this problem. Because we will help you get the ideal tool for conducting surveys. Well, below you can follow a few tips for choosing survey tools.

  1. AutoZone Survey Device.
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First, we have reviews of several survey tools. If you choose a laptop and a computer, both can help your survey. Here the survey portal has a website display. Both devices can display the survey portal better. If you choose a smartphone, you can do surveys anywhere and anytime. However, they do not have the ideal look for the survey portal.

  1. Internet Network Support.

Second, the device you choose requires an internet connection. You can choose the survey location with a stable internet connection. The closer you are to an internet source, the better your signal will be.

  1. Choosing a Browser for Devices.

After getting an internet connection, you can choose a browser to open the survey portal. Well, if you don’t want to get into trouble, some popular browsers are the right solution for you. Here you can use Google Chrome or Mozilla as a website search engine.

  1. Reference Number.

Next they need a reference number or invitation code from the receipt. Go to the nearest store with the help of the store locator. They will help you get the AutoZone Nearby.

  1. Prepare Your Personal Identity.

Finally, you need to have some personal information to enter the sweepstakes. Here you need to prepare first name and last name, address (City, State, and ZIP Code). Finally, you need to have a valid email address for sweepstakes entry.

Autozone survey steps at Autozonecares
Autozone survey steps at Autozonecares

AutoZone Survey Steps

Hello reader, are you ready to take the AutoZone Survey? In this section, we will help you complete the survey online. We have discussed this process briefly in the survey rules section. Well, you can read the full explanation of taking the survey here. Here you only need less than 10 minutes to complete the survey. Survey questions require answers from your last experience using AutoZone. So they can ask you to make an assessment for services on AutoZone. Then you can write feedback or problems in the survey portal comments column. Don’t worry, you can easily complete the survey through our instructions. Let’s check this out!

  1. Load the official AutoZone survey portal.

At this stage you can use a browser to reach the survey website. Enter the keyword Autozonecares or to create a survey portal. This process will be completed easily if the browser has stable internet support.

  1. Select the country where you found AutoZone.

They have 2 survey portal links. You can choose the USA and Puerto Rico or the Mexican region. Choose one of the two to start the survey. If you choose the Mexico region, the portal will use Spanish.

  1. Select the language of instruction for the survey portal.
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If you choose the USA and Puerto Rico, they have 2 language options. You can complete surveys in English or Spanish.

  1. Read the survey rules.

On the next page they have a short rule of taking surveys and sweepstakes. If you don’t meet the requirements, you can only stop at this stage. After completing this page, click on the continue button.

  1. Enter your reference number.

Here you need to find the 17 digit reference number from the store receipt. Complete the reference number column first. Then click on the Continue button.

  1. Enter your feedback now.

Here you need the latest experience buying products from AutoZone. You can make a rating, choose an answer or write a comment here. Are you curious about the questions from the AutoZone Survey? See the next section.

  1. Answer the identification question.

They ask you to enter your age, company, gender, and household income.

  1. Enter your draw.

Here they need to get your contact person. Enter the personal identity that you have prepared. Click submit an entry to enter the sweepstakes program.

Autozonecares Survey Questions

Next you need help from us to answer questions. You don’t need to be afraid of difficult questions. We will provide instructions in this section. So, you are ready to enter answers in the survey process. Let’s look at the questions you need to answer.

  1. Enter your general level of satisfaction in the shipping experience. (Rate 1-5)
  2. Do you get help before checking out. (Yes or no)
  3. Their speed helps you. (Rate 1-5)
  4. Help to diagnose your automotive problem. (Rate 1-5)
  5. Quality advise from staff. (Rate 1-5)
  6. Do you return merchandise during a visit to the store? (Yes or no)
  7. Staff friendliness. (Rate 1-5)
  8. Product quality and price. (Rate 1-5)
  9. Completeness of the product you are looking for. (Rate 1-5)
  10. Price comparison at AutoZone than other stores. (Rate 1-5)
  11. Do you take care of your vehicle? (Yes or no)

Autozone Hours of Operation

Before you get a reference number, you need to know the nearest AutoZone store. Well, here you need AutoZone Hours if you want to come to the store. We don’t want your experience to be interrupted because you came at the wrong time. Well, you can get AutoZone Hours instantly below.

Day Opening Hours Closing Hours
Monday 7.30 am 10.00 pm
Tuesday 7.30 am 10.00 pm
Wednesday 7.30 am 10.00 pm
Thrusday 7.30 am 10.00 pm
Friday 7.30 am 10.00 pm
Saturday 8.00 am 10.00 pm
Sunday 8.00 am 10.00 pm

How to contact AutoZone Customer Service

Here you need to have a way to contact AutoZone. So you can make store hours confirmation via AutoZone Customer Service. Then you can enter feedback without using the survey code on the receipt. Well, record this information to help you in the future.

  1. AutoZone Customer Service Phone Number.
    • 1-800-288-6966.
    • 1-901-495-6500 (Headquarters phone number).
  2. AutoZone Customer Service Mailing Address.
    • AutoZone 123 S. Front St. Memphis, TN 38103
  3. AutoZone Social Media.
    • Facebook: @autozone.
    • Twitter: @autozone.

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