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Where do you usually go shopping for groceries? If you live at Texas, you must be familiar with Randalls? If you often go shopping at Randalls, you should involve in their survey. This supermarket offers Randalls survey for the customers. Through Randalls survey, the customers can express their shopping feedback. Then, as a reward, Randalls invites them to join the online sweepstakes. The prize of Randalls survey sweepstakes is very great. Each month, there will be a winner who receives $100 Randalls gift card. It is very tempted, isn’t it?

Randalls Survey is aimed to assess the customers’ satisfaction level. The company wants to identify the customers’ opinions after shopping at this supermarket. That’s why during this survey, you need to respond to a series of questions asking about your shopping experience. So, you are free to give your shopping feedback related to the products and services provided by Randalls.

If you have not taken this survey before, you need to review our explanation below. You can find out Randalls Customer survey rules and guidelines. Also, you can review other details related to this store. For instance, you can check Randalls store hours and customer service info. Happy reading.

Randalls survey page
Randalls survey page

About Randalls Supermarket

Randalls is one of supermarkets in the US that operates in Texas. This store is a subsidiary of Albertsons. There are 42 Randalls supermarkets in Texas. 26 stores are located in Houston. Besides, 16 stores can be found in the Austin Area. Randalls was founded in 1955. In the beginning, Randalls is an independent company. But, it was acquisited by Albertsons in 2015.

The products offered by Randalls are fresh seafood, floral, frozen foods, bakery, deli, dairy, pharmacy, meat, etc. Some Randalls stores offers the facilities such as ATMs, coffee shops, bank branches, full service counter, and drive thru pharmacy. If you want to explore more about this store, you can visit its official website at www.randalls.com.

The Rules of Randalls Survey Sweepstakes

Do you still have Randalls receipt for your last shopping trip? If so, you can try to check your Randalls receipt. You will be able to find an invitation to enter Randallssurvey.com. This is the online customer survey held by Randalls. However, before entering this survey, you should review Randalls survey rules. Then, you will know whether you are the eligible participant. It is because not all customers of Randalls can enter the survey. There are some restrictions and the requirements should be passed.

Then, what are the rules of Randalls survey? In fact, the official rule of this survey is available at Randalls survey website. But, for your convenience, we have summarized the survey rules. Check out the simple explanation below.

  1. Participant.

The Randalls survey promotion is available for the residents of certain states in the US. Since this store is located at Texas, you must be the primary resident of Texas. The residents must be at least 18 years old. Besides, those who are not eligible for this survey are the employees and sponsor of Randalls survey sweepstakes. The committee of Randalls survey has the right to disqualify the participants who are not eligible.

  1. Entry Methods.
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Randalls provides three entry methods for the sweepstakes. You all can decide to join the online or offline sweepstakes. See the entry methods below to decide which one is the simplest.

  • Online sweepstakes entry.

To join this sweepstake, the customers have to make a purchase at Randalls. Then, by using Randalls receipt, they can enter Randalls Survey. After the completion of the survey, the customer can get one sweepstakes entry. They can enter this online sweepstake by submitting their personal and contact details.

  • Offline sweepstakes entry.

The last sweepstakes method is by sending a mail. You can submit a sweepstakes entry without completing the survey. You just need to send your sweepstakes entry by mail. Check the complete guidelines on the following section.

  1. Randalls Sweepstakes Prize.

Every month, Randalls will select one of the sweepstakes. The winner will receive $100 Randalls gift card.

  1. Randalls sweepstakes rules
  • The winner cannot transfer the prize to others.
  • Then, the winner also cannot redeem the Randalls prize for cash. So, they will only receive the prize in the form of Randalls gift card. this way, they can use the gift card to purchase anything at Randalls
  • The winner is responsible to pay the tax of the prize.
  • Randalls will notify the winner within six of the drawing date.
  • The winner has to return and sign the affidavit of the eligibility and the liability release.
randalls survey steps
randalls survey steps

Randalls Survey Steps

Have you understood all the rules of Randalls survey? If you are sure that you are eligible for Randallssurvey, you should prepare the requirements. What do you need to complete the Randalls survey? The main item you have to prepare is Randalls receipt. Without this receipt, the customers will not be able to access the Randalls survey website. The next, the computer or smartphone which is connected to the internet must be ready as well. It is because Randalls survey is online so, it only can be accessed by using the internet.

When the preparation above is ready, you can start accessing Randalls survey portal. But, if you plan to enter Randalls sweepstakes, you must have an email account. it is one of the requirements of the sweepstakes. Now, you are ready to take part in Randalls survey sweepstakes. Just take a look at the simple survey guideline below.

  • Step 1. Visit Alberson’s survey portal.

The Randalls Customer survey website is accessible at www.randalls.com/survey. Once you type this survey website address on your browser, you will be directed to another URL.

  • Step 2. Select the language.

At the top right corner of the survey page, there will be a language option. You can select either English or American Latin (Spanish).

  • Step 3. Enter the survey code.

At the bottom of Randalls receipt, you will find a survey code. Type this code on the space provided correctly. This code usually consists of 16 digits.

  • Step 4. Enter your email address.

To proceed with the survey, you have to submit your email address. This entry will be useful when you enter the sweepstakes. It is because Randalls will contact the sweepstakes winner by email.

  • Step 5. Answer Randalls survey questions.
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Now you are stepping the main part of the survey. You can start providing the Randalls shopping feedback. So, you have to answer all Randalls survey questions honestly. You will be asked about how satisfied your shopping trip at Randalls. Besides, you will also get questions about the products, price, store condition, and the staff’s performance. Randalls survey also allows you to write any comment about the store. So, do not ignore this chance. You can write anything about Randalls. For instance, you can express your complaints or suggestion.

  • Step 6. Enter Randalls Sweepstakes.

After completing the Randalls survey, you will get an offer to enter Randalls online sweepstakes. To join this contest, you have to provide some of your personal details as well as contact info. First, you should type your first and last name. Then, provide the complete address including state, city, street number, and postal code. After that, enter your email address. The last but not least, it is important to provide your phone number. Now, you can submit your sweepstakes entry. The next, you just need to wait for the Randalls sweepstakes winner announcement.

Randalls Mail-in Sweepstakes Guidelines

What is you lose Randalls Foods receipt? It is not a big problem at all since you can submit your sweepstakes entry by mail. This method is easier since you do not need to complete the survey. Just write down your identity and send it to Randalls Foods sweepstakes administrator. Here are the steps to submit mail-in sweepstakes entry.

  • Step 1. Prepare the needs.

There are some requirements for this mail-in sweepstakes. You have to prepare a piece of card or paper, envelope, and a pen.

  • Step 2. Handwrite your personal information.

On a piece of 3”x5” paper, you have to write down your personal details. This information includes your full name, age, and mailing address. Also, you should include your contact information such as an email address and daytime phone number.

  • Step 3. Mail your sweepstakes entry.

After writing down your personal and contact details, you should put this entry into business sized envelope. Then, mail it to the following address:

Randalls Sweepstakes,

c/o Stella Service,

75 Broad Street, Suite 1010,

New York, 10004

Randalls Store Hours

Do you need to purchase the frozen foods or dairy products? If you live in Texas, why don’t you shop for your need at Randalls? This store offers various products for your need. But, before visiting Randalls, you should check Randalls hours of operation. This wau=y, you can know what time Randalls is open and closed. For your convenience, you can check the table below to see Randalls operating hours.

Days Randalls Hours
Monday 6 AM – 1 AM
Tuesday 6 AM – 1 AM
Wednesday 6 AM – 1 AM
Thursday 6 AM – 1 AM
Friday 6 AM – 1 AM
Saturday 6 AM – 1 AM
Sunday 6 AM – 1 AM

Randalls is open every day at 6 AM. So, every time you need to purchase something for breakfast, you can go to this store since it is open early in the morning. Besides, this store is also closed late night at 1 AM. But, you should notice that Randalls store hours may vary by location. So, every Randalls store has a different hour of operation. It will be better if you contact the local Randalls store customer service to ask about the store hours.

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Randalls Customer Service

If you have a certain issue need to solve about Randalls, do not doubt to contact Randalls Customer Support. Their friendly staff will gladly help and solve your problem. For instance, you have something to ask about Randalls. Perhaps, you want to ask about Randalls hours, Randalls promo, Randalls careers, and many other topics.

But, before contacting the customer service, it will be better if you visit Randalls website. This portal consists of much information about Randalls. As the example, you can browse about Randalls Weekly Ad, Randalls rewards, Randalls just for you, and so on. Who knows, you can find the answer on the website.

In case you cannot find the satisfying information at Randalls website, you can reach Randalls Customer Care. There are three ways to get in touch with Randalls Customer Service. here they are.

  • By phone.

If you want to get the quick response, you can call Randalls Customer Service number. Here is the list of Randalls phone number.

Retail Store/Corporate: 877-723-3929

Grocery Delivery: 877-505-4040

Media Inquiries: 208-395-4722

Accessibility Support: 877-635-4833

But, if you want to ask about the specific issue in a store, you can call your Randalls local store number. The Randalls website also provides the info about the local store. So, you can search the phone number at the Local Store Information link. But, you should call the Randalls Customer Care during Randalls operating hour.

  • By email.

To reach Randalls Customer Support, you do not need to write the conventional email. You can use the email link at Randalls website. Just go to the Contact Info at Randalls website. Then, you will see the link to submit your message. To use this menu, you have to provide your email address. The next, do not forget to write the email subject. Now, you can write your message briefly.

  • By mail.

If you have the business matter with Randalls, you should not hesitate to write a business letter. Perhaps, you want to ask for the donation or ask about the franchise opportunity. In this case, you should address your letter to:

Randalls Store Support Center

M.S 10501

P.O Box 29093,

Phoenix, AZ  85038

That’s all the methods to get in touch with Randalls Support Center. Which one is considered the easiest method? It is all up to choose the best method of contacting Randalls. But, you should remember to call Randalls Customer service during the business hour. This way, you will get a quick response. Besides, if you contact Randalls by email, you will get the reply by email too. So, make sure that the email address you enter is correct.

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