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Hello Canadians! We have come to help you save money on shopping. Here we will use the grocery store as the main topic. Well, everyday housewives have a grocery shopping schedule. They need to get fresh, quality and thrifty food. If you live in Canada, you need to stop and shop at the Grocery Store Food Basics. Here you can buy food ingredients and pharmaceutical products. Every week you need to download an e-flyer before shopping at the store. You can enter the location code and search for flyers from local stores. If Food Basics is your favorite shop, then don’t forget to join Foodbasicsfeedback survey.

Food basics feedback is the official portal to conduct Food Basics Store customer satisfaction surveys. Here you only need receipts from the last transaction at the store. Your receipt has a survey access code to open the survey page. If you want to submit feedback, Food Basics will accept it gladly. They make a loyalty program for customers through sweepstakes. Yes right, here they have a sweepstakes program that you can follow. So, they offer free groceries worth $ 1000. Will you be lucky this month? You need to try it with us. Here you can take the survey steps easily and comfortably. Feel free to try. Even though you have no experience on this part. Because we will support you from the start.

food basic survey page at foodbasicsfeedback
food basic survey page at foodbasicsfeedback

Food Basics Groceries Store Profile

Hello readers! If you arrive in this section, we think you have an interest in taking surveys. Here we have basic knowledge for new customers Food Basics Groceries Store. You can get to know these grocery stores before shopping and getting receipts. Next we will help you benefit from Food Basics. This business has been running since 24 years ago. Yes right, Food Basics was founded in 1995. They have a head office in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. From 1995 to 2005, A&P Canada was the holding company of Food Basics. Then in 2005 until now, Metro Inc. operates this grocery store.

What can you find in Food Basics? Well, this shop has food and pharmacy products. You can find it at Food Basics Pharmacy. Now they have 131 stores across Ontario. What can you remember from this store? Yes right, you will be familiar with the slogan “always more for less”. So they want to pay attention to your desires. Here they can get it through the Food basics survey portal survey. If you like shopping at this supermarket, then you need to get e-flyers from Food Basics. You only need to visit to get a flyer. There they will help you with store locators and search filters. Get promo prices from the store every week. Good luck!

Food Basics Sweepstakes and Survey Rules

Well, you arrived at the Food Basics Sweepstakes and Survey regulations section. So Food Basics invites you through a survey access code. Here they want to know your opinion about Food Basics. Do they need to change? Your opinion can help Food Basics get answers. So this survey is only open to those of you who meet the eligibility rules. Then you can end the survey by entering the draw. Unfortunately, you cannot do sweepstakes entries all the time. They have an entry period. If you don’t want to miss this opportunity. Read the survey rules first. You can land on the survey page through the portal. Then click on contest rules. You can read the summary below.

  1. Food Basics Sweepstakes do not need a purchase to win prizes. You can increase your chances of winning prizes through sweepstakes entries.
  2. If you win the sweepstakes, you need to solve the math questions first. You must answer it without the help of calculation tools.
  3. Food Basics Sweepstakes Entry Period.
    • Entrant can only enter the draw during the entry period.
    • If the committee accepts entries outside the sweepstakes period, your entry will be forfeited.
    • This program is open for customers starting September 29, 2019.
    • Then this entry period will end on September 26, 2020.
    • You have 12 entry periods in one sweepstakes program. Then they will take 1 winner every month.
  4. Eligibility Rules.
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If you want to know your eligibility, read the list below.

  • This sweepstakes program is only open to legal residents of the province of Ontario, Canada. If you are not part of them, withdraw from this process.
  • Legal residents who want to enter the draw are at least 18 years of age or older.
  • Staff, agents, directors, and sponsors are prohibited from using the survey portal and sweepstakes program.
  • Family members who have a relationship with point care prohibited from entering the sweepstakes program.
  • Everyone who lives in one household with points c or d is prohibited from entering the sweepstakes program.
  1. Sweepstakes Entry Methods.

Before entering an entry you need to go through the survey process first. However, you have 2 methods to open the survey questions page. Before entering the draw, we have 2 methods that you can try. First, you can use the survey access code. Second, you can enter entries without the survey access code.

    • If you have a survey access code. You can use this access code within 7 days after the transaction process. If you miss the 7 day period, the survey code will expire. Then one survey access code is only valid for one entry.
    • If you do not have a survey access code. On the first page of the portal you need to find the link here. There you can take surveys without entering survey access codes. So you need to choose city first. Click on the arrow to select city. Then enter the date of your visit. Finally, enter unique text.
    • You can only enter 4 draws in one period,
  1. Winning Notification.
    • If you are lucky, the committee will contact the winner via email or telephone.
    • You need to confirm within 5 days after receiving the notification. If you don’t confirm within 5 days, then your win will be canceled. They can take on new potential winners.
  2. Sweepstakes rewards.
    • They offer prizes worth $ 1000 CDN.
    • The committee will take 1 winner each sweepstakes period.
    • You can use prizes to buy products at Metro and Food Basics.
    • Before you receive a prize, you need to solve math problems first. If you graduate, you can receive a prize.
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Food Basics Feedback Survey Preparations

Hello readers, we hope you are still enthusiastic. Because here you are getting closer to the survey process. In this section you can prepare the survey tool requirements. You don’t need to go through a difficult process to make preparations. Because you can find survey needs around you. In fact, maybe you already have it. Yes right, you can use the login tool to complete the survey. So basically you need a computer and internet connection support. If you want a full explanation from us, read the reviews below.

  1. You need a computer.

As a survey device, computers and laptops are the main choice. Because both of them can make you comfortable. Here you can see the standard appearance of the survey website. If you don’t find them next to you, use a smartphone or tablet.

  1. Connect the device with the internet.

After getting the survey tool, get internet support first. Make sure the device you choose is compatible with the internet provider. If you want a stable connection, you need to approach the wifi source.

  1. Get a browser for your device.

Here you need a search engine. If you use a smartphone, the device automatically has a browser. In this process, we recommend that you choose an easy or popular browser. Because if the browser is popular, then they have a good search field.

  1. Get Food Basics Receipt.

Next you need to have a receipt. Here you need to use receipts to open the survey questions page. You need to enter the survey access code on the first page of the Food basics survey. Get receipts from the nearest Food Basics. You only have 7 days to use this access code.

  1. Prepare your email and telephone number.

On the entry page, you need to enter your personal identity. Here we hope you have a valid email and telephone number. So they can contact you easily.

foodbasicsfeedback food basics survey steps
foodbasicsfeedback food basics survey steps

Foodbasicsfeedback Survey Steps

Now you can do several stages of the survey. You don’t need to worry about complicated processes. Because you don’t need to experience it. Food Basics wants to meet the expectations of customers. They can find out your wishes through this survey process. If you want Food Basics to still exist, don’t hesitate to take this step. Here you only need to save receipts from the last transaction. Then you need the latest experience to answer survey questions. Are you impatient to enter the draw? See how we are below.

  1. Visit the Foodbasicsfeedback survey portal.

First, you need to open the survey page first. You can log in using the browser on your device. Use Foodbasicsfeedback as a search keyword. Then you can use the address as an alternative keyword.

  1. Read the Food basics sweepstakes rules.

Find the contest rulers link. Click on the link to read the rules.

  1. Enter your survey access code.

Open your receipt sheet. Then find the survey access code. If you don’t have a survey code, click on the “Don’t have a Survey Access Code” link. Click here “. If you are done with this section, click on the survey start button.

  1. Answer the Food Basics Survey question.
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On the next page, you can start answering survey questions. They can have multiple choice questions or yes or no. Then they can ask you to make an assessment of the level of satisfaction shopping at the store. They have several aspects of assessment. You can recall some interactions with staff, products, facilities etc.

  1. Answer the identification question.

In this section, they need brief information from you. Enter your gender, age, family size, and household spend for your groceries. Then enter the vehicle you are using to go to the store. Finally, enter dishes that you often make at home.

  1. Follow the Food Basics Sweepstakes.

In this section you can fill out the Food Basics Survey Contest form. You need some personal information. They are your first and last name, email, phone number, province. Click the submit button to enter your sweepstakes and feedback.

Food Basics Survey Questions

After passing the survey stage, now we have tempting help for you. Yes right, we have a few questions on the survey portal. Hopefully the list below can help you.

  1. Enter your visit time first.
  2. Enter the satisfaction of the last shopping experience. Give it a rating of 1-10.
  3. Enter the possibility you will recommend this store to your colleagues. Rate 1-10.
  4. Enter rankings for several aspects of service. Rate 1-10.
    • Product price.
    • The shop has good ambience.
    • Friendliness of the cash register staff.
    • Efficient checkout process.
    • The product you are looking for is available.
    • Product knowledge.
    • Shop cleanliness.
    • Freshness and product quality.
  5. Give your agreement to the problem below. Rate 1-10.
    • The staff and the cashier thank me.
    • I was greeted with a smile.
    • The staff helps me without having conversations with other people.
  6. Give ratings for each department in Food Basics. Rate 1-10.
  7. How many people are waiting in line in front of you?
  8. How long do you wait for the checkout process?
  9. Enter suggestions, feedback or problems in the comments column.

Food Basics Hours of Operation

Before coming to the store, you need the nearest location information and store hours. Well, you can get it through the Food Basics mobile app and the official website. Both can help you get local stores and Food basics hours. However, we have a list of Food basics hours to help you.

Day Opening Hours Closing Hours
Monday 8.00 am 9.00 pm
Tuesday 8.00 am 9.00 pm
Wednesday 8.00 am 9.00 pm
Thursday 8.00 am 9.00 pm
Friday 8.00 am 9.00 pm
Saturday 8.00 am 9.00 pm
Sunday 8.00 am 7.00 pm

Food Basics Customer Service

Furthermore, you can submit feedback without going through a survey. Here we have a way to contact Food Basics. If you need help, choose one method below.

  1. Food basics customer service phone number.
    • Customer Care: 1-866-922-7427.
    • Pharmacy Service Support: 1-844-414-6456.
  2. Food basics customer service email address.

Pharmacy Service Support:

  1. Food basics social media


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