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Hello fashion lovers! We have good news for shoe lovers. Well, residents of the United States need to stop and buy shoes here. So we have a reference to the popular shoe store for you. Yes right, you can come to Clarks to get the shoes you want. They not only operate under the name Clarks. If you live in the UK, then you can look for C. & J. Clark’s shop for shoe shopping. Old and new customers need to read our instructions. If you have just visited this store, don’t waste your Clarks receipt. You need to enter the details of the visit through the Clarks Survey portal. Then you can submit feedback to Clarks better.

Clarks customer survey is a way to find out buyer satisfaction with Clarks stores. If the buyer is satisfied, then the store has reached the highest service standards. So customers can submit praise and criticism on the same portal. You are free to enter positive and negative comments for the Clarks store. So your feedback will help them grow and survive year after year. What can you get from the Clarkscustomersurvey process? Well, they provide Clarks coupons for you. Before you get it, you need to go through the preparation stage. Don’t worry about this problem. You can get help through our instructions. Don’t hesitate to try!

Clarks survey page at Clarkscustomersurvey
Clarks survey page at Clarkscustomersurvey

Clarks Shoes Store Profile

Before you use our instructions, read the store profile section. New customers can get the basic knowledge to complete surveys. Who is not curious about this popular shoe store? You can read it in this section. We will begin with their history. Clarks Shoes is a supplier of shoe products since 1825. They have been making shoes for customers since 200 years ago. Initially, this business idea emerged from Cyrus and James Clarks. Both make shoes from sheepskin. They want to make a product that is comfortable and quality for you.

Clarks is a pioneer shoe store in the United States. They form the first leg for children to adults. This shop can make prototypes quickly. Then they have 3D printing and a combination of bright ideas. This fact makes Clarks different from other stores. They got inspiration from Leonardo Da Vinci. They want to make shoes that are comfortable for work, stop or play. So these various considerations can produce healthy shoes for you. For nearly 200 years they have made various shoe fashions for you. They make fashion trends from shoe experts. If you will not be bored shopping at this store. Because they make the latest fashions to meet your fashion needs. Now you can find this store in 17 countries.

Clarks Customer Satisfaction Survey Rules

Before you make preparations, read this section. Here not all customers can enter their feedback. You need to meet several rules before taking a survey. It’s easy enough to meet the survey rules. We don’t want you to get into trouble after completing a survey. Because they can cancel your gifts and coupons. Don’t you not want to get this experience? So, don’t miss Clarks survey rules. This survey is only open to customers who meet the eligibility rules. What are the rules of this survey? Let’s look at the list below.

  1. Get proof of payment from Clarks Shoes Store.
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Be a customer of this store first. Then save the receipt to complete the survey. Here you only have 3 days to take surveys. If you miss this survey period, your receipt is forfeited.

  1. Clarks customer survey is only open to legal residents of the United Kingdom.

If you are a resident of another country, then do not enter your feedback. They will ask for a resident identification card to exchange coupons. So, do not make violations of the survey rules.

  1. Residents who want to enter feedback at least meet the age of 18 years or older.

If you are not old enough, ask for help from your parents or friends.

  1. This survey portal only uses English.

You need to master basic English to complete Clarks surveys. If you have problems, get an online dictionary and help from your friends.

  1. One receipt is only valid for one survey only.

If you want to enter feedback twice, get another receipt.

  1. Clarks customer survey reward.

This survey has a coupon as a gift. You can exchange coupons with a 20% discount. Well, you can save more spending money. Exchange your coupon clarks on the next visit. Use the store locator to help you.

Clarks Customer Survey Preparation

Do you meet eligibility rules? Well, if you meet the survey rules, let’s proceed to the survey preparation. In this section we will help you to make preparations before the survey. Initially the survey process used questionnaires and ballpoints. Here they use the internet and computer assistance to create a survey portal. If you want to take online surveys, you need 3 basic tools. Here you need to have a computer, internet and browser. All three are the basic needs of completing the Clarks Survey. Are you ready to prepare for the survey? Read our review below.

  1. Be a customer at Clarks Shoes first.

Here we hope you don’t forget to get a receipt. Because they will ask you to complete the visit detail column. If you forget, you can see it on the receipt sheet. You can only use one receipt for one survey process. Then survey portal users only have 3 days to take surveys. So, don’t miss your chance.

  1. Choose a computer or smartphone?

If you are confused about choosing, read our explanation. Here you can choose a computer as a standard device. Here they can display the website optimally. You will not have difficulty reading questions and commands. If you don’t have a computer or laptop, a smartphone can help you.

  1. Get internet support for the survey process.

Here you need to get a browser to open the survey portal. If you want an easy way to find the survey portal, use a popular browser. You can use Google or Mozilla as your device’s browser. Both are quite easy for you to use.

  1. Internet connection.
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Furthermore, online survey portal users need to have an internet connection. Here you only need a stable connection for a comfortable process. Look at your data package before completing the survey. Then choose the closest location to the wifi or hotspot source.

  1. Office stationery.

Next you need to make a coupon by writing the code in the receipt. Here you need to have a pen to get Clarks Coupon.

Clarks survey steps
Clarks survey steps

Clarks Survey Steps

After completing the preparation, our instructions have several stages of survey. Here you can take step by step to complete the survey. Is this survey process difficult? No, it is not. They only have simple questions for survey portal users. Then you only need less than 10 minutes to complete the survey. At this stage, we hope you will remember the recent visit to the Clarks Shoes store. You need to remember the condition of the store and your satisfaction. Both of them are equipped to complete the Clarks Survey. You need not hesitate to try this process. Because we will help you with easy and simple orders. See the steps below.

  1. Load the official Clarks Survey portal.

First, open the official survey portal through your browser and device. Enter the address or keyword to find the survey portal. Here you can use the Clarks Survey keyword. Then you can use the address. A stable internet will make the first stage easier.

  1. Enter your visit details.

Second, you need to see proof of payment for Clarks Shoes stores. However, they do not have help finding your receipt information. Here you can find details of visits to the store. This stage asks you to enter some information. See the list below.

  • Enter the date of your visit to Clarks Shoes.
  • Select the shop that you visit. Here you can choose Clarks or The Sono Collection.
  • Enter 3 digit store number.
  • Enter the 9 digit Salesperson ID #.
  • Enter the time of your visit to the Clarks Shoes Store.
  1. Answer the Clarks Survey Question.

Then you can complete a few survey questions. Here you only need your level of satisfaction and experience in the shop. You can enter comments or choose multiple choice answers. Then you can rank satisfaction for aspects of service at Clarks. If you want to know survey questions, read the next section.

  1. Click on the I’m Done button.

After you complete all survey questions, click on the I’m done button.

  1. Write down Clarks Coupon code.

Next you need to make a coupon. Write the code that appears from the screen of your device. Here you need to exchange coupons within 30 days. Then you only can exchange coupons for one transaction. Here you will get a 20% discount. However, you need to buy a product worth $ 100 to get this discount. Use the nearest store to redeem your coupon.

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Clarks Customer Survey Questions

In this section we will help you answer survey questions. So you can prepare answers before taking survey steps. Are you curious about the survey questions? See the list below.

  1. Why did you come to the store?
  2. Did you get a speech from the Sales Associate ?. (Yes or no)
  3. What is the biggest factor that made you buy shoes today?
  4. Do staff tell you about the current promotions? (Yes or No).
  5. Do staff ask about the footwear you need ?. (Yes or No).
  6. Have you visited the store? (Yes or no)
  7. Do staff help you find the size of the footwear? (Yes or no)
  8. Did you find good selection in the store? (Yes or no)
  9. Did the staff explain the loyalty program to you? (Yes or no)
  10. Did you visit the website before shopping at the store? (Yes or No).
  11. Enter your satisfaction rating.
    • Customer Service.
    • Product quality in store.
    • Style of product.
    • Product price.
    • Location cleanliness.
  12. Enter your comment.

Clarks Store Hours

How do you get Clarks store hours? Well, in this section we will help you find out Clarks store hours. We hope you come at the right time. Before you make a transaction or redeem a coupon, find out Clarks store hours first. It’s easy to find out their store hours. Here you can use the help of store locator feature. Open the Clarks Shoes official website. Well, you can get the closest location and store hours. Are you impatient to go to the store? See the steps below.

  1. Visit the official Clarks Shoes website through your device’s browser. Enter in the website search field.
  2. Click on the store locator button to search for Clarks Near Me.
  3. Enter town, Zip Code or City in the search field.
  4. Click on the “search for store” button.
  5. Click on the store detail button. In the search results, you will see a list of the closest shops. The closest shop is first. Click on the store details button to find Clarks Hours.
  6. Record the Clarks Store information you need. They have addresses, phone numbers, store hours and store services. See the Clarks Hours list below.


Day Opening Hours Closing Hours
Monday 10.00  am 8.00 pm
Tuesday 10.00  am 8.00 pm
Wednesday 10.00  am 8.00 pm
Thursday 10.00  am 8.00 pm
Friday 10.00  am 9.00 pm
Saturday 10.00  am 9.00 pm
Sunday 11.00 am 7.00 pm

Clarks Customer Service

Do you want to get help? Well, you can contact Clarks through the following methods. Lets check this out!

  1. Clarks customer service phone number.
    • 1-800-211-5461.
  2. Clarks customer service mailing address.
    • 60 Tower Road, Waltham, MA 02451
  3. Clarks International Office.
    • 40 High Street, Street, Somerset BA16 0EQ
  4. Clarks Social Media.
    • Facebook: @Clarks Shoes.
    • Twitter: @clarksshoes.
    • Instagram: @clarksshoes.

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