Albertsons Survey – Win $100 by Taking Albertsons Customer Satisfaction Survey

Where do you usually go shopping for grocery? Have you ever visited Albertsons? If you often go shopping at Albertsons, you should involve in their survey. This supermarket offers Albertsons survey for the customers. Through this online survey, the customers can express their shopping feedback.

Then, as the reward, Albertsons invites them to join the online sweepstakes. The prize of Albertsons sweepstakes is very great. Each month, there will be a winner who receives $1000 Albertsons gift card. It is very tempted, isn’t it? Start from now, you should never trash Albertsons receipt. It is because this receipt can lead you to win $1000 from Albertsons.

About Albertsons Supermarket

Albertsons is one of grocery company in the US. Headquartered in Idaho, Albertsons is privately owned by its investors. One of the investors is Cerberus capital management. Albertsons becomes one of the largest grocery stores in America.

It operates more than 2200 chains and employs 250.000 employees. With a large number of the store chains, no doubt, Albertsons is the second biggest supermarket in North America. Its rank in the second position after Kroger.

albertsonssurvey can be accessed from

Since January 2015, Albertsons mergers its company with Safeway. This merger makes Albertsons Company, Inc becomes larger. There are some reasons for making Albertsons popular. First, this supermarket offers the high-quality grocery product. Besides, it also offers the excellent service.

No doubt, the customers feel convenient to go shopping at this store. Furthermore, Albertsons offers the discount as well as the competitive price. For these reasons, most of the customers are satisfied with their shopping trip.

albertsons survey
albertsons survey guideline

The Rules of Albertsons Sweepstakes

Do you still have Albertsons receipt for your last shopping trip? If so, you can try to check your Albertsons receipt. You will be able to find an invitation to enter the survey website.

This is the online customer survey held by Albertsons. However, before entering this survey, you should review the survey rules. Then, you will know whether you are the eligible participant. It is because not all customers of Albertsons can enter the survey. There are some restrictions and the requirements should be passed.

Then, what are the rules of this survey? In fact, the official rule of this survey is available at the survey website. But, for your convenience, we have summarized the survey rules. Check out the simple explanation below.

  1. Participant.

The Albertsons promotion is available for the residents of the certain states in the US. The area includes Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Idaho, Colorado, North Dakota, Louisiana, Nevada, Montana, Texas, Utah, New Mexico, and Oregon. The residents must be at least 18 years old.

Besides, those who are not eligible for this survey are the employees and sponsor of Albertsons sweepstakes. The committee of the survey has the right to disqualify the participants who are not eligible.

  1. Entry Methods.

Albertsons provides three entry methods for the sweepstakes. You all can decide to join the online or offline sweepstakes. See the entry methods below to decide which one is the simplest.

  • Online sweepstakes entry.
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To join this sweepstake, the customers have to make a purchase at Albertsons. Then, by using Albertsons receipt, they can enter Albertsons sweepstakes. After the completion of the survey, the customer can get one sweepstakes entry. They can enter this online sweepstake by submitting their personal and contact details.

  • Promotional sweepstakes.

During the promotion period, the Sponsor will ask the customers who visit Albertsons but they do not make a purchase to complete a survey. The next, after completing the confidential survey, they get a chance to enter Albertsons sweepstakes.

  • Offline sweepstakes entry.

The last sweepstakes method is by sending a mail. You can submit a sweepstakes entry without completing the survey. What you need is to prepare a piece of paper. Then, you should write the complete name and address, phone number, and the email address (if any). The next, you can send it to Albertsons Sweepstakes, c/o Stella Service, 75 Broad Street, Suite 1010, New York, 10004.

  1. Albertsons Sweepstakes Prize.

Every month, Albertsons will select ten winners of the sweepstakes. Each winner will receive $100 Albertsons gift card. So, the total prize in a month is $1000. There are some prize conditions that must be understood by the winner. Here are some of them.

  • The winner cannot transfer the prize to others.
  • Then, the winner also cannot redeem the Albertsons prize for cash. So, they will only receive the prize in the form of Albertsons gift card. this way, they can use the gift card to purchase anything at Albertsons
  • The winner is responsible to pay the tax of the prize.
  • Albertsons will notify the winner within six of the drawing date.
  • The winner has to return and sign the affidavit of the eligibility and the liability release.

The Steps of Albertsons Sweepstakes and Survey

Have you understood all the rules of the survey from Albertsons? If you are sure that you are eligible for this survey, you should prepare the requirements. What do you need to complete the survey? The main item you have to prepare is Albertsons receipt.

Without this receipt, the customers will not be able to access the survey website. The next, the computer or smartphone which is connected to the internet must be ready as well. It is because this survey is online so, it only can be accessed by using the internet.

When the preparation above is ready, you can start accessing Alberson’s survey portal. But, if you plan to enter Alberson’s sweepstakes, you must have an email account. it is one of the requirements of the sweepstakes. Now, you are ready to take part in Albertsons sweepstakes. Just take a look at the simple survey guideline below.

  • Step 1. Visit the official survey portal.

The survey website is accessible at Once you type this survey website address on your browser, you will be directed to another URL. But, you should not worry. The real survey website will display two receipt samples on the homepage. If you see these two receipts, it means that you are visiting the correct survey portal.

  • Step 2. Select the Receipt Sample.
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Albertsons issues two types of receipts. The first receipt contains some code. Besides, the second receipt contains the details such as date, time, cashier number, store number, and transaction number. You have to select the receipt which is similar with yours.

  • Step 3. Enter the receipt details.

In case you hold the second example of the receipt, you should type some details. First, you have to enter the cashier number. The next, you need to provide the date and time when you visit Albertsons. After that, you should type the Albertsons store number. The last, you need to supply the transaction number.

  • Step 4. Enter your email address.

After entering the correct receipt details, you will see a blank field under the receipt sample. To proceed with the survey, you have to submit your email address. This entry will be useful when you enter the sweepstakes. It is because Albertsons will contact the sweepstakes winner by email.

  • Step 5. Answer Albersons survey questions.

Now you are stepping the main part of the survey. You can start providing the Albertsons shopping feedback. So, you have to answer all Albertson’s survey questions honestly. You will be asked about how satisfied your shopping trip at Albertsons.

Besides, you will also get questions about the products, price, store condition, and the staff’s performance. This survey also allows you to write any comment about the store. So, do not ignore this chance. You can write anything about Albertsons. For instance, you can express your complaints or suggestion.

  • Step 6. Enter Albertsons Sweepstakes.

After completing the survey, you will get an offer to enter Albertsons online sweepstakes. To join this contest, you have to provide some of your personal details as well as contact info. First, you should type your first and last name. Then, provide the complete address including state, city, street number, and postal code.

After that, enter your email address. The last but not the least, it is important to provide your phone number. Now, you can submit your sweepstakes entry. The next, you just need to wait for the Albertsons sweepstakes winner announcement.

How to Find Albertsons Near Me

Do you want to go monthly shopping? Visiting Albertsons is the correct decision to purchase the grocery. But, when you are in the new place, you may wonder Where is Albertsons near me? Luckily, finding the Albertsons location is very easy. Just try one of the three methods below.

  • Albertsons store locator.

To use the Albertsons store locator menu, you should visit the Albertsons official website. There are two websites you can visit. First, you can access Besides, you also can reach Both websites have the store locator menu. This menu is available at the top of the homepage. Just enter the city, zip, code, or state to locate Albertsons locations near me.

  • Albertsons App.

The next, you can download the Albertsons App. This App gives you many benefits. First, you can buy the product online. Besides, you can search for Albertsons location as well. It is better to sign up My Albertsons program if you have this application.

  • Google Maps or Search Engine.
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It is the easiest way to find Albertsons location. Just type the keyword Albertsons near me on the search bar. Then, the results will be shown to you. From the result of the searching, you can get some information. For instance, you can check the direction as well as Albertsons store hours.

How to Contact Albertsons Customer Service

If you have the certain issue need to solve about Albertsons, do not doubt to contact Albertsons Customer Support. Their friendly staff will gladly help and solve your problem. For instance, you have something to ask about Albertsons.

Perhaps, you want to ask about Albertsons hours, Albertsons promo, Albertsons careers, and many other topics. But, before contacting the customer service, it will be better if you visit Albersons website. This portal consists of much information about Albertsons. As the example, you can browse about Albertsons Weekly Ad, Albertsons rewards, Albertsons just for you, and so on. Who knows, you can find the answer on the website.

In case you cannot find the satisfying information at Albertsons website, you can reach Albertsons Customer Care. There are three ways to get in touch with Albertsons Customer Service. here they are.

  • By phone.

If you want to get the quick response, you can call Albertsons Customer Service number. The phone number of Albertsons Store Support Center is 1-877-848-6483. You can dial this number if your question is about the general topic.

But, if you want to ask about the specific issue in a store, you can call your Albertsons local store number. The Albertsons website also provides the info about the local store. So, you can search the phone number at the Local Store Information link. But, you should call the Albertsons Customer Care during Albertsons operating hour.

  • By email.

To reach Albertsons Customer Support, you do not need to write the conventional email. You can use the email link at Albertsons website. Just go to the Contact Info at Albertsons website. Then, you will see the link to submit your message. To use this menu, you have to provide your email address. The next, do not forget to write the email subject. Now, you can write your message briefly.

  • By mail.

If you have the business matter with Albertsons, you should not hesitate to write a business letter. Perhaps, you want to ask for the donation or ask about the franchise opportunity. In this case, you should address your letter to:

Albertsons Store Support Center

United Supermarkets, LLC.

7830 Orlando Ave.

Lubbock, TX  79423

That’s all the methods to get in touch with Albertsons Support Center. Which one is considered the easiest method? It is all up to choose the best method of contacting Albertsons. But, you should remember to call Albertsons Customer service during the business hour. This way, you will get a quick response. Besides, if you contact Albertsons by email, you will get the reply by email too. So, make sure that the email address you enter is correct.

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