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Login or email Password Log in. Having trouble logging in? Manage quality, comply with regulations, and build census with abaqis. abaqis is a complete quality management system. Continuous survey readiness: Enterprise-level monitoring and reporting: QAPI Plan & Facility Assessment tools:


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abaqis is the only quality management system proven to reduce deficiencies and increase quality of care. Developed by the quality experts at Providigm, and utilizing the same assessment and investigation tools surveyors will employ in the new Long Term Care Survey Process (LTCSP), abaqis walks your facility through the full regulation and pinpoints potential areas of non-compliance, identifies …


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The things that keep your residents and their families happy and satisfied are what make or break recommendations for your facility. abaqis helps you identify and make changes—big and small—that improve quality of life.


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abaqis is a proven quality management system advancing beyond survey readiness with solutions for QAPI, customer satisfaction, and predictive risk of readmission and risk-adjusted readmission reporting. abaqis assesses compliance against the full federal regulation, with additional features that help fulfill all five elements required for a comprehensive QAPI program.


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abaqis ®. Quality Management System assesses your facility’s compliance with the full federal regulation and advances beyond survey-readiness with solutions for QAPI, customer satisfaction, predictive risk of readmission, and risk-adjusted readmission reporting.. Additionally, abaqis supports innovative marketing tools directed toward your referral partners, helping to increase census.


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abaqis® | Pressure Ulcers

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See how the abaqis Quality Management System helps you stay compliant, lower hospital readmission rates, improve resident satisfaction, complete your facility assessment, and provide a solid framework to your QAPI plan.


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