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Arbyswemakeitright is the customer satisfaction survey from Arby’s Restaurant Group. Arby’s is the second largest sandwich outlet after Subway. Founded in 1964, Arby’s can survive and develop its business quickly. No doubt, Arby’s runs more than 3340 chains worldwide.

This restaurant does not only serve the sandwich. But it also offers curly fries as well as Jamocha shakes. This sandwich restaurant has many fans. That is why Arby’s can develop its chains in other countries outside the US. For instance, you can find Arby’s franchises in Canada, Qatar, Turkey, and UAE.

When you visit Arby’s, you can order the wide variety of tasty sandwiches. As the example, you can enjoy Chicken Sandwich of Craven, Turkey Ranch Roast and Bacon Wrap, Cheese Sandwich, etc. After enjoying your sandwich, you can give your review about what you have ordered. Besides, you also can give some comments about Arby’s service.

To submit your feedback, you just need to fill out the survey at Portal. Taking part in Arby’s survey is the way to involve in improving the quality of Arby’s restaurant. You can share everything related to your dining experience. Then, Arby’s will be happy listening to your feedback. This sandwich restaurant can make some positive changes based on your dining feedback. As a result, on your next visit, Arby’s can serve you better.

Arbyswemakeitright survey

Taking part in this survey can give you some benefits. First, Arby’s survey is the media to express your satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Whatever the dining experience you got, it is better if you share it with Arby’s. So, Arby’s will know whether the customers are happy with the menu items and the service.

Besides, taking part in Arby’s customer survey also gives you a chance to enter Arby’s sweepstakes. This online sweepstake offers the great prizes for Arby’s customers. As the daily prize, you can win $1000. Furthermore, you also have one chance to win the weekly prize valued $1500.

The prize is so adorable, isn’t it? That is why you should not miss taking part in Arby’s survey. For the further information about the survey, you can keep reading this brief article. Here, you will know about the rules of Arby’s survey and sweepstakes. Besides, we also explain about the steps to take part in Arby’s Guest Satisfaction Survey.

What are the Rules of Arbys we make it right Survey and Sweepstakes?

Do you want to participate in Arby’s survey? Everyone will be interested in taking part in the survey. It is because the online survey from this sandwich chain offers the great prize. As stated before, after participating in Arby’s survey, you can enter Arby’s sweepstakes.

Then, the lucky entrant can have a chance to grab $1000 daily prize. Besides, they also can win $1500 as the weekly prize. This prize is the proof that Arby’s appreciates the customers. Other restaurants may only offer the redemption code for freebies or discount. But, Arby’s is different. This sandwich restaurant offers the reward in the form of gift card.

Before entering the survey, you have to notice Arby’s survey rules. Furthermore, you need to review the rules of Arby’s sweepstakes as well. When you understand the rules, you will be able to complete the Arby’s survey easily. Besides, you will also know the terms and conditions of Arby’s sweepstake.

In fact, you can review Arby’s sweepstakes rules on the survey portal. You will find the link to bring you to the page containing the complete rules. But, in this article, we will simplify the survey and sweepstakes’ rules. This way, the rules will be easy to understand.

  • The survey participants.

The survey is open for all Arby’s customers. Every customer who wants to enter Arby’s survey must have a valid receipt from Arby’s. Without the receipt, you will be difficult to enter Arby’s We Make It Right survey. It is because this survey portal requires some details printed in your Arby’s receipt. For instance, you should input the unit number, date and time of visit, as well as the total amount of transaction.

  • The sweepstakes eligibility.
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Different from Arby’s survey, only the certain customers are eligible to enter the sweepstakes. Arby’s Promise Check Sweepstakes is only for the customers that are at 18 years old or older. Besides, this online sweepstakes are only for the legal residents of 50 states in the US.

So, this sweepstakes offer will be void outside the US. Furthermore, all employees of Arby’s restaurant must not enter this sweepstake. Moreover, the immediate family members of the employees are also not eligible for Arby’s sweepstakes.

  • The sweepstakes entry methods.

Arby’s provides three entry methods for the sweepstakes’ entrants. First, the customers can enter online sweepstakes. But, this online entry needs a cash register receipt from Arby’s. So, you have to purchase at Arby’s outlet. Then, make sure that the receipt you receive contains an invitation to enter the survey. After completing this short survey, the survey portal will direct you to enter the online sweepstakes.

But, you should notice that your answer in the survey will not affect your chance to win this contest. Furthermore, the amount spent at Arby’s also does not have any effect to increase your chance to win the prize. After the survey, the survey portal will display a blank form. Just fill out this sweepstake form with your personal information and contact details.

The second method to enter Arby’s sweepstake is by phone. You can call 1 866 585 3701. Then, you have to follow the instruction to mention some receipt information.  The next, Arby’s customer service will ask some questions about your experience at Arby’s restaurant.

After answering all the question, you have to tell your contact details. It is the requirement to enter the sweepstakes. Make sure that you mention the correct and valid contact information. So, Arby’s can reach you easily if you win this online drawing.

The third method to enter Arby’s sweepstake is by the mail-in entry. This method does not require any purchase at Arby’s. It means you can enter Arby’s sweepstake although you do not have any Arby’s receipt. Besides, the mail-in entry also does not require the survey completion.

You just have to send a card containing your name, address, date of birth, and the complete contact details. But, make sure that you hand-write this mail-in entry. Then, you can send it to Arby’s Sweepstakes Entry. The address is at Panorama Trail 625, Suite 2100, Rochester, New York 15625 2437. Furthermore, make sure that Arby’s receive your mail-in entry before the End Date of Entry Period.

  • Arby’s Survey and Sweepstakes Rules.

The rules of this survey are simple. First, one Arby’s receipt is only for one entry. It means you cannot re-use the receipt to enter the survey twice or more. If you want to increase your winning chance, you should often make a transaction at Arby’s. So, you will have more than one receipt.

But, you should notice that every customer can take part in Arby’s survey twice a month. The next, Arby’s does not accept any copies or mechanically reproduced mail-in entry. So, you must hand-write the sweepstake entry.

  • The reward.

Arby’s sweepstakes reward is the main factor that makes the customers are willing to take the survey. Just by expressing their feeling after dining in Arby’s, you can have ten chances to grab $1000 daily. Moreover, you also can win the weekly instant prize valued $1500. Arby’s will select the sweepstakes winners randomly from all entries. So, all sweepstakes entries have the equal chance to win this contest.

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When Arby’s has picked the winner, this company will notify the winner by email. Then, the winner should confirm it by mentioning their complete mailing address within 48 hours. The next, Arby’s will send the sweepstakes prize to the winner’s address within 4 – 6 weeks. If there is no reply from the winner, Arby’s will give the prize to the alternate winner. Besides, Arby’s sweepstakes prize is not redeemable for cash. Furthermore, all expenses and taxes are the responsibility of the winner.

How to Complete Arbys we make it right Survey?

We have explained the rules of Arby’s survey clearly. Now, it is the time to list down the step by step of Arby’s survey. By reviewing the guidelines below, you will be able to complete Arby’s survey easily. Then, you also can enter the Arby’s online sweepstakes without any difficulties. In fact, Arbys we make it right survey steps are very simple. You will be able to accomplish all the steps within less than five minutes.

But, you should make sure that all survey requirements are well prepared. First, prepare a recent receipt from Arby’s. The next, make sure that your computer and internet connection can work well. One thing you should notice is that Arby’s survey portal uses the cookies. So, before accessing the survey page, you must enable the cookies setting.

When you have prepared everything, you can enter Arby’s We Make It Right Guest Survey. You can follow the simple procedure below.

  • Enter Arby’s survey portal.

Arby’s has several survey websites. If you cannot access the certain portal, you can try to enter another Arby’s survey websites. The old survey website is accessible at But, if this website is unreachable, you can access the survey portal that we have mentioned above.

This address is the new survey website of Arby’s restaurant. Besides, you also can reach Arby’s survey site at If you doubt that you cannot reach the correct site, you can visit Arby’s official website at Then, you have to click on Contact-Us menu. Then, in this Contact Us section, you will find the button to direct you to the Arby’s survey portal.

  • Select the language.

Once you land on the home page of Arbys we make i tright survey, you will see two language preferences. In order to step to the next page, you must select the language. Just click on Begin in English if you want to take the survey in English. Besides, if you master Spanish better than English, you can select Comience En Espanol.

  • Enter Arby’s restaurant number.

In the next page, you will find several blank fields. This page requires the details printed on your Arby’s receipt. First, you have to input the restaurant unit number. You can find Arby’s restaurant number at the top part of your receipt. Usually, the store number or the unit number consists of four digits.

  • Enter the date of service.

The next, you need to input the date when you came to Arby’s. You can check the date on the receipt if you forget the day you visited Arby’s. You can input the date manually or use the calendar icon.

  • Input the time of visit.

The next, you have to indicate the time in which you went to Arby’s. The time information is also available in Arby’s receipt. It is located on the top right part of your receipt.

  • Enter the amount you spent.

After that, you need to input the amount of money you have spent at Arby’s. You should check out your receipt to find out the total amount spent. Make sure that you include the tax.

  • Answer the survey questions.

After entering several details of Arby’s receipt, you can start doing the survey. You must give the response to the survey questions. The questionnaire at Arbys Survey will be about your dining experience. For instance, it asks for your opinion about the Arby’s menu and service.

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Besides, this survey also asks about the restaurant condition as well as the performance of the crew. Make sure that you supply the honest and truthful answer. It is because the feedback you give through Arby’s survey is beneficial for the company and other customers. It is because the Arby’s customer feedback can help this sandwich chain to improve the restaurant’s quality.

  • Enter Arby’s online draw.

After you answer all Arby’s survey questions, Arby’s survey portal will offer you to enter the sweepstakes. Before you agree to enter this online draw, you should make sure that you are eligible for this contest. At least, you have to be at 18 years of age.

Then, you must fill out the sweepstakes entry form. Arby’s sweepstakes form requires your full name, complete mailing address, and the contact number. To enable Arby’s contact you easily, you have to mention your email address as well as telephone number.

That’s all the brief procedure to complete Arbys we make it right survey. Since Arby’s survey is easy to complete, you should not miss it. You should always keep the purchase receipt from Arby’s every time you make a transaction. It is because this receipt can help you to open the chance to win Arby’s gift cards valued $1000 and $1500.

Besides, in case you find any trouble in accessing the survey, you should contact Arby’s customer service soon. You can report your problem by calling 1 800 984 8289.

How to Contact Arby’s Customer Service?

As the loyal customers of Arby’s, you will be curious about this restaurant. If you want to find out any information about Arby’s, you have to visit It is the official website of Arby’s restaurant. in this portal, you will find out all information related to this restaurant.

For instance, you can check the list of Arby’s menu items. Besides, you also can find out the Arby’s hot deals. Furthermore, you can purchase Arby’s gift cards. The next, as like other restaurant websites, also has the store locator system. So, you can find the nearest Arby’s locations. Moreover, if you want to be the part of Arby’s, you can search Arby’s careers. This way, you can find the suitable jobs at Arby’s restaurant.

If you cannot find the information you need at this website, you can call Arby’s Customer Care. This way, you can deliver your questions directly to Arby’s Customer Representatives. In fact, there are two ways of reaching Arby’s Customer Support. First, you can contact them by phone. Besides, you also send them a letter. Here are the complete details how to contact Arby’s Customer Care.

  • By Phone.

If you want to speak to Arby’s Customer Care staff, you can call Arby’s Customer Service Number. Just dial 1 800 984 8289. By calling this number, you can ask everything about this restaurant. Besides, you can leave some comments or feedback as well. Besides, you also can call Arby’s Headquarters Number if you have the business issue. For instance, you want to open Arby’s franchise. The phone number of Arby’s Headquarter office is 678 514 4100.

  • By mail.

The next, you also can reach Arby’s restaurant by sending a letter. You have to address your letter to 1155 Perimeter Ctr Ste 1200. Atlanta Georgia 30338 5464.

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