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Hello happy people. Here we have a popular pub reference for you. If you are a resident of the United Kingdom, you will get to know this pub. Yes right, we will discuss the popular Pub Two for One. You can gather with friends or family at the end of the night. You can order delicious food at the Pub. Loyal customers can enter their feedback through the Telltwoforone portal.

Tell two for one is a portal to accommodate various feedback from Pub visitors. Two for One is one of several pubs operating under Marston’s label. If you just went to this Pub, don’t throw away your receipts. Because you can benefit from a receipt paper. Are you curious about this idea? Well, they have a loyalty program for buyers. After completing the survey, you can enter weekly or daily sweepstakes. They offer £ 1,000 cash for sweepstakes winners. Don’t you want to try it? We hope you don’t doubt your luck. You can finish it in a short time. We will accompany you in the preparation process until the end of the survey. If we are ready, why don’t you? Let’s start it!

tell two for one survey page
tell two for one survey page

Two For One Pub Profile

If we talk about Two For One Pub, then their story will relate to Marston. British residents need to get to know this popular pub. Marston has several Pub labels for you to try. Beer lovers can’t stop at one place. We will begin with the story of Marston’s growth. This business was founded 180 years ago. They sell beer as the mainstay product of this business. This business is growing and registered with FTSE 250. Marston has 3 types of Pubs. You can try traditional local pubs, downtown bars and family pub restaurants. You can gather, relax and celebrate happiness in this pub. Marston owns six factories that produce beer. Don’t worry, this factory can produce more than 60 tempting white beers.

Two for One is a Pub label operating under Marston. Here they have two meals with one price. You can order sirloin steak, chips, or fish beer. Don’t worry about the prices of their menus. You can make it up with prices starting from £ 15 for two people. Don’t you need to try this pub? You can get a warm gathering atmosphere throughout the night. After this you can enter the Two for one survey rules section. Do you want to get a gift all year long? Follow our next method.

Two For One Survey And Sweepstakes Rules

After reading the profile and introduction, we hope you have an interest in taking surveys. Well, before you use our instructions, read the survey rules section first. Basically survey rules are quite simple for you to understand. If they have a sweepstakes program, the rules change a little complicated. But you don’t need to be afraid of this fact. Because we will summarize the survey rules and sweepstakes simply. You will not find difficulty understanding this part. If you want the full version, find the rules page through the Telltwoforone portal. Then select the Marston’s Terms and Conditions link. They have daily and weekly sweepstakes rules. If you are impatient with your eligibility, read the list of rules below.

  1. Telltwoforone portal users do not need to make a purchase to win sweepstakes. They only value your sweepstakes entry. The number of transactions at Two for One pub cannot increase the chances of victory. If you want to win a prize, add more sweepstakes.
  2. Eligibility rules. Before using the survey portal, find out your eligibility in this section. Not all buyers have the opportunity to join Two for one sweepstakes. So, fulfill some of the rules below.
    • Sweepstakes surveys and programs are only valid for legal residents of 50 United States, United Kingdom, Puerto Rico, Columbia etc. Look at the regulation sheet.
    • Sweepstakes participants must be at least 18 years old in the United Kingdom and 20 years in Korea.
    • You may not take surveys and sweepstakes if you are part of Marston’s staff, sponsors and business partners.
    • If you live with Marston’s staff, sponsor teams or business partners, you are not allowed to participate.
  3. Two for one sweepstakes rewards. Are you curious about sweepstakes prizes? Well, they have 3 prizes every week. You can get £ 500 if you are lucky in this process. So you can receive prizes in the form of checks.
  4. Winner Notifications.
    • They will contact the winner via telephone or email.
    • Wait for this good news after 10 days from days of selections.
    • If you don’t give a response within 10 days, then your win is null and void. The committee has the right to take other winners.
    • The winner can get a prize within 60 days from the draw date.
    • You have the obligation to pay gift taxes.
  5. Sweepstakes Period. You need to note this date. Here they have survey periods and sweep entries. So you can send the draw starting on February 2, 2020. Then this period will end on February 29, 2020. So use your time as best you can. Don’t miss your chance.
  6. How to enter sweepstakes. Well guys, they have 4 ways you can try. See the list below.
    • Online survey. Here you can receive survey invitations via email or pub receipt. Visit the page to complete the survey. They have a few simple questions that you can answer.
    • Complete your survey via telephone or sms. Contact toll free to take surveys.
    • Enter sweepstakes by mail. Here you need to write your identity on a piece of paper. (first and last name, home telephone number and full address). Enter the envelope and send it at the address below.
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[Enter Month / Year] Mail-in Entry


c / o [Enter Name of Participating Client]

511 Avenue of the Americas, # 40

New York, NY


Tell Two For One Survey Preparations

After reading the survey rules, now you arrive at the survey preparation stage. Here we hope you don’t have trouble understanding instructions. Because survey needs are not difficult for you to get. If you are an internet user, then we are sure you know the purpose of this guide. So Telltwoforone is an online survey. That is, you need to complete the survey with the help of the internet and computer equipment. So in this section we will make a brief description of the standard survey tools. If you don’t have it, choose other device options. Well, let’s see the list below.

  1. Online surveys require survey tools.

Survey tools are one of the 3 basic needs of online surveys. The standard devices we recommend are computers and laptops. While another option for taking surveys is a smartphone. Because we want portal users to read survey instructions and questions easily. You can only get it if you see an optimal website display.

  1. Select a stable connection for the survey device.

Next you need to have an internet connection for the device. If you don’t have it, the browser and computer won’t work. Use wifi or modem to get an internet connection.

  1. Select a compatible browser for the device.

Next the device needs to have a data search engine. Well, choose a browser that is suitable for your device. Computers and smartphones have different browser needs. Popular browsers will help you get an easy operating system.

  1. Be a Pub Two for One customer.
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Survey portal users need to make transactions in the pub before taking surveys. So we only discuss the needs of online surveys. Survey invitations can be obtained from an email or receipt. Your payment form has a survey code. So come to the pub first.

  1. Prepare your basic English skills.

Finally, the Telltwoforone portal only uses English. If you have difficulty using English, prepare the help you need. You can ask friends to accompany you. Then you can use a language dictionary. Basically they only use basic English terms.

Two For One Survey Steps

After completing the survey preparation, now you can take the survey stage. You can complete this process in less than 10 minutes. Our advice, open these instructions before taking the survey. Your online survey process needs to remember your last visit to Pub Two for One. Remember the menu you ordered or your level of satisfaction. Both can help you answer survey questions. We will help you remember the service aspects at the pub for you. actually you can complete the survey via telephone or sms. However, we only discuss the online survey process. If you are impatient, see the steps below.

  1. Visit the Telltwoforone official survey portal.

The first step you need to take is to find the official survey portal. Use the browser of your choice to find this survey portal. Choose a keyword and enter it in the website search box. Well, click enter to search the survey website. You can use Telltwoforone or

  1. Enter the survey code from Two for One receipt.
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Then the device monitor will display the survey portal main page. Find the survey code column. Here you need to enter the survey code in the column. See the receipt details from the example image next to the column. Then match the picture with your receipt. Click the next button. After filling in the survey code, click the next button to answer the survey question.

  1. Answer the Tell two for one survey question.

Next you arrive at the survey questions section. Here the portal has some easy questions for you. They have multiple choices, yes or no question etc. Then they can ask for your level of satisfaction in the service aspects of the pub. In this section you can enter a ranking from a scale of 1 to 5. Below we have a list of aspects of the service that you need to remember.

  • Your level of satisfaction on their menu and beer.
  • Level of satisfaction with staff (friendliness, neatness, professionalism, knowledge menu).
  • Your level of satisfaction with pub cleanliness.
  • Problems that you find in pubs.
  1. Enter the sweepstakes.

At this stage you can enter email and telephone to fill in the entry form. If you are finished you can wait on the day of the draw. They will contact you by phone or email. I hope you’re lucky.

Two for One Hours

In this section we want to help you make transactions in pubs easily. You can get restaurant hours here. We will have one way to get the nearest location and restaurant hours. Yes right, Two for One customers can use Marston’s official website. You can follow the steps below to use the store locator.

  1. Visit Marston’s official website portal.
  2. Select the Pubs menu. On the main page you can see various menus. Select the Pubs menu to see a list of locations.
  3. Look for the Two for One Pub link.
  4. Enter your location. (ZIP code or city).
  5. Click enter button.
  6. Choose the nearest pub.
  7. Record the store hours and other detailed information.
Day Opening Hours Closing Hours
Monday 11.30 am 11.00 pm
Tuesday 11.30 am 11.00 pm
Wednesday 11.30 am 11.00 pm
Thursday 11.30 am 11.00 pm
Friday 11.30 am 11.00 pm
Saturday 11.30 am 11.00 pm
Sunday 11.30 am 11.00 pm

Two For One Customer Service

  1. Marston’s customer service phone number.
    • 01902 711811
  2. Marston’s customer service mailing address.

Marston’s PLC, Marston’s House,

Brewery Road, Wolverhampton,


  1. Marston’s social media
    • Instagram : @marstonssnaps.
    • Facebook : @MarstonsCareers.
    • Linkedin : @MarstonsPLC.
    • Twitter : Marston’s PLC.

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