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Drakewell was established in 1979 to carry out software development specifically around traffic data collection, evaluation and reporting. Drawing on our many years experience we supply UK local authorities and private companies both UK and International with manufacturer independent traffic analysis software in addition to many other software …


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Manage your people, assets, and operations with Drakewell Use Drakewell to manage your entire operations from one seamless platform instead of many disparate systems. When you have full visibility into your business you can make better, faster, data-driven decisions and enable your team to communicate in real time.


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Drakewell’s C2-Web is fast becoming the industry’s ‘go-to’ software solution, delivering fast and accurate traffic data that is easily shareable via a web browser. Users are no longer tied to manufacturer specific software and only need C2-Web and a browser to access their data which is securely stored, backed up and held within the …


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Drakewell Realtime Drakewell Realtime is a surface data feed directly into any job in Drakewell. This must be turned on for your instance–at that time there is a small monthly fee added to the base monthly to have this turned on. The usage fee for Realtime is on a job-by-job basis. We have packages available for purchase and offer volume …

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User Guides In this guide, you will find descriptions of some of Drakewell’s essential functions to help you get started using the software. If you don’t find the answers you are looking for in these user guides or on our Tips & Tricks YouTube Channel please contact us with your question by phone or email.


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Drakewell is oil and gas field service software that is the comprehensive, user-friendly solution to all of your field service needs. Drakewell is oil and gas field service software that is the …


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Drakewell allows a directional driller to to be able to track surveys, slides, and rotates while also visualizing planned, current, projected, and anti-collision well paths. At the same time, the district maintains visibility to tool performance and job status without interfering with the driller.


Drakewell Team | Drilling Software | Oklahoma City, OK …

Drakewell’s Story Drakewell was developed and spun out from a custom software development company called Phase 2 in Oklahoma. Founded in 1998, Phase 2 has repeatedly been recognized as an innovator and technology leader, bringing best-of-breed software tools to each unique situation.



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