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Have you recently visited Academy Sports? If so, have you checked Academy receipt? You will be able to find Academyfeedback survey invitation. When you get this invitation, you should not ignore it. Taking part in Academy Feedback survey will benefit you a lot.

First of all, you can share how fun or how awful your shopping experience at Academy Sports + Outdoor. The next, you will also get a chance to enter Academy sweepstakes. And, do you know what the prize is? The winner of Academy Sports survey sweepstakes will receive Academy gift card worth $1000. Does it sound very interesting? To find out more about the Academy survey sweepstakes, you have to scroll down this page.

About Academy Sports + Outdoors

If you like shopping for sportswear or equipment, you must be familiar with Academy Sports + Outdoors. It is because Academy Sports is one of the largest sporting goods store chains. This sports store is very popular since it offers many discounts.

When you visit this store, you will find the wide range of branded clothing and sports equipment. For instance, you can purchase the apparel and shoes for the competitive sport as well as the physical training. Besides, you also can buy the recreational activities equipment. As the example, you will find much stuff for camping, fishing, hunting, and boating.

academyfeedback survey
academyfeedback survey can be accessed at

The corporate office of Academy Sports + Outdoors is in Harris Country, Texas. Since the beginning of the establishment, Academy Sports is the privately owned company. But, after May 2011, Kohlberg Kravis Robert acquisitions this company through Wall Street investment.

The growth of Academy Sports cannot be underestimated. Nowadays, Academy Sports has 290 chains across the US. So, you can find Academy Sports stores in Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Kansas, Indiana, Missouri, Mississippi, Louisiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Texas.

academyfeedback survey guideline

The Rules of Academy Store Survey Sweepstakes

Like other store surveys, Academy Feedback Survey has the rules to obey. Especially when you want to enter its sweepstakes. For your information, by the time you finish Academy survey, you will be entered to the sweepstakes. But, if you are not willing to participate, you can leave the survey website immediately after the survey.

However, we suggest you not to ignore the sweepstakes offer. It is because Academy sports sweepstakes offer the great prize for the lucky winner. When you win this contest, you can receive $1000 Academy Sports gift card. Wow, it is very fantastic, isn’t it?

If you want to get this great reward, you should obey the rules of the Academy Sports survey sweepstakes rules. This way, you will not get disqualified from this contest. Have you noticed all the rules? If you have not, you can check the rules of Aacedmyfeedback survey sweepstakes below.

  1. The participants.

Not all customers cannot enter Academy survey sweepstakes. It is because this survey is only for the customers who are the legal residents of Canada, USA, and the United Kingdom. Besides, the customers have to reach the minimum age of 13 years old.

F you live in the US, you have to hold the America citizenship. Furthermore, the employees of Academy Sports + Outdoors are not eligible to enter the Academy Feedback survey. This rule also applies to the immediate family of the employees.

  1. The requirements.
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The main prerequisite to enter Academy survey sweepstakes is the valid receipt from Academy Sports + Outdoors. You have to enter this survey soon after visiting the Academy Sports store. It is because the receipt is only valid within seven days after purchasing date.

When your Academy Sports receipt is ready, you need to prepare the device. It is permissible to access Academy feedback survey website by using a computer or a mobile phone. But, make sure that the device you use is connected with the stable internet. This way, you will not face any trouble later.

  1. Academy Survey Sweepstakes rules.

Academy does not apply the strict rules for the survey takers. Academy Sports only forbids its employees and their family members, sponsor, and the subsidiaries to participate in this survey. The next, each survey taker only can participate in Academy survey five times a month.

  1. The sweepstakes prize.

The winner of Academy survey sweepstakes will receive Academy Sports gift card valued $1000. There will be only one winner in a month. The next, the winner cannot redeem this prize for cash. Besides, they are forbidden to sell this gift card.

The Steps of AcademyFeedback Survey

After reviewing the rules of Academy survey, you will see whether you are eligible to take the survey. if you are not eligible, you should not enter the Academy survey sweepstakes. It is because Academy Sports can disqualify your participation. When you have been sure about your eligibility, you have to prepare all the survey requirements. After all, you need is ready, you can do step by step below.

Academy feedback survey does not take much of your time. All the survey steps can be done in within seven minutes. We remind you to prepare an email address as well. It is because Academy Sports will ask for your personal information including the email address when you enter the sweepstakes. You already have an email account, don’t you? If so, you can check out the simple guideline to complete Academy survey below.

  • Step 1. Visit Academy survey website.

In order to start the survey, you have to access the Academy Sports survey portal. It is accessible at When you reach the Academy Sports + Outdoors survey website, you will see some blank fields. Before entering the survey, it will be better if you review Academy Survey Sweepstakes rules. The link of the survey rules is located at the right bottom corner of the page.

  • Step 2. Enter the receipt information.

To start Academy survey, you have to provide some information printed on your Academy Sports receipt. There is no survey code on the Academy receipt. So, you just need to enter these following details. First, you have to select the date when you came to Academy Sports + Outdoors.

The next, you have to enter the exact time at which you visit the store. After that, enter the transaction number as well as the Academy Sports store number. The last, you should provide the register number. All of these details are printed on your receipt. If you are confused where you can find the details above, you can see the receipt sample on the survey website.

  • Answer Academy survey questions.
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After checking the details you have entered, you can press the START button. If your details are valid and correct, you can begin completing the survey. You will receive a series of questions asking about your latest experience at Academy Sports store.

By answering these questions, you can share Academy feedback. Academy Sports will receive your feedback gladly. It is because your opinion and feedback can help to improve the business. For instance, you will get the questions about the store condition as well as the store attendants’ behavior.

  • Enter Academy Sports sweepstakes.

After answering all the questions, Academy Sports will invite you to enter the sweepstakes. You can decide to enter this contest or not. if you are willing to participate in Academy Sports sweepstakes, you should provide your personal data. For instance, you need to submit your name and address. Besides, you also need to provide the phone number and the email address.

That’s all the simple steps to enter Academy Feedback survey sweepstakes. Is that easy to do? We hope that our guideline can help you to complete the Academy survey. Just make sure that the personal details you submit are correct.

It is because Academy will contact you by phone or email if you win the Academy Sports sweepstakes. Now, after completing the survey, you just need to wait and pray. Then, who knows, your name can come out as the winner of Academy Sports monthly sweepstakes.

How to Find Academy Sports + Outdoors Near Me.

When you need to purchase some sportswear or sports equipment, you may wonder Academy Sports near me. When you are in a hurry, you need to locate the nearest Academy Sports store. You do not need to worry since finding the closest Academy Sports is easy. It is because there are many Academy Sports store chains spread in the US. When you need to locate the Academy Sports store, you can try some ways below.

  1. Using the Academy Sports Store locator.

If you want to use the store locator feature, you should visit Academy Sports official website. Just access Then, you will see the option Find a Store at the top left of the page. To start searching Academy Store, you need to enter the zip code, city, and state.

The next, the website will show the list of Academy Sports store around you. this feature is not only useful to search the Academy Sports location. Through this feature, you also can find out Academy Sports store hours as well. This way, you can notice what time does the Academy Sports store open and close.

  1. Using the Google Maps.

If you are too lazy to access Academy Sports website, you can use Google Maps. I am sure that you all have this application on your smartphone. So, using Google maps will be the convenient way to search Academy Sports locations.

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You just need to type Academy Sports near me or Academy Sports store near me on the search bar. Then, you just need to wait until the map shows the nearest location. You can track the direction from your location to the store. So, you will not get lost.

How to Contact Academy Sports Customer Service

As a customer, you may have some issues related to Academy Sports store. Perhaps, you want to find out the store offer or coupon. Besides, you may need to voice up any complaint or compliment. When you have any questions about Academy Sports, you can contact its customer support. You can try some methods below to get in touch with Academy Sports Customer Support.

  • By phone.

It is the fastest way to get in touch with Academy Sports Customer Care. By calling the Customer Service, you can voice up directly what is in your mind. For instance, you can ask them certain questions. Perhaps, you want to know about the products, sale, or Academy Store hours. Besides, you can call Academy Sports Customer Service to share your shopping feedback. If you want to speak up with Academy Sports Customer Care, you can dial 1-888-922-2336.

  • Chat

When you visit Academy Sports website, you will find the Chat option. Just scroll down the Academy Sports home page. Then, you will find the menu entitled Chat. You can click on this Chat menu. But, you should notice the Chat option is not online 24/7.

When the chat option is offline, you can type your message on the available space. Then, you have to wait until the Academy Sports staff answer your questions. However, when the Chat menu is online, you can do the live chat with the customer service. This way, you will get the answer straight away.

  • Website.

If your problem is not urgent, you can try to browse Academy Sports FAQ page. This page contains the lists of questions which are often asked by the customers. For instance, you can find the answer about the return policy, shipping charge, donation request, and many other topics.

Academy Sports also provides the form to submit your questions. Just access then, you can click on Ask a Question menu. After that, you have to submit your email address. Academy Sports will reply and answer your questions through this email address.

The next, you can type the subject of your questions. For instance, you may want to ask about Customer Service, Returns Policy, Price Match, and shipping. The last, you can provide the details to support your questions. Press the button entitled Submit Your Questions to send your message.

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