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Hello fashion lovers! We have great news for your shopping hobby. Well, we have a reference to popular shopping places in the United States. Can you guess it? Yes right, a popular department store in the United States is JCPenney. Here they sell a variety of fashion fashions and accessories. You can not only find women’s products. They have fashion and accessories for children and men. Well, what are you waiting for. Stop and do your hobby at this department store. If you just visited the JCPenney Department Store, collect your prize after this. You can use the Talktojcpenney portal to enter JCPenney survey.

Talk to jcpenney is a survey portal that can collect feedback from JCPenney customers. They may post positive or negative feedback on this portal. They can make changes to meet your satisfaction standards. If you want this shop to last, help them improve service. An easy way to help them is through the Jcpenney survey. This process does not take long. Customers only need their receipts from JCPenney. What can you get from this survey process? Basically you can find a better JCPenney in the future. Then they offered Jcpenney coupons to survey portal users. Use your coupon to get discounts at the store. Well, do you want to save money? Follow our instructions below.

jcpenney store receipt survey page
jcpenney store receipt survey page

JCPenney Department Store Profile

Hello reader. If you are a new customer, we need to help you get to know JCPenney first. In this section we have a history and profile of popular department stores. If you are impatient, we will start with the JCPenney business growth story. JCPenney Company Inc. is a business that was founded in 1902. They are a popular department store chain in the United States. Who founded this business? Well, James Cash Penney is the founder of this department store. At first they set up shop with the name The Golden Rule. Here they operate 850 stores in Puerto Rico and the United States. They prioritize customer comfort and the development of fashion patterns.

They have 2700 suppliers for products in their department stores. If you want to shop, then you can find this department store in 49 countries. They have online or offline shopping services. So you can shop from home or go to the store. Here they have fashion products and accessories. In 2018 they can earn $ 11.7 from net sales. Then this shop has 11 supplier services. After making the transaction process, you can continue to the survey portal. Here you can get discount coupons from JCPenney. Are you ready to take the survey? If you are interested in this survey, let’s read the next instructions.

Talk To Jcpenney Survey Rules

Before you use the Jcp survey portal, you need to understand the rules first. Here we will help portal users to get survey rules information. Because not all JCPenney customers can do Talktojcpenney. Well, you can open the regulation page through the survey portal. Visit this page through Next find the “Coupon Details & Exclusion” link. Here they make restrictions on the use of Jcpenney coupons. If you don’t want to get into trouble, let’s look at the summary of the rules below. So we made an easy and simple summary for your survey process. Let’s check this out.

  1. The JCP Survey does not require a purchase to get a coupon. Well, you don’t need to make additional purchases to get a coupon. Because you can get a coupon if you have a receipt from the store. The number of transactions does not affect your survey.
  2. Jcpenney survey is only valid in the territory of the United States. So the legal population of the United States has this opportunity. If you are not a resident of the United States, then we hope you withdraw from this process. They can cancel your coupon if you violate eligibility rules.
  3. Legal residents who wish to use the JCP Survey are at least 18 years of age or older. If you do not meet the minimum age, then ask for help from other adults.
  4. Talktojcpenney survey rewards. After completing the survey, you need to make Jcpenney coupons. Here they can help you save money shopping at stores. Read the rules below before exchanging coupons.
    • Bring your coupon for your next visit to JCPenney Department Store.
    • Jcpenney coupons are only valid for one transaction.
    • You cannot exchange coupons for promo fashion products.
    • You can’t combine coupons to get shopping discounts.
    • You may use coupons at Black Friday or Cyber Monday Events.
  5. Staff and JCPenney Associates are not eligible to take surveys. Because they only want to get honest comments from genuine customers. This regulation applies to people who live in one household and family members of staff.
  6. Proof of your transaction is only valid within 7 days. After 7 days you need to make a new transaction to get the survey code. So the survey code will expire after 7 days. Do not miss this period. Immediately take your chance through the Jcpenney survey.
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Talk To Jcpenney Survey Preparations

Do you meet Talktojcpenney’s eligibility rules? If you meet the rules, you can continue reading our instructions. Because this section will help you get closer to Jcpenney coupons. Yes right, we have suggestions for preparing the JCP Survey. You don’t need to worry about the difficulties. Because we have easy reviews and practical advice for you. If you want to take surveys, you only need to have less than 6 minutes.

Then the survey needs are almost the same as the login or browsing device. If you have ever taken both, we hope you understand this part easily. Basically, you only need 3 devices. You need to get a computer, internet and a website search engine. If you have all three, then you have graduated from basic equipment preparation. Below we will explain the detailed survey preparation. Happy reading!

  1. Meet your basic device needs.

In the introduction we have mentioned 3 basic devices. You need to have a computer, internet and search engine. If you don’t have one, then you can’t take surveys. So you can only use the survey portal if you have all three. If you are still in doubt, let’s look at the detailed explanation below.

  • Use a computer or smartphone. So you have other choices for survey tools. You don’t have to choose a computer or laptop. If you want easy mobility, we recommend you use a smartphone. However, you can see the optimal website display only on a computer screen. So choose a computer or laptop as a standard device for taking online surveys.
  • Get an internet connection. Make sure your smartphone or survey device has an internet connection. You can only reach the survey page if you have an internet connection. Well, get a comfortable survey process with a stable internet connection. You can fulfill your internet quota before using it. Then take a position close to the source of the hostpot.
  • Survey portal search engine. Here you need to have a browser to find the survey portal. If you are a new browser user, we recommend that you choose the popular browser. Here you can understand how to use it easily.
  1. Be a customer at JCPenney Department Store. Next, get your receipt from the store. Make a transaction to get your proof of payment. Because the portal will ask you to enter the survey code. Well, you can only find it on the receipt sheet. Remember, you only have 7 days before the survey code expires.
  2. Get a valid email address. Furthermore, survey portal users need to receive e coupons. After you finish the last question, they will send you a gift coupon email. So you need to have a valid email to receive this discount coupon.
  3. Prepare basic English and Spanish skills. Furthermore, this portal has 2 language options. Portal users can choose the language that is easy for them. If you find a problem, you need to seek help from friends and an online dictionary. We hope you don’t find the problem.
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Jcpenney Survey Steps

After reading the survey preparation instructions, let’s do the survey steps. At this stage you can use the survey stage from our instructions. Talktojcpenney is an online survey portal. So you can open it anytime and anywhere you are. You don’t need to find a pen or questionnaire to enter feedback. In this section you only need to read the instructions from the survey portal. Then answer the questions honestly. Because your feedback can make changes to JCPenney in the future. We hope you will remember the recent visit to the department store. Recall your satisfaction level after shopping from JCPenney.

  1. Load the official jcpenney survey portal.

Your basic tool can complete this first stage. Look for the website search box in your browser. Then enter the survey portal keywords you know. Here you can use Talktojcpenney. Then you can land directly on the survey portal through Click enter to start the portal search process.

  1. Change the language settings.

In this section you will see the first page of the survey portal. If you can speak English, then you can skip this stage. But you can choose Spanish as another option. Well, find the “haga dic aqui” settings link.

  1. Enter the 22-digit JCPenney Survey code.

Open your receipt to complete the third stage. Here you need to find the survey code. Get this code on your payment sheet. Match the sample image receipt on the first page. Double check after filling this column. Because survey code errors can cancel your survey. Click the start button to enter the next page.

  1. Read the general survey portal instructions.
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Here they explain the survey portal user rewards. So you can receive electronic e-mail coupons from JCPenney after completing the survey. Here you can only exchange coupons within 30 days. After 30 days your coupon has expired. Click next to enter the survey questions page.

  1. Answer the JCPenney Survey Questions.

Next you need to answer this question honestly. They need your help to come up with ideas. You can fill in the answers with your latest experiences at JCPenney Department Store. Click next to change the question page. Here you need to remember the level of satisfaction to rate JCPenney.

  1. Answer the classification question.

At this stage you need to enter personal information. They need your gender, age, annual household income, race and your vehicle.

  1. Enter your email.

Finally, they need your email to receive electronic coupons. So you need to have a valid email to receive this coupon. Next check the statement box below the email column.

  1. Exchange your coupon in the next shopping process.

You need to use the nearest JCPenney before visiting. Well, you can bring a coupon and redeem it before 30 days. After 30 days you cannot use this electronic coupon.

Jcpenney Survey Questions

After you read the survey stage, we have a leak of questions from the JCPenney survey. In this section you can plan answers and feedback. Then you can remember the recent visit to JCPenney Department Store. Let’s check this out.

  1. Enter your level of satisfaction in general. They have a very satisfied satisfaction level until higly dissatisfied.
  2. Give ratings for staff product knowledge.
  3. Give a rating for the length of time in the checkout line.
  4. Did you find the product you were looking for? .
  5. rate the level of friendliness of the staff.
  6. Give a rating for the cleanliness of the shopping place.
  7. Did you have a problem at the last visit?
  8. Enter your comment.

JCPenney hours

Day Opening Hours Closing Hours
Monday 10.00 am 9.00 pm
Tuesday 10.00 am 9.00 pm
Wednesday 10.00 am 9.00 pm
Thursday 10.00 am 9.00 pm
Friday 10.00 am 9.00 pm
Saturday 10.00 am 9.00 pm
Sunday 12.00 am 6.00 pm

JCPenney Customer Service

  1. JCPenney Customer Service Phone Number.


  1. JCPenney Customer Service Mailing Address.

9559 Destiny USA Dr, Syracuse, NY 13290, USA.

RCH+47 Syracuse, New York, USA.

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