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American Military University (AMU) is an online learning institution focusing on the military. This school is the part of American Public University (APU). It becomes the convenient institution which provides the education for the current and former member of the military program. Since AMU uses the online learning system, the students can study the online course.

Then, it will help them to get the civilian career. Both AMU and APU offers the bachelor and master degree, certificate program as well as the learning tracks for its students. This school has the central system named as American Public Universty System (APUS). So, this system can help the students to connect with the university, teachers, and friends. They just need to access AMU Student Login Page.

Although the name is Public University, APU does not belong to US military and US government. This institution has the academic office in Charles Town. Besides, its administrative office is in Manassas, Virginia. Focusing on military program, AMU has the specific education goal.

For instance, AMU wants to provide the educational need of military personnel. No doubt, this university is different from other schools. It is because other schools do not include the military course in their program. We cannot underestimate the quality of this school. AMU has got the regional accreditation from Higher Learning Commission. Besides, it is on the 58th rank in the US online bachelor degree program.

AMU Student Login

Both AMU and APU has a centralized online system which makes the teaching-learning process run well. With the help of American Public University System (APUS), the school can manage the learning process. Besides, the students can sign into AMU Login and access their account.

Then, they will be able to connect with APUS. So, they can view their syllabi and review the material of course. Furthermore, they can submit the task or coursework online. Also, they can even send some messages to their teachers or instructors. No doubt, APUS is very helpful for both students and teachers.

How to Sign into AMU Login Page?

As the students of American Military University, you should know how to access AMU Login. Logging into AMU system is necessary activity. It is because this school provides the online learning. So, you have to log into your AMU login account to reach the online classroom. Before accessing AMU login page, you should know what login requirements you will need.

First, you need a personal computer or web-enabled smartphone. This article will guide you to log into AMU system through several devices such as by computer, iPhone, and Android. Then, you also need the updated browser. Besides, you also can log in by using AMU Mobile App. The last, you should prepare AMU login credentials. They are AMU student ID and password. These are the instructions of how to reach AMU student account.

  • by Computer.

AMU is accessible for the students wherever they are. So, you can study anywhere and anytime. It is because AMU has a centralized system which the students can access regardless of the location. The process of AMU login is simple. You just need to go through some simple steps below.

  1. Visit American Public University Login Website.
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To access your AMU account, you have to go to This website is the part of APUS (American Public University system). At AMU website, you can explore everything about this university. For instance, you can review academic program, tuition, and admission.

  1. Click on Login.

AMU login button is on the top-right corner of the website. When selecting the Login button, there will appear three options of login. They are student, faculty, and alumni. Since you are the current student of AMU, you have to choose Student option. But, if you are the former student of AMU, you can choose Alumni. Then, the site will bring you to the Login page.

  1. Enter the login details.

As the AMU student, you can access your account by entering your student ID. Every student of AMU and APU will get the student ID when they enroll to this school. The next, you should write your AMU password in the next field. The last, you can press the Orange Submit button to open your account. When all login details you input are correct, you will be able to reach your account.

  • the Login through Mobile Phone.

There are two AMU login methods through your mobile phone. First, you can try the login steps above in your mobile phone’s browser. Besides, you also can access the Login through AMU Mobile App. Here is the way to download APUS app for the iPhone and Android users.

  1. If you are Apple or iPhone users, you can download APUS App in App Store. Besides, the Android users can download APUS Mobile App in Google Play Store. Then, you should install this APUS App on your smartphone.
  2. The next, click on the Blue Star image to open this application.
  3. Then, you can input AMU Student ID as well as your password to the field provided.
  4. If you want your mobile device to save your login details, you should give a checkmark in the box entitled Remember Me. So, every time you log into APUS App, you do not need to enter your AMU login credentials.
  5. The last, you can press the Blue Sign In button to reach your account.

Using APUS Mobile App is the convenient way to reach AMU Student account. It is because you can connect with your campus whenever you are. Besides, you can view and download the course material anywhere.

How is Student Login Troubleshooting?

When you try to log into AMU student account, you may not be able to enter your account. This problem can occur because you made a mistake in entering AMU login details. For instance, you do not type your Student ID correctly. Besides, you may forget your AMU password.

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If these login troubles occur to you, you should not be panic. It is because AMU Login page provides two helpful links to recover your AMU ID and password. These are the guidelines to recover your ID and reset your password.

  • AMU Student ID recovery.

When you cannot remember your AMU student ID, you can recover your ID in a few minutes. The link to recover AMU ID is available for the students including the current student and alumni. Besides, this link is also useful to recover the faculty member ID. Follow the instruction below to get your ID back. First, you should access AMU Login page.

Then, you should select Forgot ID link under the login section. The next, select your status. You can choose Student or faculty member. After that, enter your last name in the field provided. Then, enter the last four digits of Social Security Number. If you do not have SSN, you can enter your birthday. Select the date, month and year from the menu. Click on the orange button entitled Submit. Then, the site will inform your Student ID or Faculty ID.

  • AMU Password.

The process of resetting AMU password is similar to the process of recovering your ID. First, you have to visit AMU login site. Since you do not remember what your AMU password is, you should click on Forgot Password link. This link is in the login section. Choose student or faculty member. Then, complete the form available to reset your password.

This form requires your last name and the last four SSN. But, if you do not have Social Security Number, you can skip this field. Then, you should enter your date of birth including the date, month, and year. The last, click Submit to reset your AMU password.

You can try the tips above when you lose your AMU ID or password. But, when you face other login problem during your AMU login process, you have to call AMU Support Staff. The number you should dial is 877 755 2787. The AMU staff will be happy to assist you in solving your login problem.

How to Request AMU Information?

When you need the trusted info about American Military University or American Public University, you can visit their official website. Simply access to explore all about this university. APUS website contains the completed information about this school. For instance, you can find out about programs and courses offered, admission program, and the financing or tuition.

Besides, APUS website also provides a feature to apply online. This online application only takes less than 15 minutes to complete. However, if you still doubt to apply for this university, you can request the information about AMU. You just need to complete the information requesting form. Then, the AMU admission representative will contact you to explain everything you need about this university. Follow the instruction below to request more information about AMU.

  • Visit
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In the homepage, you will see the link entitled Apply Now. Then click Apply Now button to reach the application page. Since you are still not ready to apply for AMU, you should click the link to request the info.

  • Complete the form to get more info. Here is the list of field you have to fill out.
  1. Name. Write your first name followed by your last name.
  2. Area of Study. Then, specify the major of study and the degree.
  3. ZIP Code.
  4. Contact Information. Input your phone number and email. Then, you should select how AMU representative can contact you. You can choose email only or email and phone.
  5. Clarify your citizenship. This questionnaire verifies that you are US citizen.
  6. Answer the questionnaire. Then, AMU will ask some questions related your availability to study. First, select how you know about AMU. Then, state the reason that brings you back to study. The next, select your previous college experience. Continue to choose your financial plan. After that, select the time when you may start your study. The last, choose your professional affiliation. Just state whether you are a civilian, government, active duty military, or military affiliated.
  7. Write your question. In this section, you can ask everything about AMU.
  8. Press Get Info button. Then, you should wait for the response from AMU. Then, the representative will contact you by email or phone to answer your question.
How to Contact American Military University?

You have four ways of contacting AMU and APUS. First, you can write them a letter. Second, you can call AMU phone number. Then, you can send them an email. The last, you can use live chat system at APUS website. Here is the complete guideline to contact APUS.

  • By mail.

Here is the American Public University Address. So, you can post your letter to this address. American Public University System, 111 W Congress Street Charles Town, Virginia 25414.

  • By phone.

There are two APUS phone numbers. For the general inquiry, you can call 877 755 2787. The APUS representative is available on Monday up to Friday at 8 am – 5 pm. Besides, the special number for the prospective students is 855 929 5264. You can call this number on Monday up to Thursday at 8 am – 7 pm. Besides, On Friday and Saturday, they are available at 9 am – 4 pm.

  • By email.

You can send your email to [email protected] Through this email address, you can request the detailed information about APUS.

  • Live chat.

When you access APUS website, there will be Chat option at the top of the page. You can click on the Chat menu to have the interactive talk with APUS representative staff.

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