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Hello reader, are you a parent? If you need a school reference, you can read this guide. Here we have brief instructions for students and parents. If your child is a student at Apex Public School, stay with us. Here students can choose to attend class or take classes online. So Apex has virtual school choices for students. After registering as active students, they need to access the student portal. Here you can access various features for the learning process of students. You only need to open the Apex Learning page first. Then you can log in to your student account to get lessons and other features. This school has positive growth, you can see the list below.

  1. The dropout rate for students is decreasing.
  2. Apex Learning can increase the percentage of student graduation.
  3. They help students to solve learning problems according to ability.
  4. Apex Learning Alumni are more ready to take further education.

Apex learning login is the official portal for Apex Public School students. Here they use a digital curriculum for student learning processes. If you want to get some features for the student learning process, follow our instructions. Because you need to complete the preparation and know the login steps. This portal will help students to get the additional lessons through the course. So you can only register and arrange course schedules through this portal. If you are a new student, take the login process to use the educational features of Apex Learning.

apex learning login page
apex learning login page

School Profile: Apex Learning Inc.

What do you know about Apex? Apex learning can help students to recognize their potential. Here students can learn to use their own pace. They want students to understand the lessons in class. So Apex can create groups for students who have the same learning characteristics. Students can learn through the Apex curriculum. The application of Apex curriculum can help students’ learning outcomes better. Well, below are a few Apex curriculum you need to know.

  1. Apex Middle School.

What’s so special about Curriculum? The Apex program will help students know the interests and needs of children. Then the teacher can give lessons through the application. Teachers can see the progress of your achievements through the application dashboard. After knowing the results of the evaluation, the teacher will help parents get counseling. Finally, Apex will create groups that have the same learning abilities.

  1. Apex High School.

In this program students can access the additional lessons. What do they need to do? Well, you only need to register for the course program. Then students can learn to use the Learning by doing system. Because they use a digital curriculum. This curriculum can help students see, hear and read easily.

  1. Apex Virtual School.

High school students can take the Apex Learning Virtual School program. Students can study full or part-time easily. Because the lesson you can access through each device. So they have online courses for Apex students. Are their graduation rates good? Yes, they are. So the number of graduation from Virtual school students reaches 90%.

  1. Summer School.
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If you go into summer, Apex Learning has a Summer School program. Here students can get an additional lesson from May to August. Apex has professional teachers to help students understand the subject matter. Students have 100 choices of courses in the summer. So don’t worry about your child at school.

What Do You Know About Apex Courses?

Does the child need additional hours of study? Well, Apex student login is the right solution to overcome this problem. Apex has a digital curriculum for students in grades 6 -12. So students can take online courses. Then Apex learning will monitor the child’s development every month. The teacher can make an ability evaluation report for parents. If you want to access this program, you can register through Apex learning login. Below we have a list of benefits for taking the course.

  1. Why do you need a course program?

After completing a learning class, parents cannot supervise the child continuously. Then some parents cannot help children learn at home. If Apex has a course program, parents do not need to think about children’s learning time. Because children can take online courses from their respective homes.

  1. What is special about Apex Courses?

Students who have learning problems, need to take this program. The teacher will create groups for various learning abilities. So children can grow and learn according to their abilities and speed. This course has an easy learning method for students struggling left behind.

  1. Children can learn from friendly sources.

Here students can access lesson through computer equipment. Apex has easy and friendly lesson for students. If the content is friendly, then students can have good motivation to learn independently. This content supports the way students learn.

Apex Student Login Preparations

After reading the profile and learning program, you arrive at the login preparation stage. Why do you need to make preparations? Well, you can only complete the Apex student login process online. If you ever have login experience, this stage will be completed easily. You can only take the login process if you have several devices. It’s easy enough to complete the preparation phase, read the list of your needs below. If you get into trouble, you can come to the Apex office to meet with the administration department.

  1. Standard login device.

What is the ideal tool for completing login processes? Here you need a computer or laptop. Because after entering the dashboard page, you need to take various options. Well, we don’t want you and students to get into trouble after logging into an account. So we want you to enjoy the standard appearance of the Apex Student Portal page. If you use a smartphone, we are afraid you made the wrong choice. Because the appearance of a non-standard website can interfere with the login process.

  1. Device login browser.

After choosing a device, you can complete it with a browser. This device has the task of finding and opening a login portal. Some popular browsers can help your login process. Because they have an easy and simple operating system.

  1. Get your account information.
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Next you need to get account information before logging in. The login stage requires a student account password and username. Parents or students can get this information from the teacher. Don’t share your password or username with others. Because the student portal has your personal information.

  1. Get a valid email address for your account.

After you open the student portal, you can set a password. If you want to change your password, you need to enter a valid email. Then you can solve the problem of forgetting the password with your email.

  1. Stable internet connection.

During the login process, you need stable internet support. If you have a stable connection, your login process will run smoothly. Because the website will be ready faster. So you don’t have to wait long to enter the website. Weak connections can interfere with students when receiving online courses. So you need to prepare this part carefully.

Apex learning login steps
Apex learning login steps

Apex Learning Login Steps

Are you done with the login preparation? At this stage students and people can try the login process. Yes right, our instructions will help you through the login steps. Is the login process difficult? If you follow these instructions, then you don’t need to go through difficulties. You only need less than one minute. After logging in, you can use this portal to explore Apex Learning features. Here we hope you have stationery. So you can make plans to take courses. Then you can record announcements from Apex Learning in this login portal. We don’t need to waste time, let’s do a few steps below.

  1. Visit the official Apex Learning website.

Well, we will help you enter the login portal through the website. So you can open the Apex Learning website using the login tool. You can enter www.apexlearning.com in the search box. Then click enter or search in your browser.

  1. Click on the login menu.

On the official website homepage, you can find various menus. Next, you need to enter the login page. Look for the login menu on your computer screen.

  1. Complete the account information column.

After landing on the login page, you can prepare a password and username. Because on this page they will ask you to complete the column. We hope you do not make a mistake in filling in your username and password. Because you cannot enter the account if you enter both incorrectly.

  1. Click on the sign in button.

After completing the password and username fields, click on this button. Next, you will land on your student account dashboard. You can explore the features of student accounts to register for courses.

Apex Student Login Dashboard

Well, if you are curious about this portal feature. We have a short explanation to help you find out. After completing the login process, you can read the student portal features below.

  1. Course Menu.

In this menu, you can see your course menu. Click on the course name to find out your grade. You can see the progress of your course in the same menu. On the course page, you can see navigation and content. They have several units for each course. Click each unit to complete your course.

  1. Announcement of Apex Learning.
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In this section you can see announcements from the school. You don’t need to be crammed in front of a bulletin board. The student portal can help you find the latest news easily. Do you want to miss this advantage?

  1. Message features.

You can access the message feature on the student portal dashboard. This feature can help parents or students contact their teachers. You can ask if you have problems and other difficulties.

  • Click on the plus button (+) to create a new message. Then the device will display a pop-up. First, you can fill in the message subject. Secondly enter the name of the teacher who will receive the message. Third, write your message. Click the send button to send a message.
  • Then click the view button to see your message history.
  1. Date Information

Dashboard student portal has date information. Click the view button to display the calendar. This feature is suitable for student notifications. Because this calendar displays some important dates from the teacher. So students can prepare themselves to follow quiz or lessons from the teacher.

How To Update Apex Learning Account Passwords

If you forget your password, then you need to follow the instructions below. You do not need to worry. Because you can fix it through the same portal. What can you do? Follow our steps below.

  1. Visit the Apex Learning official website first. www.apexlearning.com.
  2. Click on the login menu.
  3. Click on the Forgot Password link. After entering the first page, you need to find the forgot password link.
  4. Enter your username or email
  5. Click the submit button. Follow the portal instructions to get a new password for your student account. If you enter your email, they will send your password via email. So you can check your password through your email inbox.
  6. If you have a problem, then you can contact the Apex Help Desk.

How to Reach Apex Help Desk

Finally, we will help you contact Apex. After completing the login process, you can note this section. We have several ways to contact Apex Learning. You can ask questions or make a confirmation on Apex Learning. Then you can ask for help with school problems and student accounts.

  1. Apex Learning Phone Number.


  1. Apex Education Email Address.
  2. Apex Education Mailing Address.

1215 Fourth Ave.

Suite 1500

Seattle, WA 98161

  1. Social Media.
    • Facebook : @ApexLearningVirtualSchool.
    • Instagram : @apex_learning_virtual_school.
    • Pinterest : apexlearningvirtualschool.
    • Youtube : Apex Learning Virtual School.

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